5 Houston Center
1400 McKinney Street, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77010 United StatesPrint this page   •   Share this page

This addition to the Houston Center cluster breaks from the black-glass-and-stripes mold of its elder, and taller, siblings. Number five is a more 1990's design, emphasizing light open spaces and an more upscale image. One way the developer, Crescent, accomplishes this feat is through taller than normal ceilings. Fortunately, 5 Houston Center will connect to the downtown tunnel system via a skybridge to Chevron Tower. Too often these days, downtown's new skyscrapers are forgetting to link to this network which is a vital way for people to move about the city no matter what the weather or construction obstacles on the surface.

Quick Facts
    > November, 2000 - Construction begins.
    > March 7, 2002 - Topping our ceremony. Houston Architecture Info was not invited to the event, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a representative there.
    > December 21, 2005 - This building is sold to Wells Real Estate Investment Trust for $166,000,000.00.
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