1500 Louisiana
Also known as:Enron II
Also known as:Five Allen Center
Formerly:1501 Smith
Formerly:Enron Center South
1500 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002 United StatesPrint this page   •   Share this page

This building became the symbol of all that was right and all that was wrong with Enron. It was in the middle of building this gleaming tower when the company collapsed into bankruptcy, lawsuits, and federal investigations. The building still stands, and is still a wonderful piece of architecture. But many wonder why it isn't as tall as the original Enron tower. While it will be similar in form, it will not be exactly the same. Complimentary, but more futuristic. The whole building is 40-stories, but only the top 33 are traditional office structure. The bottom seven levels were designed for four trading floors for commodities like electricity, natural gas and internet bandwidth. The bottom two floors feature an auditorium, room for shops, and a food court.

Quick Facts
    >With the construction of Enron Center, an additional parking garage was built on a neighboring block. These two buildings are tied to the original Enron Building by a circular skywalk.
    >13 December, 2001 - A strong gust of wind snags an enormous American flag attached to the upper stories of the building. The flag is anchored to the glass at the corners, and the upward motion of the wind causes the anchors to rip the glass up the side of the building creating two huge gashes in the curtain wall before the building is even finished.
    >November, 2001 - In spite of Enron's financial trouble, construction continues on the second tower bearing the company's name. In late 2001 Enron laid off 4,000 workers as the company's finances collapsed.
    >15 January, 2002 - Enron Center South is for sale. KHOU TV/DT (Channels 11 and 31) reports that Enron's still-unfinished building is for sale. UBS Warburg is interested in moving into the place. UBS bought Enron's energy trading operation in a Federal bankruptcy auction in New York, and the new building has an energy trading floor almost ready to go. But if it can't get in, it will go across the street to Enron Center North, the older Enron building, and set up operations in there.
    >9 October, 2002 - Enron Center South is sold for $102,000,000.00 -- About half what it cost to build.
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  Love these buildings and the look they give Houston's skyline. Thanks Enron for the memories!!!

Les Chappell - Sunday, August 26th, 2012 @ 12:52pm  

  Both buildings used to be dramatically lit at the top floors and the roofline. Why did they do away with this feature that added so much beauty to the Houston skyline at night. Now both buildings look dead.David DeLaunay

clean lines speak of Modern Houston. - Sunday, January 31st, 2010 @ 4:16pm  

  Due to the Enron debacle, Chevron bought this bldg for cash & got it for a steal! From what I heard, it was an amount slighty above what just the fixtures and the furnishing in the bldg. were appraised at.

Byron Landiss Graves - Monday, July 27th, 2009 @ 5:16pm