5000 Montrose in Houston

Photo of 5000 Montrose in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
Photo of 5000 Montrose in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

5000 Montrose

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"Anonymity" is the key word here. 5000 Montrose has no neon lights. No sharp angles. Not even a sign out front. The people who live here are lawyers, politicians, judges, and others who tend to feel that part of their lofty power comes from being unreachable. A big brown anonymous high rise does just the trick. Even though it tries to hide from the common people on the ground with a thick canopy of trees, 5000 Montrose has certain features which make it stand out. First, are the elevators. They are glass like at a hotel, and a ribbon of glass runs up the north side of the building so you can admire the downtown skyline as you head home. The other is the circular balconies. The bottom floors are a parking garage – square, defining the building's foot print. The circular balconies on the corners above are a great trick to give people a 270-degree panoramic view and lots of space without increasing the size of the building's footprint. 5000 Montrose is one of the older residential blocks in the city. When it went up, people scoffed saying no one would pay hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars for a simple apartment. As usual, the critics were wrong and the building filled up.

Quick Facts
    >2 February, 1990 - The building is evacuated when trash catches fire on the 10th floor.
    >10 January, 2002 - The building's residents complain on KHOU-TV/DT about the building next door. The Museum Tower went up, ruining their view of downtown. Welcome to life in the big city. Now go home.
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