Patrick Transfer Company Warehouse in Houston

Photo of Patrick Transfer Company Warehouse in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Patrick Transfer Company Warehouse
Formerly:Texas Studios
Formerly:Patrick Transfer Company Warehouse

802 Walnut Street, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002
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Another of the sturdy red brick storage facilities that make up the warehouse district. It was originally a temporary storage facility for cargo coming into the bayou city that had to be shifted from one train to another. It's been a long time since trains ran down Sterrett or Walnut streets, and the line has been covered over by asphalt. But there are some breaks in the pavement where it is possible to see the original rails and cobblestones below. At one time it sported the huge neon "Texas Studios" sign that today is affixed to the current Texas Studios building across the street. Now it appears abandoned with the windows boarded up with warnings about trespassers stenciled on them. But if you look closely, there are party lights curling around what's left of the frame of the awning. And several early mornings each month, dazed party-goers can be seen emerging onto the street filled with Porsches and Mercedes' from some bash so exclusive, it has to be held in this desolate neighborhood to keep it out of Paper City.

Quick Facts
    >November, 2003 - This building is demolished. In the process, part of the building collapses knocking out power, phone, and cable television service to the neighborhood. Sterrett Street is filled with rubble for days.
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