Erie City Iron Works in Houston

Photo of Erie City Iron Works in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
Photo of Erie City Iron Works in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Erie City Iron Works

1302 Nance Street, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002
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This is the building where Houston began. When the city first made the transition from masonry to iron and steel construction, the materials came through this building. They came in on the rail lines that are still buried under the asphalt of Sterrett Street that occasionally pop up and tear the guts out of the BMWs, Mercedes', and Jaguars that now belong to the loft-dwellers that call this converted space home. In between the iron works and the artists was a period of time when it was used as a showroom for various heavy machinery. The building's front side features a corner entrance while its sides are pocked with a series of large portals. There have been several apparitions spotted in this building. One, according to an article in the Houston Chronicle, appears as a tall woman with long hair and an ankle-length dress. She has been spotted in several offices. Lights, computers, and appliances in the building can sometimes turn themselves on and off with no warning or explanation. Reliant Energy insists there is nothing wrong with the wiring on their end. Some people say they have heard strange voices and static on the telephone. According to a Houston Chronicle article, Southwestern Bell says the lines are fine, but it should be noted that Southwestern Bell has trouble simply maintaining dial tones in this part of town, let alone quality connections. One of the many amateur ghost hunters in the Bayou City spent the night in the offices of eTime with Houston Chronicle reporter Daniel Vargas. The resulting article documented how small balls of light were picked up dancing around the office on a video camera when nothing could be seen with the naked eye.

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