Sweeney, Coombs, and Fredericks Building in Houston

Photo of Sweeney, Coombs, and Fredericks Building in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Sweeney, Coombs, and Fredericks Building

301 Main Street, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002
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It looks like half of the building was eaten by the county administration building next door, but this really is all there ever was. Still, what this narrow little building has that the others don't is style. It's one of the very very few Victorian structures in the Bayou City. The county nearly plowed it under, but instead chose to move the Engineering Department into it. Later came a restaurant, and now it's on a corner poised to once again become a thriving part of the community. Some people believe this building wasn't entirely built by George Dickey. They believe parts of the W.A. Van Alstyne Building still live in the current structure, even though it was supposed to be demolished in 1861.

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