Houston House Apartments in Houston

Photo of Houston House Apartments in Houston, Texas
Photograph Wayne Lorentz
Photo of Houston House Apartments in Houston, Texas
Photograph Wayne Lorentz
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Houston House Apartments

1617 Fannin, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002
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Quick Facts
  • July 4, 2003 - A fire broke out in the Houston House apartment building in downtown Houston. The blaze erupted on the 17th floor. Television news helicopters orbiting the neighborhood in anticipation of the BP Power of Freedom fireworks show captured pictures of flames and thick smoke curling out of the building. Several people were hurt. The Houston House is one of the best viewpoints for fireworks displays in Houston, and is known for its balcony parties during such events. Ignoring the seriousness of the situation, a KTRK Television anchor came up with a pithy line about, a different kind of fireworks going on at the apartment block.
  • July 5, 2003 - The owner of the building tells television reporters that he won't install fire sprinklers in the high-rise because it would cost too much. At thet time, the building was exempted from fire sprinkler codes because of its age.
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