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Katy Asian Town @ 23119 Colonial Parkway

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The 16 acre site off the Grand Parkway at 23119 Colonial Pkwy in east Katy, next to University of Houston Katy satellite under construction, is being developed.

Here's a Google Streetmap image from January 2017 of the cleared lot before construction began the following months:





The acres will become a 100,000+ SF mixed-use called Katy Asian Town. The retail portion will be anchored by a Super H-Mart.

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Swamplot broke the news of Katy Asian Town at 23119 Colonial Pkwy in March:

The long-vacant lot above, near the northeast corner of I-10 and the Grand Parkway, is now being cleared and flattened to make room for the Houston area’s third Super H Mart, according to leasing materials a larger retail development being marketed as Katy Asian Town. Plans for the 16-acre site look to including a pair of smaller strip-style buildings and 2 pad sites, in addition to a long string of retail spots flanking the grocery store.

Katy Asian Town is planned for the gray zone marked Tract A in the map below; inside the ringroad immediately to the southeast sits the 46-acre site the University of Houston plans develop into an 80,000 sq.ft. Katy campus by 2019.

More on Swamplot:





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More on Katy Asian Town from an Asian news paper in April:

Loose Google Translation:

...Katy Asian Town has been well received by RE / MAX United, the sole  owner of United Group Realty in Houston, and responded enthusiastically  to the market. Many well-known brand names have expressed their  willingness to enter the venue. Among them, the most prestigious H Mart's  arrival, which will be the supermarket's third store in the Houston area. 

The construction of Katy's Asia Mall is now clearly visible from both the 1-10  and Grand Parkway main avenues. According to JOSIE Lin, head of real  estate investment at RE / MAX United, the area where Katie is emerging  as a business district, the surrounding mature shopping district includes  Costco, Walmart, AMC theaters, Houston Methodist Hospital and Office  buildings. The close proximity of the Park N Ride Bus Coach Terminal has  expanded to nearly 1 ,700 parking spaces and was put into operation in  2017, providing immediate access to the city center for the immediate  surroundings.

...It is understood that Katy Asia will focus on the unique advantages of retail  sales of Asian products and services in hopes of not only meeting the  needs of the Asian community in Katy and its northwestern northeast  region but also out of the bottleneck of the traditional Asian retail industry.  Connect seamlessly with mainstream businesses and showcase Asian  culture and quality goods and services to the mainstream. 


Today, the mall has been ground breaking in accordance with the plan, the  new mall covers an area of about 15.5 acres, belonging to a large mall.  Planning of the building is divided into A, B, C three groups , from the plan  you can clearly see the new mall and the original business district naturally  integrated.

Katy's one-stop food and drink 
According to Ms. Lin, not only the well-known H Mart supermarket has facilitated  the local people, but also a number of well-known restaurants have also signed. It is  also very important to make the flow of a mall flourish and the attraction of repeat  restaurants to good restaurants. Katy and Northwest residents have a bite to eat  and drink; and soon you can enjoy a one-stop-shop in Katy Asia without having to  drive to other areas! 


  • DanSungSa Korean Restaurant & Bar

    Popular Dallas-based restaurant DanSungSa Korean Restaurant & Bar is a  restaurant and bar serving caterer serving traditional Korean cuisine with  trendy elements. It has been nominated by several lifestyle magazines  including the famous Dallas-based D Magazine recognized.

    DSS has been in Dallas for more than 15 years and has two branches, and  Katy Asia will be their third branch and the first step into Houston. The  company has specifically hired chefs from South Korea to host Houston's  restaurants. The name of the restaurant is also named Soju101, to reflect  the characteristics of its dive bar Korean drinks. Insiders commented very  well to the company's management that DSS is a role model for the  development and care of its employees in the industry, and its restaurant  staff turnover rate is very low, enabling Catering and Customer Service to  maintain a stable high standard. 

  • Atami Steak & Sushi 

    Founded in 2008, there are already several stores in the Greater Houston area. This is a typical East-meets-West food and beverage industry that  offers fresh and delicious Japanese meals and succulent steaks, and is  especially popular with his family's Hibachi, Increasing appetite! This  restaurant has been repeatedly recommended on food review websites  and travel advice websites. We look forward to Atami Steak & Sushi  surprising Katy and the residents of Northwest Houston!

  • Sharetea Resting Pavilion


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More tenants announced for Katy Asian Town over the summer. The mixed-use is under construction at 23119 Colonial Pkwy in Katy.

From Community Impact:

Located at 23119 Colonial Parkway, Katy, restaurants Soju 101, Haus 92 and Atami Japanese Restaurant will be junior anchors, Lin said.

Three other restaurants are also planned: Mala Sichuan, Gong Cha and Sharetea. Units at the center range from 1,500 to 2,250 square feet.


From Eater Houston:

In Katy’s Asian Town, Mala Sichuan will join an impressive line-up of eateries from Houston and beyond, including Taiwanese boba tea chain Sharetea, and yet another outpost of 85C Bakery Cafe. Gong Cha will bring even more boba tea to the development, which is currently under construction.


From Houston Chronicle:

Mala Sichuan Bistro, the well-regarded regional Chinese restaurant with outposts in Asiatown and Montrose, is looking to expand its reach with new restaurants spread across the Greater Houston map — from the suburbs to the heart of downtown. It's an ambitious plan that not only jibes with the continuing redevelopment of downtown Houston, but also with the emergence of satellite Chinatowns away from Bellaire Boulevard's crowded restaurant and retail hub.


Owner Cori Xiong says she and her husband, Heng Chen, plan to open a location in Katy's new 16-acre Asian Town shopping and dining development by the end of this year.


...First to open will be the Mala at Katy's Asian Town development, which is on the northeast corner of I-10 at Grand Parkway, near the University of Houston's new west side campus. The owners of Asiatown's bustling Dun Huang Plaza complex are spearheading the Asian Town project, which will be anchored by Houston's third edition of H Mart, the Korean mega-grocery.


The Katy H Mart's sprawling 50,000 square feet will be surrounded by twice that amount of space devoted to restaurants and retail. Mala Sichuan Bistro will have its own storefront and seat around 100 diners. Xiong hopes the Mala there will open by the end of the year, although she concedes that, "more realistically speaking, it may be the beginning of next year."



From Houston Press:

Anchoring Katy's Asian Town will be longtime Korean grocery favorite H-Mart, which will reportedly join boba tea hubs ShareTea and Gong Cha and restaurants Soju 101, Haus 92 and Atami Japanese Restaurant as well. Eater Houston reported that the development will also house another location of 85°C Bakery Cafe, but reps haven't responded to our request for verification yet see update below. The so-called "Taiwan of Starbucks" sent fans of egg custard tarts into a frenzy this summer with the opening of the eatery's 1,000th location, and the first in Houston, on Bellaire. The shop is also known for its sea salt coffee drinks, which are decidedly, deliciously unique.

Update 8/3 at 1:26 p.m.: 85°C Bakery Cafe has released an official statement as follows: “We have intentions of opening a location in Katy, Texas but nothing has been signed or confirmed. We can neither deny or approve the fact that a 85°C Bakery Cafe location will open in that area.”

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Posted (edited)

Construction progress pictures of Katy Asian Town in October at 23119 Colonial Parkway. Photos are from European Architectural's Facebook page.

Framing skylights:













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An update on Katy Asian Town at 23119 Colonial Pkwy in Katy from a local Asian news website in December:

Loosely translated from Google Translate:

Katy Asia Town completed, H Mart opening soon! 

After a period of intense construction; the main building has been fully completed  and the opening is just around the corner.

Located on the west side of Houston, Katy is one of the fastest-growing satellite  cities in the Greater Houston area. The 15.8-acre site is located in Grand Circle,  Katy, between Grand Parkway Route 99 and Interstate 1-10 The northeast side of the road junction.


This piece of land was still a wasteland a year ago and now Katy Asia Town is rising up.  Unlike the traditional Chinese city-style shopping and dining center in China, such as the richly colored Dunhuang Square in China, Katy Asia Town is positioned as a  one-stop shop for casual dining with seamless connectivity to the mainstream community and rich Asian products and services for northwest residents.

Despite the once-in-a-century Harvey Harvey flood disaster, this piece of treasure  has not been affected The three main buildings of Katy Asian Town Katy Asian  Town have now been fully completed. Developers expect to be in accordance with the plan to ensure the quality of the premise of the scheduled delivery of Katy Asian Town.


Mall parking spaces, landscaping and other late projects have also begun to  ensure the integrity of the opening and operation of the style. 


H-Mart, the flagship store of Katy Asian Town, the nation's largest  international supermarket; has been actively involved in the interior decoration. From  historical experience, as long as there is a large supermarket in the square, full  of people, shops are easy to prosper...H-Mart is expected to open in the spring of next year.


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Posted (edited)

Progress pictures and banner signage of restaurants and retail opening in Katy Asian Town, located at  23119 Colonial Parkway. Pictures taken last week and posted to a Facebook group.












Signage and building exterior of Tea Top in Katy Asian Town at 23119 Colonial Pkwy. Picture is from Facebook:




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Posted (edited)

List of known tenants opening in Katy Asian Town at 23119 Colonial Parkway in Katy. List includes retail, services, offices, and restaurants.



  • 85°C Bakery Café  - a Taiwanese bakery, coffee, tea, and smoothie chain
  • 92 Haus - a Korean barbecue (Korean BBQ) restaurant
  • Atami Xpress - a local Japanese restaurant
  • Gong Cha - a Taiwanese bubble tea chain
  • Super H-Mart - an Asian supermarket chain
  • It's Skin - a Korean cosmetic chain
  • La Hot Duck - a Los Angeles-based Chinese restaurant serving mostly duck
  • LazyMama - a fusion Asian kitchen
  • Mala Sichuan Bistro - a local Sichuan restaurant
  • Phanh Ky - a local Vietnamese restaurant and noodle house
  • Phat Eatery - a local inspired Malaysian and Chinese restaurant
  • Re/Max United - realtor office
  • Sharetea - a Taiwanese bubble tea chain
  • Soju 101 - a Dallas-based Korean restaurant, soju bar, and karaoke bar related to DanSungSa
  • Square Root Poké - a local poke shop
  • Style Hot Pot - a Seattle-based Chinese hot pot restaurant
  • Sweet Me Up - an Asian desserts and drinks shop
  • Sulbingsu - a Korean shaved ice dessert/bingsu shop
  • Tea Bar and Organics - a local Asian tea, snack shop, and Japanese grill
  • Tea Top - a Taiwanese bubble tea chain
  • TonyMoly - a Korean beauty and cosmetic chain
  • Yummy Pho & Bo Ne - a local Vietnamese restaurant specializing in pho and Vietnamese steak and eggs

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20 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:




Conclusive proof that autocorrect gaffes have finally managed to extend their nefarious influence beyond text messaging.

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