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Figured bunch of you have advice. We did it. Got the huge AirBnB house in Kissimmee, invited everyone to join from around the country, doing Disney and Universal Studios for a week over New Years.


I figured it is going to be crowded, any advice on these two questions?


1. Figure the teenagers and  aunts/uncles and grandparents will be ok doing what they want but was interested in thoughts on pace, order, and frequency for 3, 4, and 5 year-old boys?

If you have the day after Christmas through the day after New-Years. Do a park every other day? Do a park every day? Do Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot? Skip Epcot and do Lego-Land, also take the little guys to Universal or leave that for the olders?  The group is 3 17-20year olds, 2 millennial 20-something women, a set of grandparents, three 3-5 year old boys and a mom and dad.


2. Where would you do actually New Year's Eve?

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