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Blue Dogs    42

Houston Sports Radio is undergoing another shake-up. Longtime On-Air Talent & native Houstonian Lance Zierlein has decided NOT to renew his contract with KBME-AM (790 Houston) & announced it on Tuesday of this week. He's been a fixture of Houston Sports Radio for 20 years will be leaving KBME-AM later this year to focus on duties with & other future projects.


Zierlein, who has had the top-ranked Sports Talk Shows in the Space City since 1997 on KILT-AM (Sports Radio 610), KGOW (1560 AM), & KBME (where he's currently with since 2011), the latter with co-host Matt Thomas, said he's ready for a break from the grinding of morning radio & will leave the iHeartRadio station on good terms with station management.


"They offered me a contract, & as time progressed I realized I was a little tired of doing morning radio & getting early wake-up calls," he said. "Since I'm doing the NFL, I decided to step away from radio."



Like to know your personal thoughts on Zierlein leaving KBME-AM's morning radio show.


A.) Like It: He needs a fresh challenge in life.


B.) Hate It.

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hindesky    16579


The only reason to listen to Houston sports radio. I don't get to listen to him very often but he's one of my favorites alongside Charlie Palillo.

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