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Spring ISD School Attendance Boundary Changes

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Spring ISD seems to be trying to slip school attendance boundary changes under the radar of locals. You have got to love a survey process that only lasts one day past the community meetings and the only news releases to the public about the meetings are in the "neighborhood" section of the 2p the afternoon before the day of the last meeting it appears.


The numbers on their campus "enrollment projections" don't seem to incorporate development patters at all--are they not aware of new neighborhoods and apartment complexes that have already gone up? For that matter, the numbers in the doc also are not reviewed--Salyers somehow magically loses 100+ students one year and gains them all back the following year, while Smith does the opposite?? What's going on here is a typo that the school district failed to catch. Oops! SMH.


Does SISD really think that by the 2020-2021 school year their districtwide high school student population will only increase by ~100 students? Then what are the three new 9th grade campuses in the last bond election for!?!?


Using I-45 as the "natural" boundary for Middle School zones? Give me a break. What they're really doing is setting up for another bond proposal to fix the terrible zones that are going to be put into place now--all of those middle school kids living along Imperial Valley will be riding the bus thru Aldine ISD to get to school. Take a look at the high schools too--that one's an "interesting" one too.


Check it out for yourself and see if it passes the smell test. This one ought to get media attention very soon--something's not right here.



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