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Lighting up the Montrose Bridges over I59

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trymahjong    222

Complete.........but not finished.......

Dear Community Stakeholder –

We wanted to share with you updates regarding the bridges over Hwy 59/69. You may have noticed additional testing and perhaps some outages of the bridge lighting. As is the case with any innovative project, some issues were encountered during installation that have caused some sections to malfunction. The project is still under the direct control of TxDOT and their contractor, Third Coast. The contractor is working as quickly as possible to get all sections functioning. The Montrose District special projects team is also working with the contractor to address the issues. We expect that we may encounter a few more intermittent outages, as we planned and budgeted for with TxDOT. Currently, the contractor is working through the punch list period towards the certificate of final completion. The expectation is for this process to conclude by the end of the third or fourth quarter this year.

As always, we would appreciate it very much if you would share this information with your colleagues, friends and neighbors so that we can reach as wide an audience as possible.

To learn more about the District and our work please visit Thanks! 




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