Aris at Market Square: 32-Story High-Rise by Hines at 900 Preston

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urbanize713    841
1 hour ago, H-Town Man said:


Hines considers it a private park on their website, but you keep holding your ground and calling it a courtyard, lol. When we "get there" is probably around the time when Hines will decide that the highest and best use of land on Main Street is something other than a fenced park.


Man you are really trying. Are you telling me that marketing brochures and websites would never ever aggrandize amenities/features? Please 


This is one of if not the priciest addresses  downtown. If it didn’t include at least a private sidewalk called a private park to walk someone’s  shih tzu i’d be shocked.


You can keep going on and on  but I just called you out on saying this was anti urban even though the most urban cities in the work have similar features end of story. 

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