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Found 29 results

  1. Webcam:
  2. Article today on a development in east Montrose from the Montrose management district
  3. What is going in that Lord & Taylor expansion at the Galleria, I heard new stores were coming in? Anyone know which ones?
  4. Sawyer Yards

    Looks like Lovett is surprisingly remodeling, and not tearing down, an old warehouse near washington, on Sawyer/Edwards, right along the railroad tracks. Im sure it's not news to many, but it now looks like the are actually doing some construction there. Anyone have any pictures or know any additional info such as possible tenants?
  6. I know there's been some discussion in the past of the site that the Scamrock was planned for, and that Hines had been involved with the site as of late. After stumbling across this page & the rendering included, I was wondering if anyone had additional info on it. Webcam: Latest Renderings and Info as of 10/2013 :
  8. I'm very curious what will come of this site. Not sure how dense or high end it will be. It's in a good but strange and changing location.
  9. 3 retails structures totaling 10,000sq ft proposed.
  11. I was told today that they plan to build another one on the block south of their downtown site. However, I think he said it wouldn't be for 10 more years. I guess a lot could happen in that time. Webcam: Rendering and info:
  12. 3215 White Oak Dr

    The lot at 3215 White Oak Drive with Aqua car wash and offices will be demolished. NewQuest is marketing a new retail center for 3215 White Oak Dr. From Loopnet (archived link): Retail Lot with existing Car Wash tenant & 4 -Plex multi-family investment. Perfect for retail center or office building. Building Size 10,200 SF
  13. Speaking of the Greensheet building: Read more at:
  14. 2 retail structures totaling a little over 21,000 sq feet
  16. Former Imperial Linen Building being brought back to life with retail, art gallery and factory space.
  17. This would have to be underway in order to meet their completion date.
  19. 11-Story office building proposed. We may get to see more on Dec 5th.
  20. 1315 W.Gray

    Proposed retail building.
  21. 4306 Yoakum - New Office w/ Retail

    More new construction ongoing at Richmond and Yoakum, just down the street from the Alexan, Fairmont, and Richmond Landing: 4306 YOAKUM BOULEVARD Houston, Texas 77006 Office Property Size: 82,000 sq. ft. Built: To deliver January 2014 Floors: 6
  22. The Argent: Mixed-use Development

    Maybe a bit premature, but a large project could be stirring up behind the scenes.
  24. 2223 N. Main

    Hey guys, long time stalker, first time contributor here. If I'm doing this wrong go easy on me.. Anyway, anyone heard of this before? Noticed construction the other day while biking home. Did some research and found this. Should be a decent compliment to Avenue Station if they can actually get the spaces leased out to desirable retail. The building has potential to be something good. Right in front of the rail stop so it has some exposure I suppose. Not sure how it'll do, especially since retail on this strip of N Main has always been so bad and pretty much vacant for some years now.
  25. so this is happening...