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    • http://swamplot.com/smashing-views-of-a-half-eaten-katy-fwy-office-bldg-from-citycentre-five/2017-03-29/
    • I know no one has posted here cos it's pointless.. This project totally sucks I want to get all out, I hope that the people who came up with this project die and go to hell, because it'll totally kill downtown Houston and east downtown, and demolish an exaggerated right of way amount 19 blocks at least, am emtire neighbourhood and yeah But really thinking about it. It's a highway of course it won't be pretty what do they really expect gold and sparkles..? They totally do, itsa highway it's not meant to be freaking pretty, but its not meant to be ugly either, and it's dark below the highway..have you no common sense..?put freaking bright lights to make up for that... have freaking common sense lights can fix the problem.. when it's dark below the highway.   I guess the reason why I love elevated highways and I don't complain about them is.. I'm not rich and I grew up where even small overpasses were fascinating. By here overpasses are seen as an ugliness that must be demolished. If it's there then leave it it was built almost 50 years ago most people near there moved there after the highway was built..  and if they chose that then get the he'll over it cos if you chose to live there the deal with the difficulties...   So my final words will be..  Txdot.. you and your plan both suck yes this is meant to offend you..  Goodbye, thank you for not hearing my "trying to make sense" And thank you to those who got this far and read what I've commented... ive more things but this is enough... Bye..
    • http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/03/29/springwoods-villages-third-hotel-flag-revealed.html    
    • The Earth Cam is very busy.  I'm happy I did fly today!
    • CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy) — Insurance executive Ray Boothe, who was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Katy City Council last month, was the lone candidate to file for the May 6 special election. The position, a Ward A council member seat, was made vacant when Chuck Brawner resigned to run for mayor. “I was relieved that I didn’t have to campaign on short notice,” Boothe said. “It’s exhausting to get out there and campaign. This gives me a year to prove myself before the people and the citizens and allows me to meet people over a year instead of 30 days.” Boothe will serve out the term, which expires next year. Boothe resigned his seat on the planning and zoning commission to accept the council appointment. The council appointed Samuel T. Pearson to the commission seat to replace Boothe. The special election coincides with the May 6 general election. Voters will select a mayor, a Ward B council member, and decide on three proposed city charter amendments. Filing deadline for the special election was Monday. As for the mayor’s race, Brawner is a retired police chief of the Spring Branch Independent School District. He is one of three candidates seeking the mayor’s position after incumbent Mayor Fabol Hughes withdrew from the race. The other mayoral candidates are Hill Adams, an insurance executive, and Steve Jurovic, who described himself as a “semi-retired author.” Ward B Council Member Jimmy Mendez faces Jessie Campbell, an attorney with Houston Volunteer Lawyers, and Kayse Johnson, a stay-at-home mother. The other Ward A council member, J. Gary Jones, is also running unopposed. Proposed charter amendments on the ballot involve lengthening the mayor’s and council members’ terms of office from two to three years, and reducing their maximum terms served from three to two. Another amendment would eliminate the Board of Equalization. The post Boothe Only Candidate to File for Unexpired Ward A City Council Seat appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
    • There was another one that died within the last five years, "Gascard", located at Tacoma and Karbach. It was torn down in 2013 for an expansion of Karbach Brewing Co.'s facilities.
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