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    • +1 on htownbro's comment. The people who work in the hotels, restaurants, and bars downtown probably cannot afford the rents for most of the apartments there. I ride the train each weekday from the medical center to downtown and I see who gets on the train in mid-town (office workers) and who gets off (service workers).   I'm not a social scientist but I do believe there is a need for a range of housing options, in term of cost, in a given area. I also believe these different options need to be somewhat dispersed and not concentrated in discrete parts. Consider how the mews (former stables and workshops) behind the stately houses in London were repurposed as housing for those with lower wage jobs.   One big problem existing today for the former Holiday/Days/Heaven on Earth Inn is that it is in a food desert. Of course, proximity to public transportation will mitigate that somewhat.
    • I like the idea that Victorian's will have a 'permanent' location on the East Side. There are several places to get good bar-b-que in the city but there is always room for another good one. No pun intended. I also think it is great Joey Victorian will be able to use pecan wood on the site for smoking meat and that there will be a shipping container bar.   I'm in a playful mood this Friday afternoon so I am also pleased I will be able to "watch meat get sliced on-demand." I can just imagine going into the restaurant and telling the person behind the cafeteria line to "Slice some meat!" I will probably even buy it and eat it.   Really, most bar-b-que restaurants I frequent work in just this way. Perhaps the copy editor for Food Finder needed a few more lines to fill space.
    • I live a few blocks away. As an inside the Looper, I take great offense to this being in the Uptown/Galleria section.       
    • More importantly, they fixed the fountain between Baker and Jones just in time for summer. It's my dog's favorite spot on campus other than begging for food from students... oh, and Rice Bikes!
    • Yes I agree .  Affordable condos for sale or apartments for rent.  Everything downtown doesn't have to be for the uber rich.
    • View from the east last night:  
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