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  1. Houston Press cut almost all of its jobs, as it is now freelance-reliant, and it's going online only. I will miss the old Houston Press. - It was fun going into a cafe and just picking up a free copy. Hopefully somebody else fills the void?
  2. The students seem to favor Simmons
  3. Are there any pictures out there of the Oshman mural and the old Oshman buildings?
  4. Foreign Consulates

    In that case they reopened it in 2015! Holy cow! Now we just need the Netherlands and Switzerland back. Nigeria would be a good one too.
  5. They could try to make a two story store. Many grocery stores in East Asia use a two story format.
  6. Foreign Consulates

    It's only an honorary consulate - no actual consul general. I think the original consulate general closed in the 1990s.
  7. I'd like to see HEB actually design the store to look like Westbury Square - give it the Italian style, make the storefront look like the old development. If it became a part of a strip center (with other major store) why not rename it "Westbury Square"?
  8. The Houston Press published a series of articles about the suspension of Bertie Simmons, principal of Furr High School on Houston's east side (serves the Songwood, Northshore, Pleasantville, Clinton Park, and Jacinto City areas). Furr High School Principal Sent Home | Houston Press As Second Probe Launched into Principal Bertie Simmons, Supporters Protest at Board Meeting | Houston Press As did the Chron: Houston ISD investigating new allegations against Furr principal - Houston Chronicle and Houston public media: Without Its Storied Principal, What’s The Future Of Furr High? – Houston Public Media TLDR: Simmons went out of retirement to be principal of Furr since 2000 and is known for turning around the school (she took students to New York City to prove 9/11 happened as a reward for them being good for the school year) Simmons wanted to continue using school uniforms after Harvey to deter gangs, but HISD admins wanted to suspend uniforms because kids' clothing was damaged by the storm HISD admins accused Simmons of threatening tickets (court action) over uniform non-compliance and argued that it would expose illegal immigrant parents to court scrutiny, while Simmons stated she'd never suspend a student for uniform non-compliance HISD admins accused Simmons of threatening students w/ a bat, while her supporters and students say it's a commonly understood joke - students once presented a bat as a gift to the principals Simmons's lawyers accused HISD of trying to take $10 million in grants meant for Furr and to give it to other schools - Simmons says the grant organizer (Steve Job's widow) only intended the money for Furr and wouldn't give it if the money didn't go where it was supposed to go Simmons's lawyer accused HISD of trying to replace her (older white woman) with a non-white, younger principal
  9. It reminds me of "Dilemma of the Black Middle Class," an Op-Ed from Sheryl Cashin about one of the problems with many African-American wealthier areas: their schools aren't as good as comparable areas in white communities: - Her thesis is that an overall "external prejudice against black neighborhoods" means black middle and upper class neighborhoods are at a disadvantage, and on the school front one of the issues was that the schools serving black middle and upper class communities larger numbers of poor children (something that Lockhart has). The other aspects that such black neighborhoods often faced were higher crime rates and a lack of high-end retail. It would be great to see Lockhart Elementary become a neighborhood and/or magnet school on par with Roberts, River Oaks, Twain, Horn, etc. but it may be an uphill battle. I would also like to see the likes of Ruggles and Local Foods to set up shop near Riverside Terrace.
  10. KISD HS #5

    And here is the attendance map: HS Zones.pdf As a result of the shuffling a sliver of area was rezoned from Klein Forest to Klein High. I wonder if their property values will go up?
  11. From my understanding Spring High School and the three middle schools in its territory are more highly ranked than the Westfield and DeKaney area schools. If so, then it looks like the 2021 plans are going to damage property values in Spring. Why doesn't Spring ISD just build HS#4 in Spring?
  12. Houston's Filipino American Community

    And Jollibee. I had the pleasure of trying some when I was last in H-town.
  13. I wonder if there will be an impetus to improve Lockhart Elementary as Riverside Terrace gentrifies. is the attendance boundary. states that free and reduced lunch students make up 70% of the enrollment. Its academic performance seems to have declined dramatically from 2009 to 2016; its student body merged with that of Turner Elementary in 2011. I wonder where the wealthier black parents prefer to send their children.
  14. Another School Bond May be on November Ballot

    Remember too that bonds are issued by ISDs, which cross city and county boundaries. A small portion of west Houston is in Katy ISD but most of the city is not in Katy ISD. As Blue Dogs said, only Katy ISD voters may vote for this bond.
  15. Based on the article map, the residential tower will be zoned to Wilson Elementary (not River Oaks Elementary) - of course Lanier and Lamar would be the zoned middle and high schools.