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  1. Foreign Consulates

    What about the Thai Consulate General Office ?
  2. Look who joined the NHMC Board of Directors:
  3. CBS 11 KHOU-TV Reporter Josh Chapin announced late last night on social media that he's bolting to the Tar Heel State. Although he cannot reveal where in NC.
  4. HarD Rock 96.5 (HD-2)

    Who's going to be the hosts ?
  5. Houston sightings

    Now half of the Lone Star State is freezing!
  6. Houston sightings

    Sofia Ojeda back doing the weekend morning newscasts on NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston.
  7. Here's the latest on the Lisa Vaughn Watch because she was supposed to return on August 17th, but that day came & went:
  8. HarD Rock 96.5 (HD-2)

    Will it be well-received ?
  9. What are the odds of this being successful ?
  10. Houston sightings

    BREAKING NEWS: Sally MacDonald named Weekday Morning Anchor for FOX 26.
  11. Who saw this one coming ? After 12 1/2 years with the station, FOX 26 Evening Anchor Melinda Spaulding has announced she'll be leaving. In her Facebook page, Spaulding said she wants to spend more time with her husband & kids & doesn't want to miss another moment. Thoughts from anyone on Spaulding leaving FOX 26 ?
  12. Looks like people are going full beast-mode on NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston on the Houston NBC Station's early exiting from the Thursday Night Football Game between the Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals last night. NBC 2 News Anchor Bill Balleza went on his Facebook page & apologized for the producer's botched mistake:
  13. Today was the LAST day for Rita Garcia at FOX 26 KRIV-TV Houston after 6 years with the Houston FOX affiliate. Plus, Garcia will be going to FOX sister station, FOX 11 KTTV-TV Los Angeles, CA. While there's no word on what she'll be doing, someone found a Google search of video demos that Garcia was doing in early October for KTTV's "Good Day LA" Morning Show (The legendary Steve Edwards is still there from what I hear & for those, who don't remember: the "Good Day Live" TV Show, which was on FOX 26 & other FOX affiliates in the early 2000's). "She's one of the best, hard to see her go, but so happy for her bright future," said Morning Anchor Melissa Wilson. Garcia joined FOX 26 back in December of 2011 from Los Angeles, so it's a return to the City of Angels for her. The then-CBS 2 KCBS-TV Los Angeles freelance reporter joined the FOX 26 family as Weekend Anchor & Reporter. Less than 2 years later, she moved up to the weekday morning newscasts, where she's been ever since until today. The Lone Star State native began her TV News career in Welasco, TX with ABC 5 KRGV-TV. Garcia holds BA Degrees from Texas State University of San Marcos (Mass Communications & Spanish). Post your thoughts on Garcia's departure & her return to the City of Angels.
  14. Former Ch. 13 Meteorologist Casey Curry, who recently left the ABC O&O Station after 11 years, was seen today doing the weather segment for FOX 26 KRIV-TV during the 12:00 PM, Noon Newscasts with anchor Jose Grinan. As of September 20th, there's still NO word of whenever Lisa Vaughn will ever return over there. On Monday, Curry was guest co-hosting on NBC 2 KPRC-TV's "Houston Life" TV Show at the Galleria. It appears that every Houston TV Station is courting Curry very hard BIGLY & we'll find out soon where she lands. Where do y'all see her ending up & give me your thoughts ?
  15. KPRC-TV NBC 2 is going to be extending their weekend morning newscast..... 10:00 AM. Starting on August 27th, weekend morning anchors Sofia Ojeda & Anoushah Rasta will be adding an additional extra half-hour of news to their already 2 hour offerings. In about 11 days from now, here's KPRC-TV's Sunday morning schedule: 6:00 AM: "NBC 2 News" 7:00 AM: "Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist" 8:00 AM: "NBC 2 News" 9:00 AM: 'NBC's Meet The Press with Chuck Todd" 10:00 AM: "NBC 2 News" 10:30 AM: "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall"
  16. There goes another one leaving Ch. 13... Consumer Reporter Patricia Lopez announced on her Facebook page that she's leaving the Houston ABC O&O Station on December 15th after 10 years. What's going on down there at Ch. 13 ?
  17. VicMan: Any new developments on Simmons' case ? HISD is stupid enough to do this!
  18. FOX 26 KRIV-TV Houston political reporter Greg Groogan reported that former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia (D) will run for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2 in the upcoming 2018 elections against 2-term incumbent Jake Morman [R]. How do y'all believe Garcia will fare against Morman ?
  19. Houston sightings

    BREAKING NEWS: FOX 26 KRIV-TV Houston Morning Anchor Rita Garcia leaving today after 6 years with the Houston FOX affiliate. Where she goes next is a good question. She announced her departure half an hour ago.
  20. Now that's interesting.
  21. Houston sightings

    NBC 2 KPRC-TV Weekend Morning Anchor Anousha Rasta is leaving the station & heading back to the West Coast.
  22. The revolving door from Capitol Hill continues.... US Rep. Gene Green (D-TX), who has represented the 29th Congressional District since 1993, announced he will not be seeking reelection to another term in 2018, ending almost 46 years of public service. He previously served in the TX State Senate in the 6th District from 1985 until his election to Congress in 1992 & the TX House of Representatives in the 95th & 140th Districts from 1973 to 1985. This will open the doors for several ambitious politicos, could we see former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia (D) running for this US House seat again ?
  23. Old Houston Children's TV Program?

    I do NOT see those kids TV Shows coming back anytime soon.
  24. Look who's back Ladies & Gentlemen..... Atom Smasher has returned to Morning Radio. Houston & Dallas radio veteran Atom Smasher will be joining Top 40 CANDY 95 KNDE Bryan/College Station. Smasher made a name for himself on weeknights at 104.1 KBRE. He later moved to mornings & also did stints with 106.1 KISS FM Dallas, HOT 96 WSTO-FM Evansville, IN & Mix 96.5 KHMX Houston. Plus, Smasher previously did mornings on the now defunct 102.1 The EDGE KDGE Dallas/Fort Worth. Since then, he recently launched the Bad Daditude podcast (if anyone's listen to that ?) The new Radio Show starts on Monday, November 6th from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Like to hear your thoughts on Smasher's comeback!
  25. There's speculation brewing that CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston might be looking for a new home. The TEGNA station had to evacuate their building during Hurricane Harvey, the station's Facebook page previously mentioned that a restoration company was working the flooded studio. However, CBS 11 KHOU-TV meteorologist Brooks Garner was asked by someone on his Facebook page on the latest developments regarding the restoration of Allen Parkway studios. Garner replied the station was looking for a new spot to call home. Even Mike McGuff of, asked the station about the possible new location search: he was then told by one of the station's representatives they will "keep in touch" when there's something to announce... which is code for MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. For now, just stay tuned on whether CBS 11 gets a new studio to call home.