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    College football fan; former USAF reserve member and also a fan of old newscast videos. I'm happily married to the woman of my life, Alicia De La Cruz and are the parents of 3 sons living in San Antonio, Texas. Lifelong fan of KTRK Ch. 13 old newscast videos from 1973-1986
  1. This is obviously going to PASS easily & Governor Greg Abbott [R] will sign this into state law!
  2. After almost 18 years with the TEGNA station, CBS 11 News Anchor Greg Hurst will be leaving today. Thoughts of Hurst's departure ? A.) Hated It B.) Not surprised: based on moving him out of prime-time newscasts due to behind-the-scenes changes with you-know-who as the GM. C.) No Opinion on Hurst's departure.
  3. KVVV-LD (KVVV 15.3) recently unveiled in July of 2016 "Howdy Philippines" on Pinoy Houston TV. If anyone has seen the show, tell me what y'all think ? This is Episode 34: with Sheryn Regis & Cheryl Piccio hosting.
  4. RIP KCOH Radio!
  5. I'm with TX Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) on this one!
  6. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) announced an arrest has been made in the shooting death of 8-year-old De'Maree Adkins. Turner will provide details in a press conference at 3:45 PM this afternoon.
  7. The BEST FLOTUS we've ever had!
  8. State Senator Garcia's attempt will FAIL badly!
  9. If POTUS Trump is successful in boosting the US economic situation, bringing millions of jobs back to the United States & finally getting rid of illegal immigration once & for all: in the likelihood of Trump winning reelection in 2020, will he able to get double digits against whoever the Dems put up ? A.) YES: he needs between 56 to 60% in reelection B.) NO: the country is too divided
  10. Houston's somewhere in the middle, but not that outright corrupt unless you want to bring up the infamous Political Scandals of 1997 that brought down several Houston politicos.
  11. I'm a gun-owner & support the 2nd Amendment 100% & the NRA!
  12. Former CBS 11 KHOU-TV morning anchor Lily Jang announced she will be working with Houston Public Media (TV 8 KUHT) on producing a documentary about Vietnamese refugees that came to Houston in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Jang, who was born in Vietnam, & whose family made the journey to Houston themselves, will have a unique look on the subject. She & a KUHT crew will be traveling to Vietnam in order to document her family's history. Mike McGuff of, imagines that this local look on Vietnam will likely be aired in tandem with "THE VIETNAM WAR", which is a 10-part, 18 Hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick, which will be airing in September 2017. Jang left KHOU-TV last December where she had worked since 2012.
  13. Interesting to see if the voters will approve this upcoming school bond. If that is, will ever make the ballot!
  14. According to Mike McGuff of, Houston Radio could seriously impacted
  15. CBS Radio (the owner of KHMX, KLOL, KKHH & KILT in Houston) merging with Entercom in creating preeminent radio platform according to Mike McGuff, who posted the information on his Facebook page. Here's the latest statement from CBS Radio on the merger: Tell us what you think about this merger, which includes KILT-AM Sports Radio 610: A.) Love It. B.) Hate It. C.) Too soon to tell.