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  1. New COH Floodplain Regulations

    Would this be successful in preventing future floods ?
  2. WOW. This is going to escalate into more expletive. How far would HISD go to do this ?
  3. Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen, who remembers where you were during the Snow in Houston from February 2nd, 1980 ?
  4. Good afternoon. Here's one of Ch. 13's newscasts from August 23rd, 1978:
  5. City of Houston & Microsoft's "Internet of Things" Partnership

    Will this effort be successful ?
  6. The exodus of Ch. 13 continues..... this time Ch. 13 Traffic Anchor & Reporter Rebecca Spera has left the ABC O&O Station:
  7. Adam Clanton, the IHeartRadio SportsTalk 790 KBME AM Houston Afternoon Host, is no longer with the station according to several sources & get this: Morning Show Host Josh Innes has been suspended for the entire week following bitter dispute between the hosts. Clanton & Innes were previously working at KILT AM Sports Radio 610 Houston as well. Here's the latest on Clanton's exit & the craziness that took place: Like to know your personal thoughts on Clanton's exit & Innes' suspension: A.) Love It B.) Not Shocked C.) TBD
  8. Just like that..... FOX 26 Weather Meteorologist Lisa Vaughn is no longer with the station. Her last day was on Monday, April 16th: No explanation has been made on why Vaughn left Fox 26.
  9. WOW! Who saw this coming ? Ch. 13 Weekend Anchor Natasha Barrett has left the ABC O&O Station! There's possibility Mayra Moreno might move to the weekend evenings. But until then, we'll find out who replaces Barrett. Thoughts from anybody on Barrett's exit ?
  10. Cox Media Group today announced an original podcasting concept, in collaboration with world-renowned BMI songwriters. With sessions originally recorded at the BMI Theatre in Nashville, TN., "Stories Behind The Songs" is hosted by Christi Brooks: midday personality & Assistant Program/Music Director of KKBQ-FM The New 93Q in Houston, TX. "Stories Behind The Songs" was created for one reason: Every great song starts with a great story. This podcast focuses on the process, the artform & the stories---discussing the writer's journey from concept to hit song.
  11. Houston sightings

    David Gonzalez joins CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston according to the McGuff Blog.