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  1. Houston sightings

    Former NBC 2 Weekend Anchor Courtney Zavala has been named co-host for "Houston Life" on the station.
  2. Here's the latest on the Lisa Vaughn Watch because she was supposed to return on August 17th, but that day came & went:
  3. Foreign Consulates

    There's been discussion of opening up the Philippine Consulate General's Office in Houston again.
  4. Houston sightings

    POTUS Trump will be coming to the Lone Star State tomorrow.
  5. Uribe still there..... only doing the weekday mornings. On Lisa Vaughn: McHugh hasn't heard anything new on whether she'll come back. She originally planned on coming back last week, but.....
  6. Coco Dominguez has been named as the Traffic Anchor for the 5:00 PM Newscast & Lifestyle Correspondent at FOX 26, announced station VP & News Director Susan Schiller. Effective starting today, Dominguez will be serving as the Traffic Anchor for FOX 26 5:00 PM Newscast & contributing entertainment & lifestyle pieces for the "Bayou City Buzz," a segment which appears the "News Edge" at 10:00 PM. In making the announcement, Schiller stated, "In addition to providing our viewers with need to know rush-hour news, Coco will bring her versatility & unique perspective of Houston's most interesting people, places & events to our newscasts."
  7. KPRC-TV NBC 2 is going to be extending their weekend morning newscast..... 10:00 AM. Starting on August 27th, weekend morning anchors Sofia Ojeda & Anoushah Rasta will be adding an additional extra half-hour of news to their already 2 hour offerings. In about 11 days from now, here's KPRC-TV's Sunday morning schedule: 6:00 AM: "NBC 2 News" 7:00 AM: "Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist" 8:00 AM: "NBC 2 News" 9:00 AM: 'NBC's Meet The Press with Chuck Todd" 10:00 AM: "NBC 2 News" 10:30 AM: "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall"
  8. Effective on Monday, August 21st, FOX 26 will be debuting "The News Edge" beginning at 10:00 PM, announced by station VP & News Director Susan Schiller. The Monday thru Friday half-hour newscast will be following the station's current 9:00 PM Newscast & leading into "FOX 26 News Isiah Factor: Uncensored", which will be returning weeknights at 10:30 PM. With this major expansion, the station will produce 57.5 hours of local news programming each week, more local news than any other station in the market. Kaitlin Monte (who was just named as Melinda Spaulding's successor as the station's weeknight Primetime Anchor), will be anchoring "The News Edge". This will offer viewers a fast-paced format, which will allow the audience to engage with FOX 26 on trending news & topics relevant to them via the station's social media channels. Monte will continue to anchor the 5:00 PM & 9:00 PM Newscasts alongside Jonathan Martin. Plus, "What's Your Point" will continue on Sunday mornings at 7:00 AM.
  9. Houston sightings

    BREAKING NEWS: Kaitlin Monte is the new Primetime Anchor to replace Melinda Spaulding at FOX 26 for the 5:00 PM & 9:00 PM Newscasts. Spaulding also announced her last day with FOX 26 will be on August 18th.
  10. Kaitlin Monte is the new Primetime Anchor to replace Spaulding on FOX 26. Spaulding's last day is August 18th!
  11. Current Use and Future Drone Technology

    Sounds interesting.
  12. Unless any of y'all have been living under a rock or on vacation for months, the Lone Star State has lost another great legend in TX Politics: former TX Governor Mark Wells White, Jr., (D) passed away over the weekend from a heart attack in Houston at the age of 77. White served as TX's 43rd Governor from January 18th, 1983 to January 20th, 1987. During his 4 years in the TX Governor's Mansion, White focused his energies on education reform including the controversial "No Pass/No Play" & utility regulation. He also concentrated on economic development & the appointment of women & minorities to positions on his staff & in the state government. The Lone Star State's Sesquicentennial occurred in 1986 & the Governor attended & hosted a number of events. The Goddess of Liberty was restored & planning for the State Capitol restoration began under his administration. Among White's appointments was Elena Salinas Ender as the first Latina to serve as a judge of a district court in TX. He also appointed Mayra McDaniel as the first African American to serve as Legal Counsel to the Governor. He previously served as Assistant State Attorney General under then-State AG Crawford Martin (D) from (1969 to 1972) & also served as the 74th TX Secretary of State(an appointed position) under then-Governor Dolph Briscoe (D), serving from January 19th, 1973 to October 27th, 1977. During his tenure as the state's Chief Election Officer, he streamlined operations & made his office more responsive to the public. White was elected President of the National Association of Secretaries of State in 1977. He was the youngest Secretary of State ever elected to the Association's highest office. He was also elected Treasurer & Secretary of the Association. White also served as a member of the Federal Elections Commission Advisory Panel on Voter Registration. White also served in the 36th Infantry Division of the TX National Guard. Following his resignation as TX Secretary of State on October 27th, 1977, White began to run for TX State AG in the 1978 elections: first defeated former State House Speaker Price Daniel, Jr., (D-Liberty) in the Dem Primary & Houston businessman & GOP political power-broker affiliated with the Bush family, James A. Baker, III [R]. White garnered 1, 249, 846 votes & (55.13%) to Baker's 999 431 votes & (44.08%). As the state's Law Enforcement Chief, White co-chaired the Federal-State Enforcement Coordinating Committee & was a member of the Governor's Organized Crime Prevention Council. On the national level, he was the Chairman of the Southern Conference of Attorneys General in May of 1981. In 1982, White did not seek reelection as State AG to run for the Governorship. First, he defeated Railroad Commissioner Buddy Temple (D) & 4-term Commissioner of the General Land Office Bob Armstrong (D) in the May 1st, 1982 Dem Primary election, once Temple declined to participate in the runoff. On November 2nd of that year, White came from behind to defeat the incumbent Governor, William Perry "Bill" Clements [R], who was the first GOP Governor in TX history since Reconstruction. White polled 1 697, 870 votes (53.21%) to Clements' 1,465, 937 votes (45.94%). However, Clements successfully made a comeback in defeating White in their 1986 rematch. In 1990, White made another comeback attempt in reclaiming the Governor's Mansion, but was unsuccessful, falling in 3rd place in the Dem Primary, losing to then-State Treasurer Ann Richards (D: who went on to win the Governorship) & then-State AG Jim Mattox (D). Services for the former TX Governor have been announced: Funeral Service: Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 11:00 AM Second Baptist Church 6400 Woodway Drive Houston, TX 77057 Lying in Repose: Thursday, August 10th, 2017 12:00 PM, NOON to 3:00 PM TX State Capitol Rotunda 1100 Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78701 Final Resting Place: TX State Cemetery 909 Navasota Street Austin, TX 78702 Here's video of his Inauguration Address from January 18th, 1983:
  13. Looks like the Ch. 13 Eyewitness Weather Team is likely heading for a major shake-up BIGLY! KEYE-TV weekend meteorologist Collin Myers is heading to the Space City's ABC O&O Station. According to Scott Jones of FTV, he's reporting that Myers will be doing weekend mornings. This means Elita Loresca will be moving to weekdays, so the big question is who's on their way out of the ABC O&O Station ? A.) Casey Curry B.) Travis Herzog
  14. Charlie Pallilo, a fixture on Houston sports talk radio since 1989 but absent from the airwaves since October, will return on Monday, August 21st, with Gow Media (KGOW 1560-AM Houston), the station announced on Wednesday. Pallilo, 51, will be working from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM weekdays on KGOW with weekly guest appearances on Gow Media's (KFNC 97.5 FM), said David Gow, the company's President. He will also contribute to Gow Media's CultureMap website & it's SportsMap site scheduled to launch this year & will at some point, begin contributing in some fashion to the company's SB Nation Radio Network.
  15. The Houston Chronicle reported that the TX Supreme Court's decision this week on Houston's 2015 Term Limits Referendum all but ensures voters of the Space City will NOT be seeing the November Mayoral elections that the plaintiffs were hoping to see badly. The TX Supreme Court on Monday, denied plaintiffs' attempts to expedite their case challenging the ballot language that lengthened citywide officeholders' terms from 3 2-year terms to 2 4-year terms back in the November 3rd, 2015 elections, making it unlikely the matter will be resolved before the state's August 21st deadline to ordering a fall election. Instead, the case is being repositioned to return to trial court for a hearing on whether the wording on the city's Proposition 2 authorizing 2 4-year terms instead of 3 2-year terms (which was originally put in place back in 1991), was too obscure. "There's no way," Austin election lawyer Buck Wood said. "I don't see any way that they're going to get any final order in time for the filing deadline." Plaintiffs' attorney Erick Dick (who ran unsuccessfully for Mayor), conceded the timing makes a November Mayoral election unlikely. "But I don't think it's impossible," Dick added, saying he plans to ask the TX Supreme Court to reconsider it's decision. The TX First Court of Appeals sided with Dick in January on a procedural issue, but the trial court has yet to consider the substance of the case. Like to hear your thoughts on these developments considering those, who were part of the 1991 Term Limits Initiative, are hell-bent on going back to the Status Quo & if their efforts will be successful.