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  1. Foreign Consulates

    The Philippine Consulate General office in Houston will be reopened later this year according to Noemi Frias.
  2. When Ch. 13 Consumer Reporter Patricia Lopez left the ABC O&O Station late last year, the Disney ABC Television Group wasted no time in getting a replacement for Lopez. The San Antonio Express News announced that KENS 5 Traffic Anchor Chelsey Hernandez will be taking the job. "Working for KENS 5 over the last 3 years has been filled with endless opportunities & so many blessings. San Antonians & everyone in the viewing area are like family & it's going to be bittersweet saying goodbye to a city I've called home for 7 years," Hernandez said in the emailed release to the newspaper. Your thoughts on Hernandez coming to Ch. 13 ? Post your comments on this development.
  3. Following the immediate resignation of Darian Ward as Press Secretary, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) announced former NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston Reporter Mary Benton will be named the interim Press Secretary. Thoughts on this news development ? PS: Darian Ward used to be with FOX 26 KRIV-TV Houston for many years.
  4. Foreign Consulates

    What about the Thai Consulate General Office ?
  5. Look who joined the NHMC Board of Directors:
  6. CBS 11 KHOU-TV Reporter Josh Chapin announced late last night on social media that he's bolting to the Tar Heel State. Although he cannot reveal where in NC.
  7. HarD Rock 96.5 (HD-2)

    Who's going to be the hosts ?
  8. Houston sightings

    Now half of the Lone Star State is freezing!
  9. Houston sightings

    Sofia Ojeda back doing the weekend morning newscasts on NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston.
  10. HarD Rock 96.5 (HD-2)

    Will it be well-received ?
  11. What are the odds of this being successful ?
  12. Houston sightings

    BREAKING NEWS: Sally MacDonald named Weekday Morning Anchor for FOX 26.
  13. There goes another one leaving Ch. 13... Consumer Reporter Patricia Lopez announced on her Facebook page that she's leaving the Houston ABC O&O Station on December 15th after 10 years. What's going on down there at Ch. 13 ?
  14. VicMan: Any new developments on Simmons' case ? HISD is stupid enough to do this!
  15. FOX 26 KRIV-TV Houston political reporter Greg Groogan reported that former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia (D) will run for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2 in the upcoming 2018 elections against 2-term incumbent Jake Morman [R]. How do y'all believe Garcia will fare against Morman ?