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  1. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    In the interest of balance if nothing else, I genuinely like this. I'll reserve final judgment until it's actually done, but I like its simplicity, its industrial materials, and its relative openness. This is not just a big solid block like so many parking garages.
  2. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    I mean, most of the new midrises and high rises are quite a bit cheaper than that, but that square footage number seems pretty arbitrary to me as well. I *do* think number of bedrooms is potentially an issue for anyone trying to raise a family, and I'm not sure there are there are that many 3 bedroom units being built.
  3. 6-story school downtown

    Wow. Criticizing a building, even in immature fashion, is not the same as picking on nuns. You can criticize a decision someone made without "picking on them."
  4. 6-story school downtown

    Ha! You have apparently never spoken to an architect.
  5. 6-story school downtown

    As has been noted before, this is an architecture forum. The entire point of this website is to examine, criticize, and celebrate architecture. And this thing is not infill. It it not making this site "more urban." This is one building replacing another. It is entirely appropriate to compare the two buildings, and, just because this thing is newer and (somewhat) bigger does not mean it is better.
  6. 6-story school downtown

    It's just a building; reverence is neither necessary or appropriate. This isn't a chapel, or a church, or a cathedral, or a temple, or any other sort of house of worship. It's a school building. An ugly, turd-esque school building.
  7. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    man, those green beans...
  8. HEB - Upper Kirby

    BUT WAIT!! Just hear me out. What if they were somehow able to acquire the Ashby highrise site??? They could create a perfect rectangle of HEBs! It could be its own neighborhood!
  9. HEB - Upper Kirby

    It's 1.5 miles from the Buffalo Speedway location and exactly one mile from the Dunlavy location. I'm not sure any neighborhood in Houston has the population density to warrant that many HEBs this close together.
  10. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    It looks like you can actually get into Skyhouse for cheaper, albeit with a smaller unit. The thing is, today's affordable housing is yesterday's luxury housing. It is very difficult to make new housing that's genuinely affordable to people. I actually think the DLI is great because it incentivized new housing in an area where it was unlikely to result in the replacement of existing affordable housing with new luxury stock. It just created more housing overall. It will be interesting to see how these buildings age. I kinda think the Skyhouses are the best overall - they're actually borderline affordable now, and, since they're not just stick construction, are likely to still be going strong well after their initial construction costs have been absorbed.
  11. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    oh dang y'all. Was not expecting this.
  12. In and Out

    Yeah their fries are seriously the worst. The burgers are decent, but bad fries are unacceptable.
  13. Every off street parking space takes away space for an actual business, residence, or other use. What is the negative impact of using on-street parking as much as possible? Again, if most people who live in the Heights have off-street parking (which has certainly been my experience) then non-residents aren't really competing directly with residents for these spaces. Not to harp on this, but I really think it's important. There has to be a reason for streets not to be "clogged up" with cars. Is it aesthetic? Is it speed? And is it a good enough reason to waste an existing resource and shift the burden onto individual businesses? Is it a good enough reason to exchange additional space for parking rather than an actual use?
  14. Why is limiting cars parked on the street a good thing? If there's street parking available than that's exactly what's it's for, and I have to imagine that the vast majority of Heights residents have off-street parking.