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  1. Capitol Lofts @ 711 Main St

    Hard to tell if I'm just responding to differing image quality, but the after picture does not really look like an improvement. The random pieces of wood seem like an obnoxious affectation to me.
  2. Henry Henke Building @ Congress and Milam

    I wonder if the generic name is a good sign or a bad sign. It could almost go either way.
  3. View of what? If they're looking at apartment buildings they can at least pretend they're actually in a city.
  4. Hawt strip mall action
  5. Reve At Montrose

    Wait, what? They're restoring this building to its original splendor? For real? How dare they restore my faith in humanity!
  6. New Park for the Southern Area of Downtown

    *whew* I'm just glad they saved that 1/4 block parking lot. That would have been a truly tragic loss.
  7. Capitol Lofts @ 711 Main St

  8. Midtown's a solid first step, I wonder if there's just an assumption that it will result in the least political backlash. The other obvious option to me is to tie it to the transit corridors, though that would leave out areas that could benefit, like much of Montrose and the Washington corridor.
  9. Houston Botanical Garden at The Glenbrook Golf Course

    I... completely agree with Ross. I'm scared.
  10. 615 W Gray

    That seemed like snark to me.
  11. Apartments would definitely be great, but that description and the developer's website don't give me a lot of hope.
  12. The Boulevard Project

    Also, during rush hour these buses will almost certainly be substantially faster than driving, and there people who live along this corridor. Even if they don't walk except from the station to their destination, it will be a tempting alternative to sitting in traffic. Or at least, it would be for me.
  13. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    Well, let's also keep in mind that "families" is not a homogeneous block. If your'e talking about a single income household with three kids? They're not moving downtown. But DINKs (married couples without kids, either because they're waiting or they just don't want children), couples with small children, empty nesters, even high-earning single parents - these are all "families" and they're much more realistic, at least in the short term. HSPVA could very well also help lure small families with teenagers. And 102, you keep moving the goalposts. Lots of new restaurants have opened or are opening soon, and plenty of them are perfectly appropriate for children. Local Foods is the most obvious example, but it's by no means the only one. As a kid I would've loved Conservatory, La Calle is quick and convenient but actually has a decent amount of seating, Jackson Street is great, the make your own pizza place at Skyhouse, and all of these places are NEW. These places are coming, but they're not going to happen without people coming to, just as the people won't come without these amenities. These things have to happen simultaneously, and they are, but it's not going to be overnight, so I for one will celebrate every new groundbreaking and every new business because each one is another step toward the Downtown I want to see.
  14. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    I am also curious what 102's strict requirement for a restaurant to be "family-friendly" are. Perhaps he thinks the mere presence of alcohol in an establishment makes it inappropriate for children.