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  1. Parking Garage to be built next to the Le Meridian

    well, the opposite block face will be fine. That's the real shame to me. One side if the street will be one of the nicest buildings in the city; the other side will be ...this. Hopefully those are at least retail spots though.
  2. Market at Houston Heights @ 1533 N Shepherd

    Eh, no. The best way to reduce speed is passive - design the street so that it is more difficult to go fast. Besides, a 10' lane width is not unusually narrow; no one was suggesting a Lower Westheimer-style situation. 10' - standard urban lane 12' - standard limited access highway lane 11' - weird compromise
  3. I mean, there are patios on Main Street with a 0' setback.
  4. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    Complain, complain. Where exactly do you expect people to deal their drugs then?
  5. Yeah, this project absolutely would have happened with less parking. This was forced on the developer by the city, and resulted in a lesser product than it needed to be.
  6. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    Eh, with exactly one exception they've all been moved before. I don't want to see them torn down, but I wouldn't object to them being relocated to a more traditional, street-fronting location. Maybe even Bagby itself.
  7. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    pretty sure that's just formwork...
  8. 5701 Washington Avenue

    I do *not* trust anything about this proposal. This sounds like another Washington Avenue special that will be open for maybe a year and then sit vacant again.
  9. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    Well, no, it would increase its capacity substantially. It would make it harder for people in cars to speed down Washington to get Downtown, but that seems like a good thing to me. You people have I-10, Memorial, AND Allen Parkway. You're fine.
  10. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    What's Canyon Lake?
  11. Meyerland Plaza

    Which is exactly correct. Cars can move. Car storage is exactly the kind of thing that should be put in flood-prone areas (if you're going to put anything there at all), rather than an actual use like housing or retail.
  12. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    It's a bit simplified from the drawings, but from the (I believe three) sets of imagery we've seen, this actually reflects two of them EXCEPT all three designs have had a clearly separated/differentiated northwest corner. Otherwise this is very much the design they've shown since at least as far back as 2015: http://www.hbginc.com/projects/multihousing-and-mixed-use/historic-texaco-building-apartments/#.VWbWZE_BzGc. I would also say it's pretty similar to a design we say in 2014 (not the one that shows up in the thumbnail):
  13. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    In the interest of balance if nothing else, I genuinely like this. I'll reserve final judgment until it's actually done, but I like its simplicity, its industrial materials, and its relative openness. This is not just a big solid block like so many parking garages.
  14. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    I mean, most of the new midrises and high rises are quite a bit cheaper than that, but that square footage number seems pretty arbitrary to me as well. I *do* think number of bedrooms is potentially an issue for anyone trying to raise a family, and I'm not sure there are there are that many 3 bedroom units being built.