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  1. Seeing this thread bumped up just pissed me off all over again. Not expecting anything great.
  2. I'm on Main St all of the time and have sat on the patio at Moonshiners, Bovine, ect a million times and have never had my dining/bar experienced ruined by homeless people. Every now and then someone will walk up but you just tell them no and they move on. Nothing serious. Now with so much foot traffic and people in the area, the homeless people tend to move away from crowds.
  3. Culture Map article 22nd floor private dining room
  4. I was out there last night. There was also a live band and huge private party on the pool deck of the Marriott Marquis that me and my friends managed to sneak / talk our way into lol This part of downtown is so active and lively now.
  5. Love it! The design fits in with the Theatre District and I remember reading a while back that they wanted a wine lounge of some sort. The video shows a steakhouse in the corner so I'm sure this will cater to both the lunch time and after 5PM/weekend crowd.
  6. Yea I was on the patio of Grotto Saturday night and the atmosphere was amazing with the Anime convention as well as the Astros game. I always wonder what people are thinking when they visit the first time to see how much the area has changed.
  7. I moved into 500 Crawford last summer and they still do the Friday night fireworks.
  8. It already looks old and outdated and should be demolished
  9. Geez. Hopefully this was reported to the HPD. I wish they would just blow this thing up. It is beyond an eyesore and dangerous to the public.
  10. This looks to be topping out. Finishing the 8th floor.
  11. Finishing up the brick on the east side.
  12. "New York-based McKinsey & Co., a global consulting firm, is relocating its Houston office to 609 Main, a company spokesperson confirmed to the Houston Business Journal. McKinsey will move into 36,000 square feet of space in 609 Main, per Colvill Office Properties’ Michael Anderson. Anderson, alongside Damon Thames, represents the building’s developer, Hines. McKinsey will relocate from 5 Houston Center, where it currently occupies 35,000 square feet, according to a McKinsey spokesperson and PMRG research."
  13. Fertitta Tower
  14. ^ That's an awesome pic!