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  1. Sorry for the poor quality as I took this from a distance. New sign is up and looks like the leasing office is ready to roll.
  2. I'm loving this developer
  3. 4001 Main St. - Isabella Condominiums

    I like it. Great for that area.
  4. This is an old article but hadn't seen it posted. It confirms that Irma's is moving to the Catalyst, which we kind of figured out, and the current location of Irma's here will be re-branded into a burger joint. "A retail tenant in the 147,867-square-foot building, Irma's Southwest Grill, was not familiar with details of the hotel plan. The longtime downtown restaurant is planning to move its Mexican restaurant concept to the Catalyst, an apartment tower under construction on an adjacent block. The new location is expected to open by December, Nick Galvan, whose family owns Irma's, said Tuesday. He said there are also plans to rebrand the existing Irma's Southwest Grill in the Great Southwest Building as a hamburger spot."
  5. Another one from their FB page.
  6. Saw this on the Aris FB page. The pocket park from above.
  7. Franklin + Milam: 10-Story Garage

    architectural masterpiece
  8. Sweet. This is another thread we can probably move to the Downtown section now that it is complete.
  9. I completely agree with this and just gave up on the discussion because I don't feel like going back and forth. Like someone mentioned earlier, if we focus on the trend of downtown and compare where it was a few years ago, where it is now, and where we are projected to be over the next few years then it is obvious we are heading in the right direction. I currently live downtown and there are no shortage of restaurants open and things to do after work hours and weekends. This was not the case a few short years ago.
  10. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    Love everything about this development and the 2nd floor patio dinning area. Looks like they are also removing the grass area that currently sits where the outdoor dinning area is next to the statue.
  11. My apologies, yes I am referring to street level restaurants as the tunnels are only there for the work crowd. With that said, most street level restaurants are open on weeknights and weekends. I'm not even going to bother to list them all as there are just too many. A few years ago this was a different story, but now with all of the new places opening up and more people gravitating toward downtown, we are definitely not short of places to go on the weekends with more coming online soon.
  12. Yea I was just about to say the same thing. I'm out and about all weekend downtown usually and I'm not really sure what's NOT open besides that chipotle, treebeards, Hubcap Grill, and the tunnels. I never understood why that Chipotle doesn't open on the weekends with it being right on Main street near all of the bars. They were open late Superbowl weekend on a Saturday and it was slammed. I get my taco fix from La Calle and its packed really late.
  13. 509 & 517 Louisiana to be Demolished

    Seeing this thread bumped up just pissed me off all over again. Not expecting anything great.