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  1. This looks to be topping out. Finishing the 8th floor.
  2. Finishing up the brick on the east side.
  3. "New York-based McKinsey & Co., a global consulting firm, is relocating its Houston office to 609 Main, a company spokesperson confirmed to the Houston Business Journal. McKinsey will move into 36,000 square feet of space in 609 Main, per Colvill Office Properties’ Michael Anderson. Anderson, alongside Damon Thames, represents the building’s developer, Hines. McKinsey will relocate from 5 Houston Center, where it currently occupies 35,000 square feet, according to a McKinsey spokesperson and PMRG research."
  4. Fertitta Tower
  5. ^ That's an awesome pic!
  6. I agree. They should name it Astroworld or something like that.
  7. We can move this thread to "Going Nowhere"
  8. Love it. Build!
  9. The downtown lot I'm dying to see developed is the parking lot on Main St between Moonshiners and Live Sports Bar. It's not a full empty block but there's only a matter of time. A mixed use apartment tower or hotel with retail would do wonders there.
  10. Yea I saw It as I really like the show. He also had an earlier episode with a company that supplied the benches for Grotto downtown and they filmed alot inside the restaurant during its construction.
  11. Apparently it was a trash can fire or something and there was no major damage. They will be opening tomorrow.
  12. I live 2 blocks north and ate at Grotto last week and it was slammed pack. Downtown in general has a lot more foot traffic these days and its really promising especially once all of the apartments are finishing up this year and more events and conventions come to town. I remember downtown dying a bit after the 2004 Superbowl but I feel we have way more momentum this time around. I hope I'm right.
  13. Osso & Kristalla is supposed to open tomorrow..... but they were holding a private event tonight and the kitchen caught on fire. The second fire at 500 within a few short months when Centerpoint was installing a new generator and knocked the power out for an entire weekend. The patio with tvs is cool though.
  14. It made it to the chronicle lol
  15. Supposedly, there will be a tower on the northern half of the block, but no one seems to know for sure what it will be.