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  1. Looks like the street grid is from the original plat for Rosslyn. You can see the old block book pages here: I glanced through them quickly but it looks like Rosslyn starts at page 163 through 221 First jpg in series: Last jpg in series: As you mentioned some of the street grid is still extant and some of the original grid is still in the current block books even if the streets are not there. This seems to be primarily in the area along Bingle between 290 and Tidwell where there are a lot of original property lines. In the old block books, you can see the original street names and the current street names etc. Orange is now Castlebay 11th is now Lumberton Evergreen is Tidwell 13th is Bingle etc..... Not sure why the streets were abandoned except to speculate that often, a street grid is platted but it never seems to take hold. Looking at the aerial from 1944, it looks pretty much abandoned even then. Maybe farmers consolidated the lots and used them for growing? According to the Handbook of Texas, Rosslyn had already lost its Post Office by 1917.
  2. Do you have 11821 Wilcrest? Maybe that wasn't in Houston City Limits in the 70's?
  3. Maybe they didn't officially rebrand the old Randall's Super Valu stores until they had to, which would have been 1966. Along the lines of Randalls #5 and #9 maybe the missing Super Valu locations are in Pasadena (as you suggested). Wonder where you could find 5 and 9. Old newspaper ad with all locations?
  4. So not sure this helps you or if you already have it or not but I looked it up in my city directories for 1966 and 1976. 1976 it lists 4615 Mangum as Randall's with Mgr Randall Onstead. 1966 it is NOT listed as a Randall's but as the Mangum Minimax. Here is the rest of the information on Randall's from those two years. 1976: Randall's Food Stores (no store numbers listed) 5550 North Frwy (Billy Young, mgr) This is PLAZA MINIMAX in 1966. Structure built 1960 per HCAD. 9448 Long Point (Harold Westbrook, mgr) Nothing at this address in 1966 11621 Katy Frwy (Cletia Rogers, mgr) Nothing here is 1966 either 4615 Mangum (Randall Onstead, mgr) This is MANGUM MINIMAX in 1966. Structure built 1956 per HCAD. (also had another listing at the same Mangum address as "super market" instead of "food stores" with Joseph R. Alexander as manager) 1966: Randall's Super Markets (Robert Onstead) No.1: 7528 South Park No.2: Not listed No.3: 10810 South Post Oak No.4: 6019 Bellfort No.5: 5714 Bissonnet No.6: Not listed No.7: Not listed No.8: 1633 S. Voss No.9: 6811 Bellfort The 1966 listings are the Randall's Super Value Markets since the new Randall's Food Market was only founded in July of 1966. According to Robert Onstead's obituary, they sold the original chain in 1962 to Hubbard out of El Paso. They changed the name to Food Mart and then Piggly Wiggly. Interesting that in 1966 it still shows up as Randall's Super Markets.
  5. There was a Randall's at 43rd and Mangum. It was in the wedge north of 43rd between Mangum and the RR tracks. The building is still extant and evidently it is now a school called the Mangum Education Center (according to google maps). The old school Randall's post sign was still in the parking lot in the early 2000s (I have a photo of it somewhere).,-95.4620966,622m/data=!3m1!1e3
  6. US Golf and Games? 10106 Thermon
  7. I don't know anything about the Big Chief chain but 1011 N. Main in Highlands was a Big Chief from the 60s until at least the mid-80s if not longer. I do have a vague recollection of them opening another location in maybe in Crosby or Baytown. It looks a little different now, but this is the building Google Street View linky
  8. Wow! Nice call on my quote! Yep. It's from Blockbuster. For some reason I have always liked that song. I may have over played my hand. Maybe not TOO much like Westbury Square, just a feel with the "old English" style, the clock tower, the second floor offices, and the little plaza areas in front of part of it. The second floor is still there, you can see the windows on the back side and they may still lease out some of the space, not sure.
  9. If memory serves, the original grocer at 18091 Upper Bay Road location (Nassau Bay Village) was Weingarten's. Cool center back in the day. Even had professional offices on a second story. It had sort of Westbury Square-ish feel.
  10. Let me unearth this old old old thread with new info from Swamplot... WOW! What a time capsule! Look through all the photos in the HAR listing. Looks like Tootsie's husband lived on until 2011 (102!!!) while not changing much and then the heirs left it alone as well.
  11. Nope. I am very creeped out. I was going to mention something but, you know, procrastination....
  12. Wondering if the OP meant Dart-Tex or dart textured bricks...
  13. From my 1966 Directory, Looks like it was at 1225 Broadway in Harrisburg. There was also another location at 345 w. 19th in the Heights
  14. Okay my 1976 Directory has this for Handy Andy: These stores that you already mentioned: #81 14610 Memorial #83 1407 S. Voss #84 9660 Westheimer (assuming the 1960 store was not included since it wasn't in the city limits then) It also lists these locations without store numbers: 6400 Westpark Room 340 (Corporate Office?) 9700 Hillcroft (I think this used to be a Rice in the 80s before Walmart) 12148 Gulf Freeway (I remember this as PharMor in the 90s, I can't remember what preceded it) These two do not seem to have the distinctive roof structure of the others from Google Earth 1977.
  15. What about the Southeast side. There was a Glen Echo apartments at 7939 Sarita. That is walking distance from the YMCA right off the Loop. The Loop would have been under construction in the late 60s. Milby HS is not too far north of that location as well. Definitely walkable.