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  1. So I'm assuming these buildings are lit up nicely just for the Super Bowl and will go back to being dark and bland right after?
  2. Well that was a pleasant exchange.
  3. Jeez, what a deadzone.
  4. The hole has been filled! Those back windows are gonna have a great view!
  5. Hasn't it been understood since day 1 that they would have to use eminent domain for some portions of folks weren't willing to sell? Not sure why this is being discussed.
  6. Now it's truly a "parkway".
  7. One can only hope.
  8. Fun while it lasted. Does Lufthansa still use an A380?
  9. Really a nice building. Only thing I can take away from it is how far back it is from the street, making it suburban in nature. But guess I can't expect too much with it being on a feeder road.
  10. Damn, that looks pretty sweet. Looks like something you'd see in DC.
  11. Soo much work to be done around Toyota Center but it's moving in the right direction for sure.
  12. True, but Houstonians did approve those lines, so if the plans change, at least give them a chance to vote on those change of plans. Personally I don't see the point in referendums, but Houston has already gone that route.
  13. That Hilton Americas has really aged well, beautiful building.
  14. Commuter rail is different than what I referenced, and I think it would be a good idea, but it'd take a lot longer to see the returns on that than rapid transit heavy rail. METRO has already have spent so much on the HOV network, I wonder if they should try to improve that service somehow.