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  1. Great post. I often cite the DC system as an example of why heavy rail could actually work in Houston. The system was built in the 70s, so it's not a typical example of "the only reason why rail works there is because it's 100+ years old." Of course, the system in Houston wouldn't be laid out quite like DC's, as DC's jobs are more centralized, but similar technology, if the system were completely built out, would clearly attain the most transit ridership.
  2. That paneling will age well... NOT!!
  3. Possibly, I probably shouldn't have said "long run," because we won't know whether this project is a "success" or not for decades after it's built anyway. It'd be idiotic to declare success or failure after a few short years. Huge developments will be slow to come regardless.
  4. Actually, our new CAF cars can only go up to 40-something mph. The way our light rail is constructed (sharing ROW, distance between station locations, etc.) means that the average speed for our rail system is going to be lower anyway. And that's not even mentioning the fact that heavy rail systems generate far and away more ridership than light rail. But yes, if our light rail was like St. Louis' system, it could work.
  5. It would be better if it had good mass transit connections, but I don't have faith that that will happen anytime soon. We aren't even close to having the airports connected by rail, and even so I'm not sure light rail is fast enough to make the connection attractive (I'd prefer heavy rail transit, but that ship has long sailed). Part of the attraction of rail is that it's easier to get to your final destination from the station than it is from the airport. I don't see that being accomplished here, NWM is far away from everything besides the Galleria.
  6. It appears to be, yes. Hopefully, it is a bummer though because the Galleria area isn't even that close to Northwest mall. Plus, there's the I-10 barrier. Hopefully it is still successful despite the less than optimal station location, then maybe we can think about extending it Downtown or Uptown down the line. They're probably related. I'm sure they'll put something in that area to compliment the station. It's just inconvenient to get to for folks outside of western Houston, and it's in the clusterthousand dollars that is 610/290/I-10 traffic interchange.
  7. Wouldn't say it's a waste of money (especially if it's privately funded, which I'm still skeptical of), but the decision to plop the Houston station literally in the middle of the wasteland that is the Northwest Mall area is highly questionable in my mind, and will limit the potential success of this project in the long run.
  8. Huge shocker there... not. Predictable response from short-sighted communities and their lawmakers. We'll see if the NIMBYs succeed as they have so many times before.
  9. So I'm assuming these buildings are lit up nicely just for the Super Bowl and will go back to being dark and bland right after?
  10. Well that was a pleasant exchange.
  11. Jeez, what a deadzone.
  12. The hole has been filled! Those back windows are gonna have a great view!
  13. Hasn't it been understood since day 1 that they would have to use eminent domain for some portions of folks weren't willing to sell? Not sure why this is being discussed.
  14. Now it's truly a "parkway".