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  1. And this is *not* how you do one lol.
  2. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    Now that's how you do a garage.
  3. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I'm not sure it makes much sense to not have a line that hits San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, Round Rock, Temple, Waco and Ft. Worth. Lots of ridership potential there all in a straight line.
  4. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Understood and agree with most of what you said. It's just a minor annoyance and I understand that the incremental cost associated with taking it downtown would likely be greater than the incremental return. Real estate is likely a large component of funding this project, and there's more "opportunity" at the NW mall site than in downtown. I really get all that. My only concern is that unless the train station is significantly closer to a large employment center than Hobby, many people will still opt to fly. If you have to schlep your way though 610/I-10 traffic to reach your final destination after you get off the train, what's the advantage to that over doing the same thing from Hobby? For Westerners it's better geographically, but the ideal location obviously would be a station in Downtown. Not only can you have the same garages with parking, rental cars and other ground transportation, but you also have the option of taking light rail or simply walking to your final destination, as there is much more within walking distance in downtown than anywhere else. You don't capture that market share if your station is outside of the city. I still support the project of course, I just felt compelled to point out the obvious shortcomings of the Houston station location (Dallas' is much better). It'd probably be more like 5 minutes. Acela takes only about 10-15 minutes to get from Rte 128 station to Back Bay in the Boston area, a distance far greater than NW Mall to Uptown. And this would be faster. It's supposed to be better than just an airport alternative. It has to be if this project is going to be successful.
  5. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Strongly disagree, this is a terrible location. If we can't even get light rail to the Galleria, what makes you think we would get it out here anytime soon? To be honest it doesn't matter that much, because most people would just drive to the station anyway, but there is definitely a market share of business travelers this won't capture due to the inconvenient location in Houston. If the station is in a random area of town, there's less of an incentive to take the train over flying. If you have to rent a car and drive wherever from the station, might as well rent a car and drive wherever from the airport. It's a shame because this is such a great project, but this is not a desirable area of town.
  6. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    Finally some development in this area!
  7. Yes, and it was passed, then Houston elected a mayor that intended to kill it, and he did.
  8. The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    Like the catch of the pigeon's wings mid-flight.
  9. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    Gotta say that parking structure looks really bad so far lol. Hopefully there's cladding or something.
  10. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Yup, they could just back up on the wye after making the turn instead of continuing to downtown. Probably won't happen but it's a neat idea, and certainly would be an upgrade over the existing Amshack.
  11. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I agree. It'd be much better if the site were consolidated with other transportation, like Greyhound and other buses and Amtrak. Much better to have everything in one place. Unfortunately, I don't think the Sunset route makes it all the way up to NW Mall. Also it being a private endeavor would likely complicate things with Amtrak. Maybe Greyhound can move their operations there eventually.
  12. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    That is incredible. Seems so rare for a building in Houston to have a really cool lighting scheme. Love it.
  13. Culberson and METRO reach compromise

    Looks like the ball's in METRO's court to come up with a new Richmond rail referendum. Although it looks like METRO isn't at all interested in building more rail anytime soon.
  14. A heavy rail transit system here would certainly be successful in my view. Much more successful ridership wise than the current light rail system. A few short light rail lines don't make much of an impact, but a faster heavy rail transit system that reaches out into the suburbs, much like Washington DC's system, would generate a lot of ridership. Regarding subway vs above ground, I'd imagine that only a few small portions would be in a subway (such as downtown, uptown, TMC) but most of it would be above ground. It'll never happen of course, but it's fun to dream.
  15. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't realize they were from different sources. I initially cited the 2010 US Census numbers that say about 5 million in 2010. Even so, calling Chicago a "failed city" is a bit of a bombastic comment in my opinion. It's still an extremely important city in the US and worldwide. If it drastically loses population over the course of the next several decades, then maybe it's a failed city.