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  1. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    Plugging along...
  2. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    A few more aerial/drone updates from 1/19/18... For Big Rivers Water Park: And for the broader project site:
  3. Holiday / Days / Heaven On Earth Inn (801 Calhoun)

    ^Elevated views via drone, around 12/22: https://youtu.be/Bzj3_M8YXvQ
  4. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    As all available at this PR page...: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/12/prweb15004124.htm
  5. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    There isn't much of anything on the north side of 242 just yet... apparently a functional water station not visible from the highway, and some recent, Civil-related activity on-grade has been spotted. Grand Texas really executed it's original series of press releases/conferences in Nov. of 2013. I recall there being some talk about their original Tomball location much earlier than that. PR/press remains inconsistent on any of the amusement venues in the region... - Adventure Pointe in Texas City all but stopped posting construction updates on their Facebook page. What's vertical onsite appears much less riveting than the original Downtown Disney-style entertainment district advertised. - Downtown Aquarium's expansion across Preston never developed further. - And the number of timeline updates for Grand Texas has definitely been frustrating. Right enough: Who really knows what will come about from this Groundbreaking?... The Virtual Builders' Exchange website posted this article back in early Oct., and a subcontractor commented on the Grand Texas "News and Rumors" Facebook page that he'd seen the construction documents around this time - https://www.virtualbx.com/construction-preview/25035-contractors-line-up-to-build-grand-texas-waterpark.html For what it's worth, I contacted Virtual BX back in Oct. regarding the $10,000,000 construction cost noted in their article. The gentleman who responded didn't really know where that number came from (I understand Typhoon Texas construction cost was around $45,000,000?)... Hopefully that $10 million number is way off, or not inclusive of the whole water park scope. We'll see...
  6. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    Appears GT has (finally) announced an official Groundbreaking event for Big Rivers Water Park and Gator Bayou Adventure Park: https://communityimpact.com/houston/lake-houston-humble-kingwood/arts-entertainment/2017/11/30/grand-texas-sets-groundbreaking-for-big-rivers-waterpark-for-mid-december/
  7. HMNS - Wiess Energy Hall 3.0

    Updated museum attendance report - See page 69 for HMNS' latest standing, Stateside: http://www.aecom.com/content/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2016-ThemeMuseum-Index.pdf (And three area water parks ended up in the top 20-attended in the States, including Typhoon Texas...)
  8. Latest overview: https://www.downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2017-10-12/171011_Development_Map__Renders_11X17.pdf Another interesting click, if you haven't browsed through this Development Map just yet...: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/houston-developments_57981#13/29.7541/-95.3417
  9. HMNS - Wiess Energy Hall 3.0

    Very neat preview, if you haven't already caught this:
  10. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    FWIW, The revised website for Grand Texas is up, but with little additional detail: http://grandtx.com/ Also, the mascot for Big Rivers Water Park and Gator Bayou Adventure Park has been revealed:
  11. Skyhawk Videos

    A slew of aerials from a channel I've followed for awhile: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJDag4ruCz0_usBKMVTFpg/videos Published on Jul 28, 2017 Houston ISD Delmar Fieldhouse the $35.2 million, 5,000-seat facility will host basketball and volleyball games and tournaments, as well as graduation ceremonies and other special events. The maple court floor is removable and expandable, suiting both the 84 feet required for high school games and the 94 feet Published on Jul 22, 2017 Houston park that for decades was the only one in the city that allowed black residents was rededicated Saturday after undergoing a $34 million restoration.
  12. HMNS - Wiess Energy Hall 3.0

    Yep... I want to go to there: