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  1. As a major coast-to-coast thoroughfare, I-10 is wholly inadequate right now for the trucking tonnage that it carries. Three lanes makes sense, especially if they could then restrict semis from one of those lanes at all times.
  2. It would be ideal if the city could tell private parties what they can and can't do with their money on the land they own. It would stop all these awful structures being built. I don't think there would be any disagreements, either.
  3. One of you should have bought the lot and slapped a supertall on it!
  4. Got any proof for these numbers?
  5. That's your problem. I'm the one who has been burgled and vandalized repeatedly, always when I parked in the rear of a restaurant (inside the loop). Feel free to take the space I won't be occupying. Consider it a gift.
  6. Every time I have parked in the back of a restaurant, my vehicle has been tampered with. No thanks. Now, if they built a rail line that had a stop in front of this place...
  7. Only $900K? I want two!
  8. Interior of the bank from UH archives <img src="" alt="" /> Also a short story about the demolition on p2 of this report --
  9. Doesn't bother me. I'm not paying for the privilege of using this site.
  10. You're not, unless you live in Katy ISD.
  11. A true accounting of the finances.
  12. It will never happen, but I would be very interested in an accounting of how much all this cost. And I don't mean the "perceived" value of exposure, etc. Hard dollars in and out.
  13. Welcome! Glad you could hop on board from Reddit. Lots of great and knowledgeable folks here with a wide variety of interests. If you have insight into any specific area, chime in.
  14. Alternatively, those of us who live outside the beloved Loop may do so because we can't afford anything reasonably nice closer in. I never minded my commute when I did it. It was so nice to come home to a peaceful suburb, it was all worth it.
  15. Hey! A 570sf studio for only $1800! Nice looking building, though.