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  1. Amazon HQ2

    The millennials I know would love to have cars. They just can't afford them due to crushing student loan debt. Just like Houston... Nashville has bus service. Indianapolis has bus service. Raleigh has bus service. I won't go on.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    Good. Didn't want to see Bezosillionaire get any tax breaks from us.
  3. 628 E 11th St

    Different likes for different, errr, folks. I would never eat on a restaurant patio, hate the very idea. Some people love doing it. I would rather park in front than get trapped in back, but if the establishment only cares about locals, go right ahead and hide a few spots in the back and count on a walk-up crowd. Diners are fickle.
  4. Good old South West Trains. Definitely NOT India.
  5. Amazon HQ2

    If Amazon wants to buy Hermann Park, we should sell it to them for $10 million an acre. Not one penny should go to subsidize anything Amazon wants to do here. Not one.
  6. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Ohhhhhhh.... Canyon LakeS
  7. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    A very nice lake near New Braunfels.
  8. Amazon HQ2

    The last thing in the world Houston needs to do is replace park land with some giant office complex. No.
  9. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    Rich to me = people able to pay $3000+ a month for a 1000sf place. YMMV
  10. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    Maybe for rich people. None of these are accessible to anyone in the middle class.
  11. Amazon HQ2

    Nice big space in the V between the 59 branches. Knock down Sears and Fiesta and everything else south of Colquitt and west of Eagle. Sell it to Amazon at fair market value, and then tax the crap out of them
  12. Amazon HQ2

    I wouldn't give Amazon a dime to locate here. Tax-dodging Bezos can pay his own way.
  13. Alley Theater Renovation

    I believe he was just pointing out your faulty assumptions, not making light of anything. Don't get wound up about it, just come up with something more accurate.
  14. Alley Theater Renovation

    20.6" in 35 hours over Westfield, TX. Houston reported 5.52" of rain. Satsuma in northwest Harris County had 16.49" of rain. Bayous were 52 feet above normal. The city's pumping station was unable to supply water for a few days and the city had no protection against fire. Buffalo Bayou at Houston 54.4 feet with 40,000 cfs. Buffalo Bayou at Addicks 85.6'. 2/3 of rural Harris County was flooded. Halls Bayou was over its banks. Spring and Cypress Creeks were out of their banks. This was in December 1935. Not a helluva whole lot of concrete to the west and north of Houston then, as far as I know. 30"-50" of rain is going to wreak flooding havoc on ANY city.