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  1. Who is protesting? I'm just disagreeing with you, because I think you're wrong.
  2. You're a liar, apparently, since you did just call me a name. Look, I know you probably are deeply in love with your idea of a perfect "downtown" filled with soaring skyscrapers, etc. It's also possible for others, i.e. me, to prefer development to go in another direction. Architecture isn't just about BIG buildings. I find great joy in a perfectly designed farmhouse and well-thought-out neighborhood of affordable homes. I wish the city government had spent as much money on revitalizing areas where poor people could still afford to live, but that's never going to happen when developers are the ones keeping the politicians' pockets lined with cash.
  3. Take away the tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies, and it likely wouldn't be. You guys all seem to have hard-ons for downtown to be Manhattan Southwest. I would like to see it fade away into being just another part of Houston. We will never agree, so I will leave it at that.
  4. You seem to be unclear on the whole "jogging" concept. Most runners I know (hundreds) really prefer to have long, uninterrupted stretches to run on. Stopping every hundred yards kind of defeats the purpose. But hey, whatever kills downtown, I'm all for it.
  5. Main as a pedestrian/jogger/biker path, exclusively? Ooooooookay. Only 30 or so cross streets to navigate. That's gonna be one helluva joggus interruptus.
  6. Identity of a building in a 1920 photograph

    That's gotta limit the walkability somewhat
  7. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    I drove by there Thursday. Wacky looking building, but I really like it so far!
  8. I guess if you can overlook the fact that most of it was built by slave labor, it's wonderful.
  9. Why does chron have fake news :( is the actual newspaper site is a clickbait version that they use to make money
  10. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    If you think this is going to happen without the eventual infusion of taxpayer dollars, you're deluded. Elon Musk's space ventures aren't trying to invade on private property, AFAIK, so I don't care how he wastes his money.
  11. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I'm in favor of a good old bloody fight to the death over this useless boondoggle. Plus, I hope many of you lose your homes and property in similar fashion. You know, just to be fair
  12. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    No way on earth they should be granted any eminent domain relief for a private venture. As long as the landowners in the countryside between here and Dallas don't want this, it won't and shouldn't happen.
  13. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Even better, the train will eventually be powered by unicorn wings. This project will not happen for many years, if ever.
  14. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Name it "Boondoggle, Never Gonna Happen" station.
  15. Manhattan has 1,100 off-street parking garages and 100,000 spaces in outdoor lots.