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  1. 19 N York Street

    I like the idea that Victorian's will have a 'permanent' location on the East Side. There are several places to get good bar-b-que in the city but there is always room for another good one. No pun intended. I also think it is great Joey Victorian will be able to use pecan wood on the site for smoking meat and that there will be a shipping container bar. I'm in a playful mood this Friday afternoon so I am also pleased I will be able to "watch meat get sliced on-demand." I can just imagine going into the restaurant and telling the person behind the cafeteria line to "Slice some meat!" I will probably even buy it and eat it. Really, most bar-b-que restaurants I frequent work in just this way. Perhaps the copy editor for Food Finder needed a few more lines to fill space.
  2. Near North Side Projects

    Not necessarily. It is probably easier to exit onto Sharman Street than Cavalcade especially so close to the major intersection with Fulton. If I were driving into town I would exit the complex turning south on Sharman then take the next street east toward Fulton. I that way I wouldn't be at the mercy of someone on Cavalcade letting me into the queue at the light.
  3. and even high end homes do not generate the property tax and sales tax income that commercial development does.
  4. Boxer Property Purchases St Joseph Professional Building

    Don't forget potato chips.
  5. How surprised Are You.....

    It looks like we are on our way to a great 2018 season as well. Hopefully the strengthening of the bull pen will pay off. One can hardly ask for a better season than last year's but a repeat WSC would be wonderful. BTW, my parents' house took on water in Harvey so they bought about $4,500 worth of furniture from Mattress Mac to replace some of what they lost. Guess what? Free furniture! Go 'stros! and thank you, Mac, for supporting your community.
  6. Refer back to my post on May 25, 2011. A swamp cooler is essentially what I described on the '48 Buick. Air was cooled as it passed over evaporating water. That is way it works best in a dry climate. Swamp cooler seems an inaccurate name then because I've never been to a swamp with low relative humidity. The small towers usually seen behind houses up until the early 1960s were indeed part of a true air conditioning system. They were scaled down versions of what larger commercial buildings still use today. Whatever the refrigerant used, be it a halogenated hydrocarbon, ammonia, or something else, it gets hot as it is compressed. Just as modern systems use a fan blowing air across the piping to dissipate some of the heat the older systems used water to 'take away' the heat. Having the water fall down the slats of the tower allowed the water to give up its heat to the atmosphere and repeat the process. So the water cooled the refrigerant and the tower cooled the water. The process of compressing gas then letting it expand until it reaches a greatly lower temperature is called the adiabatic process. It is one of those aspects of physics I find fascinating. In modern systems the water is treated so it does not promote bacterial growth such as Legionella species.
  7. Bott's dots in Houston

    I don't remember when but I think I know why. They just don't stay put. I imagine the force of a 4000+ pound vehicle hitting them at 70+ mph eventually breaks them loose from the pavement. They are adhered with a very good adhesive but can only take so much. Cars and trucks are much heavier these days and we probably drive faster too.
  8. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    I rode past the now closed Sears on Main about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. There was a truck in the parking lot on the north side of the building taking core samples. That can only mean someone is thinking of erecting a structure on the site and needs to know the soil conditions to design the foundation. Exciting!
  9. Thanks for posting that link, Skyline. I do remember that map. The Kock building was known as Innova at one time. I know that there have been different property managers of GWP over the years and perhaps a sale or two. Maybe that is what accounts for some buildings no longer being included in the development. At any rate, the proposed development at Alabama and Buffalo Speedway looks really great. I hope it is realized much the way it appears in the rendering.
  10. Miscellaneous grocery store questions

    Ms. Levit, thank you for posting. I do understand and I appreciate deeply how amazing it was. Jamail's wasn't just about a great grocery store with excellent merchandise. It was the experience one had when shopping there that came from the care and consideration the employees had for the customer. That attitude came from the leadership down to everyone who worked there. Isn't it interesting that phase "customer experience" has become popular lately. At one time that then un-named concept existed in many places and was simply the way things were done. No label for it was needed. Kaplan's Ben-Hur was another such place.
  11. Old man yelling at the clouds - that's me. I come by my fixation on grammar and punctuation honestly; I had the "meanest" English teachers in school you could imagine. In this case I think it was just carelessness but really! The error I find most frustrating is not only the misuse but misunderstanding of "its," a possessive without the apostrophe and "it's" the contraction of "it is." That is closely followed by the use of "their" as the singular third person possessive instead of "his" or "her" but I've pretty much given up on that one.
  12. I just watched the video. Very nice and eerily realistic (except all the people seem to Anglo and nothing else). I do wonder why "caninos" (first letter not capitalized) is on the gable end of one pavilion. Is the family still involved? Where naming rights sold with the land? Keeping that bit of tradition does not upset me though. I like it One thing I will bring up, since I'm on a grammar tear today, is the signage at what must be the main entry and which reads "HOUSTON FARMER'S MARKET." Why is the possessive of FARMER'S singular and not plural, i.e., FARMERS' ? Is there only one farmer?
  13. I do like this rendering. Maybe I'm too picky but the single word "apart" means separate or different from as in "Keep those two dogs apart; they do not get along." If Twitter1 is asking if the development is a part (a constituent of) Greenway Plaza I would say no. It is interesting that Twitter1 put quotes around "apart." Maybe he or she was just baiting someone like me, a grammar obsessive/compulsive. I also share confusion about which buildings are and are not a part of Greenway Plaza. The residential towers west of Timmons have the 77046 zip code and I was told at one time that Phoenix tower was not a part of GP but was apart from it.
  14. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    According to a June 2007 entry in this same thread there was a Samperi's on Telephone road at some time. My mother was an educator in the Aldine district at one time and she spoke of a Therese Samperi who was a high school principal and whose family had a delicatessen but that is all I remember. Frank A. Mandola owns and operates Mandola's on Leeland. His son, Joseph is playing an increasing role in the operation of the restaurant. I love their spaghetti with Italian sausage which they make right on the premises.
  15. old car dealerships

    Bill McDavid Oldsmobile and Autosports Ltd. (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, TVR, and possibly others) on the Gulf Freeway. The showroom on South Richey was Timmers Chevrolet. Before Timmers it was Boyd Mullen Chevrolet. Here is the dealer name plate on a 1967 Chevelle seen recently at a car show.