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  1. National Flame & Forge Site

    Some activity on this site, at the corner of 25th and Nicholson. Appears to be a 6-pack of townhouses, with a shared driveway taking access from Nicholson.
  2. 628 E 11th St

    That site appears to have been completely cleared of its previous contents. Not sure what's planned for the site.
  3. 300 units means ~400 parking spaces. Not sure why you'd want to put a 400-space surface lot in this area.
  4. The Victoria (829 Yale St.) 8-Story Residential Building

    So, Fisher and his web of LLCs and other legal entities became either illiquid or insolvent. His lenders attempted to foreclose (August 2016). Fisher sued, alleging bad faith in the structure of the loans (September 2016), and asked the court to restrain the foreclosure sale (which it did). Much legal wrangling ensued. A number of Fisher's entities declared bankruptcy (Jan 2018), at which point the case was removed to federal court. I would expect the site to remain in its current condition until the bankruptcy gets resolved and the property is sold to another buyer.
  5. Market at Houston Heights @ 1533 N Shepherd

    Demo permit for the bar (13) issued today. Still haven't seen any info on tenants.
  6. Church's Chicken @ 2702 Yale

    I think it's because if they built to a 5-ft building line it would require 10 more parking spaces.
  7. Church's Chicken @ 2702 Yale

    Not sure I understand the 25-ft setback. If the parking is in the rear, as this site layout shows, CoH will let you build closer to the street.
  8. 2805 White Oak Dr

    I believe it's the current parking lot, plus the wooded area between the parking lot and the bar fka Jimmy's Ice House
  9. Laneways are basically Narrow Streets for People.
  10. I saw the Little Creatures logo and chuckled. I've only been to the one in Freo, but apparently there's another outside Melbourne. The Crafty Squire is also a brewpub in Melbourne.
  11. Yes. The taxable value per acre of those areas is undoubtedly far less than the high-density residential neighborhoods surrounding them. Big box retailers have a financial incentive to build as shitty a structure as possible. A land value tax would make big-box retail a lot less economically viable.
  12. The bungalow getting is currently getting subsidized by being underbuilt on valuable land. The city is paying for upkeep on roads and sewers and water lines and storm drainage, the cost of which scales pretty directly with acreage (or street frontage). A bungalow appraised at $700k is consuming the same amount of that infrastructure as the new-build appraised at $1.5M or the 6-pack of townhouses appraised at $2.4M, and is therefore receiving a tax subsidy from its denser neighbors.
  13. 2805 White Oak Dr

    Could be even higher. Footprint is around 7200 sf, which wouldn't be much more than 24 spaces per level. I would guess something like 80-ft high, unless they do something like this.
  14. Feature not a bug. Would make it much less economically viable to keep a surface parking lot in a high-value area.
  15. 2805 White Oak Dr

    They'll have to. Can't get a permit without demonstrating adequate off-street parking (also would put the businesses across the street out of compliance w/ Ch 26).