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  1. Fiesta at 23rd & Shepherd Closing

    Ground breaking has (apparently) been scheduled for October 24th. Actual work will still have to wait for permit approval.
  2. It's good, but it could be better. Get rid of the double-row of surface parking in front of the HEB. In fact, since there's all that structured parking, get rid of ALL the surface parking. Then you can make the RoW's of the internal streets much narrower (say, 20 ft), with retail on both sides, and restrict a lot of them to pedestrian (plus emergency vehicle/delivery) access. With narrow RoW's, you don't need street trees, since buildings provide the shade. That lets you get rid of the stupid, useless street-side "green space" that no one uses and put in actual park space that people DO use. Why you would put in 140-ft right-of-ways in a pedestrian-oriented development is beyond me.
  3. Exxon Mobil Brookhollow sold for retail

    Drive down any freeway in the city: it looks like that. Only thing different is the shape of the parking lot.
  4. Salmex Car Lot Turned Treadsack Restaurants @ 1801 N Shepherd

    Pretty low bar for great architecture. It's an L-shaped building w/ a metal roof on a site that is 75% parking lot.
  5. Jozzie's Mobile Park Home @ 1040 - 1046 Allston St

    Is that a 2nd story, or just a really high ceiling? How is this situated on the site. It looks like large setbacks, but I don't see any cars in the rendering,.
  6. It does. It also bumps out in the East to include the soccer stadium. Elgin is only 6 more blocks south.
  7. With the additional density added to this area in the last several years, it's time to extend the CBD's exemption from parking minimums at least to Elgin between Bagby and 59, if not the entire "crotch" between the Spur/Bagby and 59.
  8. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    People in need of affordable housing were not the demographic DLI was hoping to attract. Also, commercial rents kind of establish a price floor below which it doesn't make sense to build residential. If a developer can get $30/sf for Class A commercial space, that's roughly the equivalent of $2500/month for a 1000-sf apartment. As residential and commercial rates fluctuate relative to one another, the mix of new development should shift accordingly.
  9. HEB - Upper Kirby

    The Dunlavy store is drawing from Rice Military and parts of the Heights as well as Midtown and Montrose. When the Washington and N Shepherd stores open, it should slack off a little.
  10. Braun to redevelop 4721 N. Main

    If you ever find yourself overly confident in the wisdom of crowds, check out Tripadvisor's ranking of the top restaurants in Houston. The top 10 consists of 5 steakhouses (including 2 churrascarias), a grocery store, two Peli Peli locations, and Uchi. Underbelly is #39 Xochi is #172 Coltivare is #309 MF Sushi is #443
  11. 110 S Heights Blvd

    The list is fine for what it is, but it tends to favor the lone-genius pitmaster over the restaurateur who can provide quality at scale, plus great (and interesting) sides, plus a clean dining room, and maybe even dinner hours. Eating brisket with your fingers off of butcher paper on a picnic table is a great experience, but sometimes you want a knife and fork. What's great is that there's more high-quality barbecue available to more people now than ever before. Also, I'm convinced people in Austin just like to wait in line for the sake of waiting in line. The great Houston bbq joints have really modest lines, if any, and the local outposts of Tatsu-ya and Hopdoddy don't seem to generate the wait times that the Austin locations do.
  12. 110 S Heights Blvd

    I really, really hope this succeeds, but this is a huge step, and won't be easy. That's a big building with (I presume) expensive rent, and everything Truth does at its currently location will have to be scaled up several-fold to fill it. Doing that while maintaining quality will be their biggest challenge. One of the things the TM list of best BBQ doesn't take into consideration is accessibility. I'm sure Snow's makes awesome barbecue, but only a relatively few people will ever experience it, since they're only open 3 hours per week. Franklin is open 6 days a week, but unless you can commit to starting your wait for lunch at 8AM, it's not an option, either. They should have a list of best places where it's actually feasible to have a weekday lunch.
  13. Chippendale Eastlake Antiques?

    Will compete with the vegan ice cream place opening two doors East.
  14. Chippendale Eastlake Antiques?

    Urban Float is apparently a sensory deprivation spa, where for $89 you will be able to float in a tank of salt water for an hour.
  15. 2200 & 2222 YALE ST

    The visibility barrier that (I presume) the city made them put on the south wall is hideous.