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  1. I'd guess the windows covering the garage will be opaque enough that it would be impossible to see if it was kept.
  2. I would think all that really matters is what Class A+ vacancy looks like (and potentially hotel/resi demand is).
  3. This is incredible. Hope it gets built. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4339282/The-incredible-U-shaped-New-York-skyscraper-unveiled.html
  4. You might be, but I'll buy it! Are they in a race with Skanska and Linbeck?
  5. What else on the garage needs finishing?
  6. All he meant was retail.
  7. Again, an Elon Musk built tunnel might make the costs competitive to an at-grade line. Might. Would be worth exploring if/when he gets it running.
  8. Doesn't ring a bell, sorry.
  9. UK blowin up! I like that nickname!
  10. Interesting, there's also Newmark marketing a Regent Square in Pittsburgh. http://looplink.pittsburgh.ngkf.com/ll/19923066/1101-1103-S-Braddock-Ave/
  11. I wonder if the cost of an Elon Musk tunnel/subway would be comparable to at-grade light-rail line? That, I think, would make the business owners much happier.
  12. If decision makers aren't already reading HAIF, let your voice be heard about your opinions on downtown and take their survey! http://www.plandowntownhou.com/participate.html One of the things I liked is giving us the chance to map out our routes via foot, driving etc and showing which are our favorite streets and blocks.
  13. I couldn't find anything on this. Please merge if it already exists. Looks like it could be nothing. But I'm betting Hines at least owns the land. I thought I remember hearing they were planning a project in Midtown. http://www.studiodupuy.com/urban-design/ The images I copied and saved are too big, but they're at the link. Trying to get photos on HAIF is so annoying.
  14. observation tower in Buffalo Bayou Park. Nice idea and renderings. Can't copy and past images. http://paulbaut.com/?/prof-projects/observation-tower-houston/
  15. Images aren't coming up for me. They hid it incredibly well from the north side. Are your photos from the east and south side?