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  1. I agree. Will rents be too high for current vendors?
  2. As did the Chron.
  3. One thing about In N out that makes them kinda special is that all their food is fresh. There are a lot of Californians that migraged to Houston. I think they'll do just fine.
  4. McGuff reported on Hoffman reporting it: http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2017/06/charlie-pallilo-1560-kgow-espn-975-kfnc.html
  5. Per Ken Hoffman on twitter a few weeks back, Charlie is going to be on 1560 Strange though that the Chronicle hasn't ran a story on it yet.
  6. I have not kept up with this thread, but are there others who are severely underwhelmed by the tower portion of this project?
  7. Was that taken early in the morning? It seems this won't have much shade except at that time and also late afternoons.
  8. They do. But I think self interest is a big reason as to why they're making this so nice, since so many of their properties surround it.
  9. Still not a single piece of real evidence.
  10. Can you please point out where I said or implied that I ignored those outlets? Also looking forward to anyone commenting about architecture.
  11. You realize the entire main stream media just had a year-long run on a fake news Russia story. The main stream media regularly reports false information and runs with false narratives that are easily verifiable. Regardless, that is not the topic of the thread. I'm interested in the content of what he said and discussing that. Any comments about the second presentation?
  12. Please share a photo of places in Houston that you enjoy to walk. Here are a few downtown that are my favorite and some that are underrated. MAIN @ MCKINNEY This is not a good depiction of the actual space. But walking along the sidewalk, the cafe is nicely tucked underneath the building. MAIN @ RUSK Smells, sounds and looks great. The inlet for valet parking takes away some sidewalk and I'm sometimes forced to walk on the curb, but it's worth it. MAIN @ CAPITOL Actually, I like the entire stretch of this building. Again, the restaurants set within the garage/building make it a nice setting. MAIN @ Texas Need I say more? LAMAR @ FANNIN This is actually a nice open space. These are just a few examples. Please share yours. It's sad that none of my favorite places to walk are at our landmark skyscrapers.
  13. I came across these videos that I'd like to share. I'm sure most will disagree but I think it could start a good discussion. Maybe my favorite quote from the second video is the "remedy for mutilated urbanism" is a "nature band-aid". Other quotable quotes: "One of the problems of the fiasco of suburbia is that it destroyed our understanding of the distinction of the urban and the rural. We're not gonna cure the problems of the urban by dragging the country into the city" "Stop calling yourselves consumers. Consumers are different than citizens. Consumers do not have obligations, responsibilities and duties to their fellow human beings." Please not both videos are NSFW (language).
  14. One of the main reasons for the gaps is this viewpoint is perpendicular with the grid, so naturally the towers will hide behind one another. You probably already knew that though since your criticism does seem to be directed at the viewpoint itself.
  15. Aren't all three of these Houston buildings? It looks like DG tower in the back, with Chevron on the left and a tower I don't know the name of on the right.