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  1. What this means to me is another pocket of high-rises is coming to this dead end at w. Gray. Residents of this tower will like that Regent Square is right around the corner...eventually.
  2. I feel like No Parking signs and a strong towing enforcement would solve the issue, as you would say, in theory.
  3. What about other parts of the city?
  4. Reading this article on a "car-free" apartment tower planned for Austin, it mentioned that the city had eliminated the parking requirement for the downtown area. My question is, what if Houston did that, how would developers and the market react? Developers would build them if the market demanded it, is my assumption. It would be death to their project if they didn't. Is a parking requirement simply redundant to what the free market already enforces? We don't require two-car garages in the suburbs, do we? Thoughts? Show me where my blind spots are. Referenced article: http://www.mystatesman.com/business/story-car-free-apartment-tower-planned-congress-avenue/GipIXIKxm5L9QS1BB8bl7I/
  5. Does project encompass the entire piece of land from Dallas to Allen Parkway?
  6. Elon Musk technology to the rescue?! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-02-16/elon-musk-is-really-boring
  7. The first floor interior of the southwest corner of the building is finished. Very sleek inside. The first floor eastern side is still under construction.
  8. Can only tell from one side where the parking garage is, and it's not ugly. Is it gonna be underground? Or did ZC just did that good a job of hiding it? ZC does nice work, but I wish they would have hired an architect from one of their other projects. Those are very nice buildings.
  9. So nice to see a thinner tower going up.
  10. Not sure if true, but I heard the NFL was not paying for the extra police, and I'm guessing there were some. That's probably a small piece of the pie, though.
  11. There was no NFL Experience?
  12. But why was everyone on Main last time? What was there to do besides eat and go to clubs?
  13. For those who don't frequent or work downtown, there's a "downtown team", I can't remember the official name, that blows whistles when the train passes and answers questions anyone has. I asked one of them today how it went and he said not as many people were downtown as he expected. I remember seeing a low aerial view of Main Street last super bowl and it was PACKED. Wondering why it wasn't like that this time, or was it? Last SB I wasn't here, where was the "discovery green" location where everyone hung out?
  14. Saw one, too. Have y'all heard passing comments by visitors? I thought I heard someone say they thought it was a cool city, but I'm not for certain I heard correctly. I'm curious if we have it again in 10 years where they'll have the pre-week festivities. Really hoping all the blocks they used this year will be occupied by buildings by then. Lastly, nice chron article on the opinions of some: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Super-Bowl-regulars-give-Houston-high-marks-as-10908871.php?t=20cb3e0094438d9cbb&cmpid=twitter-premium
  15. I don't see any reason why Fertitta's tower won't be successful. Is the residential portion rental or ownership? Condos and retail are by far the most difficult to have success with. I would guess the most difficult part of a true mixed-use project is finding the right site. Things always seem easier on the surface, though.