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  1. True, I recall the same thing. There is probably documentation posted earlier in the thread.
  2. I agree, that rendering doesn't make any sense, even from the Dallas/Fannin perspective, in my opinion. ...unless you meant, west?
  3. It seems the intent was not to have a pattern.
  4. When referring to CBD parking, I'm assuming you're referring to buildings without their own garages? Newer buildings come with them. I'm not aware, do they not have enough parking for all of their employees? If my assumption is correct that buildings w/ garages that have enough spaces for all their employees, that's one less factor they can check off their list. So theoretically, if this was built downtown, it would have enough parking spaces, no?
  5. The U.S. economic report that came out a few days ago shows retail nationally is doing awful. http://www.businessinsider.com/retail-job-losses-are-hurting-the-economy-2017-4
  6. Yes. Are they typical? Does this one just stand out more or not all buildings have them?
  7. That vertical concrete division is interesting. Anyone know what that is?
  8. How do y'all think their market square resi tower next door plays into their plans for their chron tower? Would they view including condos/apts on their Chron site competition to their Market Square tower or a compliment to it? Adding mixed-use and/or resi to the Chron site could make the entire area, including the market square tower, more attractive.
  9. I guessed they just didn't build any garages but I didn't know the ones underground were so small. I've seen the old downtown aerial shots with tons of parking lots, so I'm guessing they relied on those? Were there many on the west side of DT because they seemed to be mostly to be everywhere but in that NW quadrant. Which leads to my assumption that today' potential tenants will simply not accept a lease without a garage?
  10. This is almost like getting a supertall. Do we realize how rare this is? Should get an award for best/most underrated project of the year. On the subject of garages, I'm puzzled that our 80's highrises had more land (maybe more land is bad assumption?) but did a better job with the garages. Now we have less room and developers do a crappier job. Doesn't make sense.
  11. All the buildings look like they came from the "Houston Potential" thread or an aspiring artists personal webpage. The best design in my opinion is the lowrise with retail.
  12. Is the Chase Tower garage the one east of the tower across the street? The gray building.
  13. Market Street tower pool made it on Drudge via http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4395260/Texas-block-glass-bottomed-rooftop-pool.html
  14. I secretly liked some of his honesty when he was with 610 and thought he was often right, but I've tried him in his return but just can't get into him. His sidekick was cool at 610 but is his laugh track at 790.