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  1. An entity that owns many other empty downtown lots and goes by the name, Golconda Venture, owns it. http://arcweb.hcad.org/parcelviewer/ Also, I'm not sure how much has changed, but here is a map I made some time back showing which properties they own. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16VtKhvVZ9-ja1SeB0cfbG3LOhI8&hl=en_US&ll=29.7497960558403%2C-95.36606800000004&z=16
  2. It's like a super (duper) mini Dubai.
  3. There was a modern pattern painted onto the southeast side walls today.
  4. Skanska should be ashamed of themselves for building that garage. I can't believe it looks like they're going to keep it that way even once the tower is complete. Someone please tell me I'm wrong. That's a Class F garage.
  5. I really like that.
  6. What I'm hoping happens is that they'll have a great view of soaring towers toward the south/south-west. Lots of potential over there.
  7. So thankful this was shot down. Way too 80's.
  8. There are a lot of families walking around downtown the last few days, and not just around DG. I'm guessing because of Christmas break and maybe the bowl game at NRG. I can't wait until it's the norm. They make the atmosphere more enjoyable.
  9. Did they run out of time and money when they were designing the south side? North side is above average.
  10. Even with the monstrous garage, its looking pretty good. Would look 10x better without it.
  11. This had a much bigger presence in person than I expected.
  12. Loving this place driving south on 59 coming from downtown. It has exceeded my expectations. How is it from the street view for those that have experienced it after completion?
  13. Its staying. I talked to a demo worker and the subway manager. First floor demo I saw is for a tenant who is moving in because they will demolish the office tower and replacing it with something new. The lower level and garage are staying, according to the demo worker and subway manager. just checked and culture map had an article on this in 2012 but the plan was to renovate not demolish. Maybe I misunderstood or the guy was wrong. Second edit. Per the Culture Map article, the downtown management district was only tenant left, so it seems they are the ones moving to this space in the garage.
  14. There was a demo team working this morning, and already accomplished much, inside the space of the northwest corner of the old Foleys garage. Sorry if if this has already been reported and its in the wrong thread. It was the first Foleys thread Google provided.
  15. Is the tower on the left the new office design or is that an existing building? The base for the hotel doesn't seem a little oversized for the tower portion to you guys?