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  1. Houston Aerials

    the first night shot was sweet
  2. I don't know if this project is under appreciated, but these are a set of great looking buildings. Definitely living up to the renderings.
  3. Parking Garage to be built next to the Le Meridian

    There's nothing wrong with making money, but when it's the only thing and the community isn't taken into consideration, it's a real shame. This is a sad project.
  4. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Sorry if I brought anyone false hope with a new post, but I saw this and thought I'd share. My friend works for this company and they've been working on this site for a while, so it's nice to see an active verb on their website used to describe RS. https://www.cobbfendley.com/regent-square/
  5. I don't think the flight path is anywhere near this location. I live about 5 miles south of this and the planes go right over my house. That being said, I'll be shocked if anything like these renderings happens.
  6. If there was one empty lot left in downtown, I'm sure we'd still get a 35-story podium haha
  7. Does Hines use multiple different architects for office projects? They use Pickard Chilton a lot, right? I wonder what their crowned towers look like. Edit: A few: Houston knockoff (current fad) https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/canal-place Japan https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/y2 Gag me https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/pinnacle We know these, nice, of course https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/four-seasons-place What could have been, The Woodlands https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/town-center-district
  8. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    So the renderings you posted are updated? the street names seem to be new, too.
  9. One day we will have a western view.
  10. Westheimer Flea Market @ 1731 Westheimer

    Two of them, actually. One was on the parking podcast and the other on the subject of this thread.
  11. Westheimer Flea Market @ 1731 Westheimer

    Yours among other comments in this thread were quoted in Nancy's Looped In podcast.
  12. Totally misrepresented my statement. I'm not for flat roofs, I'm against copy cat designs. This one, Amegy and Hine's all even slant the same direction.
  13. It's nice and I like the rounded corners, but is the slanted roof quickly becoming the newest generic design for Houston?
  14. Parking Garage to be built next to the Le Meridian

    It's just a garage, I think. No retail or plans for a tower on top.