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  1. You're right they do have some issues with the location and I'm really not real excited about fracking under one of the most beautiful natural swimming holes and aquifers in Texas. But they will figure all of the technical issues out and the Permian Basin has taken off again with the development and use of new technologies. They're able to make a profit off under $50.00 a barrel prices so I can't see them waiting too long for production to start for Apache.
  2. I know this isn't where this goes but I wanted everyone to see it. This starts at 12:00 on KUHF 88.7 Sounds like an interesting topic that I thought everyone would like to hear. Houston Matters gets underway today at noon on 88.7FM or listen online. Join the discussion at 713-440-8870, or @HoustonMatters If the future of Houston design was left up to the next generation of architects and designers, what would our city look like? It’s a concept Houston design firm Gensler is exploring with their “next-gen” group called ByDesign.
  3. This works well playing off of the existing Methodist Hospital Research Institue, with curving charcoal colored, curtainwall, and limestone base. This inner circle of the med center anchored on Bertner, by the circular McGovern building with its twin water walls, and forms the hub surrounded by the bastions of the Med center, Baylor, St. Lukes, Methodist, M.D. Anderson and standing like a glass jenja game is the neurology building. If you haven't been through this part of the med center in a while you should check it out. Also as you drive in on Magregor you get an incredible view of the med center with all of the new buildings really giving it a much denser feel. I like the way the St' Lukes towers are backed by the new Texas Childrens addition and fronted by the new Methodist and the MD Anderson research center that was funded by the sheik. I can never remember the name of it. Its multifaceted with a nice green glazing and interesting window detailing.
  4. You'd think with the huge find that Apache made with the promise of billions of barrels of oil and gas in the Permian basin Balmorhea area that they would go ahead and build that nice 30 story tower we saw renderings of two years ago, and are still up on the going up page overview. I think it would be a nice addition to Post Oak and create a continuous wall of towers along that side. Does anyone have any insight?
  5. Thats not exactly true. It will be visible from the southeast on 288. I go over 288 at Magregor and from that angle it will be visible and on the Allen Parkway side of the bayou there will be another view of it. It will be the backdrop to Pennzoil from the west. I looked at images of our skyline and there are several places where you can see the Pennzoil and the block to its east which is where this building is going. Its really just a few feet taller than Pennzoil and surrounded by 50 and 70 story buildings so its not going to change the overall skyline much but it will create a denser and more varied texture to those views I mentioned.
  6. Because it doesn't have a seat. Sorry, But its almost comical that something hasn't been done about that eyesore. I drove by it this weekend and it gets worse each time I go by. Especially from the southern elevation. Philip_ White and Hindesky need to do some serious photo and drone work on this and maybe we can get someone in the city to finally wake up and get the owners to clean it up. I cant believe that the curtains are still up after twenty something years of vacancy.
  7. interesting report. Thanks for sharing. It looks like it slipped down to 9th. They were up in the top five a couple of years ago. Its really a nice little jewel, and I especially enjoy the mineral collection. I could look at them all day.
  8. Its also one of the top 5 museums in the United States in attendance.
  9. Just watching the video got me wanting to go see this new exhibit. Quite a production and the exhibition hall looks stunning. This is a fabulous improvement to the petroleum exhibition space. Can't wait.
  10. They might even follow Heritage Plazas lead and design a garage that would eventually be structurally capable of handling a skyscraper. My source said they could possibly look at that plan for a short term money making solution. He wasn't sure about it but it has been discussed. This is across the street from Hines, Texas Commerce/Chase building, so it will be interesting to see how they respond to the tallest building in Houston. The juxtaposition of two supertalls would create an interesting mass. It would also put a lot of people on the streets in a two block area. Fortunately the parking for Chase is on the Main street side so the cars wouldn't all be emptying on to the same streets.
  11. My comments were not doom and gloom. I don't know if you work for the chamber of commerce or Houston First, but all I suggested is fairly well factual. All of those companies have either left down town or relocated, and that is not good for commercial real estate. Ask SWTSIG and some of the others who work in the downtown market. I've talked to several commercial real estate execs and they don't think the picture is rosey right now.
  12. In my books 38 is young, and you sound jealous. It takes a lot more than cash to be successful. Sometimes you have to have vision and follow through. I've known trust fund babies who squandered it all, and did nothing of value and are left with nothing to show for all of that inheritance.
  13. I think that the Hines Caroline/ Southmore high rise and adjoining apartments will make this a more desirable area for growth.
  14. Ok, it might have been worse in the late 70's 80-s when all of the skyscrapers downtown came on line, but its almost as bad. It's sure not the type of real estate climate that makes a savvy developer go out and say hey lets build another 65 story spec building in downtown because I have the land and I think Houston needs another skyscraper to appease the Haifers. We lead the nation in the highest office vacancy rate. Exxon is gone, Shell is moving out, Continental United is leaving Allen Canter, 609 is coming on board. not to mention all of the smaller bunches of empty floor space. My point is this is not the time you build another spec building especially when you have a 50 story tower your just about to open.
  15. This part of midtown holds so much promise for the future with the wheeler station in the middle of it. This six block area has the potential for a major mixed use project. Now if they could buy out Fiesta.