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  1. I had an opportunity to play with an Oculus last night and one of the first things I did after I figured out how to use the joy sticks was to tour Houston on Google earth. It was amazing first to watch the buildings start popping up out of the ground all around me and to fly through the different parts of town. The med center was amazing along with the galleria uptown and obviously downtown. At one point I was trying to tilt and rotate and found myself getting a little queasy. It was an incredible experience and when I zoomed out eventually I was observing the earth in the Universe as if I was floating out in space, and I was standing ion the middle of it with stars, planets, and the milky way, all around me 360. What an incredible device. The drawing in three dimensions and the ability to grab the object and rotate it and render is fascinating. But I loved seeing the city in 3D that way. What a tool for working out spatial issues in urban planning. I was blown away.
  2. In all fairness if you look at the aerial photo in their gallery it looks pretty much what you see when you look from above. There is a little pocket park type area just across from this project so the rendering is fairly accurate. It is a very small park though, more a big corner.
  3. Drove down Yoakum yesterday and they have started the demo on the main church and the building across the street has been demo'd. Big changes coming for AOS.
  4. If they would follow the lead of the parking lot behind he Icon hotel, and plant vines like jasmine or some other fast growing hearty vines on the hurricane fencing at least it would add some greenery to contrast with the brick color of the concrete. Everyone needs to send this image to Bob Eury and ask him what's wrong with this picture?
  5. I don't know about impressing visitors with walkable streets. I just want the midtown neighborhood to have as great a retail and service related presence as the Rice village has, which in my opinion is the most walkable neighborhood in Houston. If they put in a couple more residential towers and a couple of boutique hotels and a grocery store in the Village, you wouldn't need a car. Especially if you worked in the med center, at Rice U. or Greenway Plaza. You'd have to find a way to work but those three areas are all on bus lines. The more GFR the better for the future. Skyscrapers and GFR can co-exist.
  6. My visitors are chauffeured in big black limos when they come to Houston to visit.
  7. OK so this is just to hire a design build firm for only the infrastructure, i.e. the storm water drains, streets, electrical duct banks, gas lines and water lines. Not the actual spaceport. Just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page. Only if they iron out their questions for the latter sub phases. At least thats what I get out of this invitation.
  8. Who said we didn't have hills?
  9. Who said anything about a dog?
  10. They built Wildcat golf course on top of the old Holmes rd. dump. I'm sure at some point they'll design something for Mt. Trash. We were at the Hilton Americas the other day and you can really see it very clearly from that location. Its amazing how tall it is.
  11. I'll take it. Hey its a skyscraper in Midtown. It will be the first skyscraper in Midtown, and it tightens the Downtown -TMC link. I have no doubt its going to happen, just faster than I thought. If we gat the Caydon and the project being considered for the Museum district at the San Jacinto and Southmore intersection, then Katy, bar the door.
  12. Isn't it possible that they are getting busier and perhaps needed to add more help. I would imagine there is a project manager for every job.
  13. I really like this development and the fact that its mixed use and two towers all on the same podium makes it much interesting. Mark my word this is really going to alter the southern and southwestern views of the med center. Its massive in scale.
  14. Well it is but they won't start building those new spaces until the roadworks finished so I think it will take a couple of years for the dust to settle. I'm having a senior moment and cant remember the name of the little hamburger place I believe on Genesse. Is it closed or just taking a vacation. I have a friend who lives right in the middle of all of it and he is constantly dusting and sweeping.