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  1. I don't think Chevron has any interest in starting a new tower in Houston right now. The oil industry has not reached its comfort zone yet and they are still just treading water. The downtown market needs to absorb some of this sublease space thats available in the millions of sq. ft. We have one new tower built out and one under construction with lots of empty space in them. I'd be surprised if Linbeck starts construction up near market square until they have a couple of players ready to take multi floors.
  2. welcome my dear HAIF, to the NEW TEXAS!

    I believe thats the new Ellsworth Kelly pavilion
  3. Definitely. Maybe we can get them to throw a HAIF party. I'll let you know.
  4. I hope this works out for them. Mike is my cousin so I couldn't really say much until the article came out. Its in a really good location in Mid Main across from The Match and Ensemble Theater plus right on the rail and in the middle of everything.
  5. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Hey, it just gives me more room to roam and less pedestrian traffic to deal with at the lights.
  6. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Because 90% of downtown pedestrians walk underground.
  7. Details should be coming out in HBJ soon. Id post the notice to sell alcohol image I was sent but can't. Big Mike Entertainment LLC, is the name of applicant but that's not the name of the pub.
  8. Six Houston Center

    Theres plenty of open space for more supertalls in the future. The shorter 30 -40 story buildings do wonders for the infill and give the city a much denser feel. We'll get those supertalls in another cycle. It would certainly help for the energy market to heat back up and if Houston is going to continue to grow and be one of the global player in the distant future were going to have to get the energy companies to diversify a little more and start buying up some of the alternative energy commodities of the future. They need to face reality. Even if we don't run out of fossil fuels the world is continuing to change their energy commodities.
  9. Build out for a new beer & food pub to be located in the Mid Main complex has commenced.
  10. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    This project strikes me as being done on the cuff. Sort of a go fund me kind of nickel and dime stop and go debacle.
  11. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    Nice images Hindesky.
  12. Its still up tonight. It's an amazing machine! If you have the time you should go by tomorrow.
  13. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    They're adding a third crane to the new museum addition today. There were six 18 wheelers in the procession last night onto the site. We were stuck at the light while they were escorted in by motorcycle police . Passed by this morning and they had three sections of tower up and had part of main street closed . Big red crane lifting yellow sections.
  14. Is this taking forever or what. It seems to have much more lathe and plaster on it than I thought they were adding especially on the lower floors.
  15. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    So DC Partners is Randall Davis's main investor. I some how missed the relationship. I too hope it doesn't get Alessandrized.