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  1. Was this in one of those big houses that got torn down, where the Townhomes are now? Have any pictures?
  2. wow maybe there was plenty of feedback
  3. Avondale is just at the beginning of trying to secure a wall for a mural painting
  4. I can hear the soapbox squeaking as I step up on it again but the whiff of sour grapes propels me to mention that the 11th hour is NOT the right time to whine about how unsuitable the results were from the lower Westheimer traffic study and the only way to fix it is the immediate intervention of the MMD ( and their valuable insight) :/---- really? Public input from ACTUAL residents isn't enough to give this study support?
  5. I don't want to confuse arm twisting with regulation making but the lower Westheimer traffic study wasn't something that just popped up in 2017- that the study has an attachment to CIP money is an indication that it had been in the works for a few years IMO So COH must have know about it when this developer first came to the city. I'm not sure when the COH ad hoc committee was begun to direct development of store fronts on streetside and parking in back- but it seems surely they must have overlapped. If that is so, I wonder why COH missed this opportunity-- just as I think they missed an opportunity with Paul Qui's restaurant --- doesn't anyone in COH departments speak to each other?
  6. If COH can't start this piece of development to be storefront next to street parking in back.....which piece of proposed development will they start with?
  7. But maybe I should have asked about their proposed piece of public art to replace the M statue that was taken down 2 years ago... that Westheimer traffic study showed that small median at Bagby, Westheimer and Elgin as a Metro stop. Will those 2 things be possible on that small space?
  8. I wrote at how "Underwhelmed" the residents along Lovett blvd were concerning the improvements of the medians there-- Besides cutting down trees with out a permit and all that hardscape ( how does beautify?) that people stumble on-- the total look is so suburban. And Yet again the plans for the medians from Buffalo Bayou to Mecom fountain are the same shtick :/
  9. Dear Community Stakeholder – The Montrose Management District needs and requests your feedback. We want to make sure we are providing the best services we can for business owners, residents, and all those who work and play in the District. Please take our brief survey to let us know about your experience with District services and the Montrose neighborhood. If you leave us your email address, you will also be entered to win one of (4) $25 gift cards to a Montrose-area business to thank you for your time. As always, we would appreciate it very much if you would share the link with your friends, colleagues and neighbors. To learn more about the District – www.MontroseDistrict.o
  10. secretly I wish for a pipe organ pizza.
  11. Wonder why store front not next to Westheimer. Parking would be in back. That is new trend COH is pushing for. years ago I had heard this plot owned by same family as historic house in back, and was going to demolish that house for parking so a big Steak house restaurant could go in.
  12. Complete.........but not finished....... Dear Community Stakeholder – We wanted to share with you updates regarding the bridges over Hwy 59/69. You may have noticed additional testing and perhaps some outages of the bridge lighting. As is the case with any innovative project, some issues were encountered during installation that have caused some sections to malfunction. The project is still under the direct control of TxDOT and their contractor, Third Coast. The contractor is working as quickly as possible to get all sections functioning. The Montrose District special projects team is also working with the contractor to address the issues. We expect that we may encounter a few more intermittent outages, as we planned and budgeted for with TxDOT. Currently, the contractor is working through the punch list period towards the certificate of final completion. The expectation is for this process to conclude by the end of the third or fourth quarter this year. As always, we would appreciate it very much if you would share this information with your colleagues, friends and neighbors so that we can reach as wide an audience as possible. To learn more about the District and our work please visit Thanks!
  13. When COH presented the first results of lower Westheimer traffic study to Neartown it was stated that improvements would be funded by CIP that has the money designated for that. This could be why the study was limited in focus to strip of Westheimer from Main to Montrose, knowing that the Midtown Management District along with Midtown TIRZ had previously improved Elgin from Main to Bagby with better sidewalk, planters etc so little needed to be done to that section could be why it is labeled "lower Westheimer" instead of "Elgin Westheimer" these CIP projects really take a long long time so the CIP funds could have been designated years ago for this project. As a side note in the 12 years I've lived in Avondale, I've observed their Civic associate put forward CIP projects each year-- -- sending representatives to all associated COH meetings--- but none were ever granted. The lower Westheimer project is within Avondale, long time residents tell me, no City improvement was ever done within their memory. about funding for Alabama improvements.... I have no information.
  14. A relief of sorts I guess In my own experience none of COH Departments talk to each other so when one dept gets orders to spare park.... the other dept might not get the memo
  15. The Montrose TIRZ hasn't started yet- but Lower Westheimer goes into design phase in Dec 2017 after review of public online comments