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  1. Was Southland Hardware location sold to developers?

    Hmmmm guess I should have waited- A ND post says Hardware store not going anywhere..... guess I'm jittery since the flea market thingy. :/
  2. Yucatán Taco Stand

    Moderator edit: User trymahjong created new thread entitled "Yucatán Taco closed? Is that a weirdly bad luck location?" It seems hard for restaurants to be successful at that Montrose location.
  3. 10 cool things about Houston in the 1980s

    Reading this made me think how much I miss the pipe organ pizza in memorial city...... what happened to that pipe organ after that place closed. another memory sparked a small restaurant La Grenouille Verte out in Memorial are, where we'd go to celebrate an anniversary. but also the number of people who just stood at each intersection downtown, the light would change and no one moved just stood there. Oh and the number of mounted patrol downtown.
  4. I read a post about this on my nextdoor site------is it true?
  5. Best neighborhood for gay families?

    Wow I hope I can be the voice of caution---- friendliness of neighbors might not be enough for a successful transition if the school your kids attend is a zero. Maybe a little research on quality schools, then do the pros and cons of each neighborhood.
  6. Requesting New Forum in Houston Neighborhoods Section

    With the completion of Emancipation Park, the designation of Emancipation Blvd as an " economic cooridor" and Mayor Turners promise of special monies set aside for third ward improvements......a stand alone category would be a good thing. There should be many new things that come up for discussion.
  7. Will COH ban single use plastic bags

    The discussion continues- Read the editorials in today's chronicle
  8. Bars and clubs in the 70's

    Was this in one of those big houses that got torn down, where the Townhomes are now? Have any pictures?
  9. The Montrose Management District wants your feed back wow maybe there was plenty of feedback
  10. More Murals Found

    Avondale is just at the beginning of trying to secure a wall for a mural painting
  11. The Montrose Management District wants your feed back

    I can hear the soapbox squeaking as I step up on it again but the whiff of sour grapes propels me to mention that the 11th hour is NOT the right time to whine about how unsuitable the results were from the lower Westheimer traffic study and the only way to fix it is the immediate intervention of the MMD ( and their valuable insight) :/---- really? Public input from ACTUAL residents isn't enough to give this study support?
  12. 120 Westheimer

    I don't want to confuse arm twisting with regulation making but the lower Westheimer traffic study wasn't something that just popped up in 2017- that the study has an attachment to CIP money is an indication that it had been in the works for a few years IMO So COH must have know about it when this developer first came to the city. I'm not sure when the COH ad hoc committee was begun to direct development of store fronts on streetside and parking in back- but it seems surely they must have overlapped. If that is so, I wonder why COH missed this opportunity-- just as I think they missed an opportunity with Paul Qui's restaurant --- doesn't anyone in COH departments speak to each other?
  13. 120 Westheimer

    If COH can't start this piece of development to be storefront next to street parking in back.....which piece of proposed development will they start with?
  14. The Montrose Management District wants your feed back

    But maybe I should have asked about their proposed piece of public art to replace the M statue that was taken down 2 years ago... that Westheimer traffic study showed that small median at Bagby, Westheimer and Elgin as a Metro stop. Will those 2 things be possible on that small space?
  15. The Montrose Management District wants your feed back

    I wrote at how "Underwhelmed" the residents along Lovett blvd were concerning the improvements of the medians there-- Besides cutting down trees with out a permit and all that hardscape ( how does beautify?) that people stumble on-- the total look is so suburban. And Yet again the plans for the medians from Buffalo Bayou to Mecom fountain are the same shtick :/