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  1. YepI heard a "Cowboy" theme was being tossed around..... for the mining company. I guess, I was hoping for ideas on something retail for that part of Westheimer, as there is little other distractions for those walking towards their dinning experience other than paint or mattresses.......sigh
  2. Yep i was just daydreaming Maybe I should have wondered - what would be the best thing to go inside a renovated " Mining Company" on pacific.......
  3. So quasi cultural? Maybe my expectations should rise and hope for an art and music venue. Something where all the outside walls are covered in murals.
  4. 29 parking places ? Well now I might understand why the lower Westheimer traffic study proposed on street parking in the 300 block of Westheimer ....... no one at the Q&A (at Neartown meeting) could understand that part of the proposal and none of those attending wanted on street parking at that location-- the on street parking in the 1600 block of Westheimer is another story. When the presenter was asked if COH has a committee that "actively" seeks new retail that would build close to street with parking behind; the presenters answer (yes) seemed a bit sheepish. Now I can see why.
  5. Hmmm wow that would be a good idea
  6. What do well in that building? I have to say- if this is just brainstorming- I'd like to revive a pipe organ pizza place at that location. It might be just the thing-- the 300 block of westheimer is the proposed cafe table and chairs "oasis" that the lower westheimer traffic study alludes to.The Montrose Management district Special Parking District speaks about "sharing" parking lots with businesses that close at different times- so the parking at the Paint Store and the Mattress store could be shared.
  7. The "what ever reason......" Before 2006 Avondale members( yep I was one of them) went door to door over the entire area within the boundaries of Avondale asking property owners to sign off on Historic Preservation that essentially only protected properties for 90 days ( the plan was to try to talk developers out of razing historic houses) after 90 days the owner could do whatever. Many property owners in different parts of Avondale signed up-- but only clusters of properties could be considered as an "Historic District" some signed properties couldn't be included, this the Avondale district of today. But truth be told, not many businesses housed in Historic homes signed up on Westheimer, because of the preconceived hassles that might lie in store after the 90 days. an odd note: COH current rules on Historic Districts prohibit added additional properties that abut existing districts from being added to the Historic designation district.
  8. COH did a brief presentation at the Neartown Meeting. Biggest discussion was need for lighting to be lower, live oak and pin oak trees are not options that residents want, and parallel parking on westheimer that might or might not have parking meters. the On street parking by the clothing resale apparently is given a by but the parallel parking in the 300 block met with a negative reaction. Instead many suggested that space be used for cafe tables chairs and planters. Pull in parking on side streets was also suggested as an alternative. Also so learned that COH is actively seeking new businesses for that part of Westheimer that would put the storefront directly by street with parking behind. public feedback is still being sought.
  9. Sorry I was relating what someone at COH told me- I guess I wasn't skeptical since I've experienced quite a few times of the Metro bus being so close when I drive beside it that I get "pushed" over the centerline into oncoming traffic- I learned my lesson and now NEVER drive side by side on that part of Westheimer.
  10. One statement at the presentation that left me sort of gobsmacked. route 82 the Westheimer route has the largest ridership those buses are 10.7 feet wide not including the side view mirrors and how wide are the lanes on that part of Westheimer? 11 feet. So all the movers and shakers at Metro and COH couldn't project those two measurements might lead to dangerous traffic situations?
  11. The drawings of the proposals run from Main to Shepherd, however, the CIP money ( already designated) that will fund the proposed improvements will probably only include Westheimer from Bagby to Montrose. For myself, I am contacting the site and explaining that I don't want on street parking on that part of Westheimer---- I have faced plenty of snarlups with on street parking down by the Empire cafe. I think a better alternative is the pull in parking on designated side streets.
  12. I think Avondale Civic is hosting another presentation at their May 4 business meeting upstairs at The Womens home 7 pm
  13. planning/transportation/CMP/lowerWestheimer/
  14. I went to the presentation with perhaps 40 or so stakeholders. Nice presentation that indeed did show significant changes for the the Westheimer blocks from Montrose to Bagby. I had thought 4 lanes would be turned into 3 lanes but really it's only 2 lanes with an occasional left hand turn lane and "cut outs" for the metro buses to leave main lane when picking up riders. It seems that there are less bus stops and .... actual parking spaces on Westheimer itself.
  15. Guess those interested have a chance to catch up--- open meeting April 20 multi-service center on Gray