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  1. New park/green space 424 Westheimer

    Ellen Cohen hosted her annual district C update meeting last night. Lisa Johnson, division manager of Parks/CIP related that the pocket Park (424 Westheimer) will go forward as planned with completion in 2019. This was good news as rumors circulated that it would be postponed and used as a staging place for COH machinery used in Lower Westheimer Renovation. Both of these projects were completely funded before Harvey. The lower Westheimer renovation will be pushed back a year.—- Many funds from COH projects were diverted towards Harvey stuff apparently—
  2. It's being converted to several apartments?
  3. Anyone have any updates on what all the construction is about
  4. I was searching for a forum for postings on 3 rd Ward — guess it’s still in works? Anyway I was wondering if there was any information on new construction at NW corner of Rosewood at Emancipation?
  5. Hi

    could you give me web address about adding properties to existing historic districts. I live in Avondale.



  6. Old LULAC clubhouse will be restored

    When did that happen? Recently? Do you have more information?
  7. Old LULAC clubhouse will be restored

    THere were lots of oldtymers there and many stories of popcorn machines, pool tables and insight family events. As a side note— I am glad the house is being saved, if the house was built in 1907, the same year Avondale was platted, it would make it one of the oldest structures within Avondale. It is a shame that historic properties can’t be added to adjoining historic districts, Historic Avondale East boundary stops at Baldwin street. I’m not sure but being inside an Historic district and renovating the property used to 8nclude tax benefits.
  8. Old LULAC clubhouse will be restored

    Went to the celebration ceremony of old LULAC clubhouse at Bagby and Anita. American Express donated a little over 100k 5o kickstart the renovations. I love it when little bits of Houston History are saved.
  9. As far as the price difference for customers.......the luncheon menu is good till 5 pm- so if patrons go early and order from that and 30% taken off bill.....maybe the cash outlay might be close to the same. Will patrons go that route. No idea.
  10. Is the Montrose Management District in trouble?

    Big article in today’s Chronicle.
  11. A sign on the door states reduction goes to 30% off at end of this month. Not sure reason- maybe food prices went way up- or maybe participation went way down and wasn’t worth it anymore?
  12. Michaelangos Restaurant @ 307 Westheimer

    Sigh that huge tree was torn down along with that building-- nothing but empty lot now.
  13. El Felix " Mothers" house torn down

    The little pink house on Grant street across from old El Felix has been torn down and cleared away. I was always told it was built for Felix Tijernia Mother some time in late 40's?
  14. Fairview District (Fairview & Nason)

    From what I heard- the developer asked that the Montrose TIRZ lines be redrawn to include this development.
  15. Is there a building downtown that has a glass elevator attached to an outside wall?