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  1. 102, it sounds like you're confusing growing numbers with actual growth and spending. Etc... Regarding what I'm personally talking about...I'm referring to what our CEO has told us directly about the Medicaid cut impacts to us.
  2. Actually I'm published and do work on the clinical side daily (currently working to integrate AI to do a better job at predicting outcomes). While you seem keen on Trump, I suggest you look at the outpouring of healthcare orgs against the current house (and current Senate) bills. Yes, healthcare is doing great following Obamacare. That's what you're seeing. Trump has literally done nothing yet other than introduce uncertainty in the healthcare market.
  3. Healthcare IT Architect here. Those growth numbers are due to growth under Obamacare. They've started to slow hiring recently based on uncertainty in the markets with Trump. If the Senate Bill passes, we've already been told that the Medicaid cuts will have a detrimental impact on our business. You clearly are clueless when it comes to the reality of the healthcare landscape.
  4. I don't think I've been this excited about a building in some time. It could have some incredible views from it and really change the landscape of how the TMC skyline moves south. Really hoping it's not some bland box.
  5. Any renderings for this available? I'm coming up empty on my searches.
  6. Do I get a prize for starting one of the most active, long running threads?
  7. Kind of disappointed. Those photos look like carnival rides off 45 that would be setup in a random parking lot.
  8. I agree about those parts. I was defining TMC as the main hospital system areas. I'm down Southwest of TMC and agree even s main has tremendous potential.
  9. Residential on the outskirts makes tons sense, but not on the interior. Our response times could be negatively impacted by throwing other types of visitors/traffic in the mix. Also, the TMC is going to start getting taller (hence this project added 19 floors on top of an existing 6).
  10. They must have found my old posts on here from 2013 . I've been arguing for this design for a long time and am glad to see it coming
  11. That's a large hole. Would that be for retention/lake?
  12. Not sure if this needs another post but thought it applied here...
  13. Houston needs this. At work (I'm an IT Architect at a big hospital in the TMC) we're starting machine learning to analyze data of our patients and get into predictive models to better treat them. Data science in healthcare alone has the potential to change the world and Houston should be at the forefront. It wouldn't surprise me if we get to a point where (based on your vitals and data alone) we can predict when you're in danger of a medical emergency occurring so that we can preemptively treat you (or improve staff response times). Turner + any other Houston should rally around this for the UT land location given its proximity to the TMC and potential benefits to our economy.