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  1. Not quite sure why they portrayed Buffalo Bayou at flood stage
  2. 403 West Gray

    Went there a couple of times. Biggest issue was that the price points were a bit high for what you were getting. Paying $40-$60 a person for an entree and a drink or two is a bit excessive when you're experimenting with a place.
  3. Future International Routes Out of IAH

    Huge news.
  4. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    We still built where we knew it was going to flood. That's a direct result of development policy.
  5. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Doubtful. In fact, it'll likely go the other way - proven not to flood in the worst circumstances known so far.
  6. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    You're dead on, but the idea of cheap, low density development is too close to the heart of why a lot of people prefer living in Houston compared to other areas. It's a tough nut to crack.
  7. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I'd imagine METRO replacing the NWTC with a multimodal center at NW Mall would be part and parcel of the project, a way of Texas Central reducing its buildout costs and using public funding without taking any direct subsidies. And Amtrak isn't the biggest concern with creating a new station there - you'd have to be sure UPRR were on board with any interference to their trackage in the area. I'm not sure Amtrak would want, or be able to build its own passenger siding at the site.
  8. One thing METRO could do is partner with a taxi or ridesharing service and subsidize fares to/from rail stations, to be (partially) recaptured through the fare box. Even if it is mildly exploited by people not going to the station to use the train, it gets people in the mindset of taking shared modes to transit-oriented nodes.
  9. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    Amazon just snapped up Whole Foods. Wonder if that changes anything about this project?
  10. Agreed. I'd be fine with a portion of the SkyPark plan if the caps were fully funded. They are not, so I'm opposed.
  11. Looking at old topographic maps, it appears that it was just "Airline" before East Montgomery was renamed to Airline Rd, at which point it became "Steubner-Airline".
  12. Yep. You'd have redlining and neighborhood segregation like in Chicago, New York, Boston and Philadelphia around the turn of the last century, but you wouldn't have the mass exodus to newly manufactured suburbs with big, sprawly single-family houses if everyone was still relying on the trolley to get around, and no one could afford a house because 10-15 year mortgages were too expensive. Edit: you also wouldn't have the leaded gasoline that led to the massive crime wave that convinced many/most white families to pack up and get on out of the city.
  13. White flight wouldn't have happened without cars, freeways and subsidized 30 year notes.
  14. Yep. "Airline" used to be a pretty common word for what we'd call a "beeline" nowadays, and even that term is falling out of use. Airline Highway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is so named because it followed straight lines between towns, rather than the curves of the Mississippi as the previous highway had done.
  15. Spur 527 to be sunk?

    It's not so much the zipper merge that's the problem, it's the unsystematic and unpredictable way in which it's done right now, along with the weaving from the Shepherd entrance/HOV exit. I agree that a soft barrier should go up about where the Shepherd ramp merges onto 59, but that Kirby entrance would still cause weaving issues.