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  1. Washington is coming together more cohesive little by little
  2. Nice
  3. I think they should build a convention center hotel over the freeway on the convention center side.
  4. What's gonna happen with the right away north of 610?
  5. I bet it's their EcoPark used car dealership.
  6. I wonder when are they are gonna start on the mainlanes?
  7. They're about to put a Dicks Sporting Goods in one of the strip centers on Post Oak.
  8. I think the only way the University line should happen if it's in subway form.
  9. I may be wrong but it doesn't seem like you will be able to view the skyline once everything is trenches.
  10. If you say so.
  11. I agree with you on the Washington part it doesn't seem like it's a lot of cohesiveness in that area. But I will say it's coming together.
  12. I think if this got built it would probably one of the main shots of downtown instead of that weak one from Buffalo Bayou.
  13. Well I guess that makes sense