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  1. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Long given up on this project. Even if major parts of it ever manage to come to fruition it will never be as cohesive as it was originally visioned to be.
  2. giving 404 error

    HAIF wasn't loading for me all day yesterday either. I didn’t get an error 500 message, just a blank page.
  3. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    The freeway cap park is not even a sure thing, nor is it technically part of the freeway project. I believe it’s just an “idea” as you said, that TXDOT threw in the renderings to mainly mask just how awful the project really is. Long ago, I admit at first glance, I initially thought this was a smart project and really liked the idea of the freeway cap park. But after really thinking about how the widening will negatively affect EaDo’s progress/vibe, cutting off access to the East End and the likeliness that the cap will probably never be built, I’ve turned completely against it.
  4. 4503 Navigation Blvd

    Any idea on what it is being renovated into?
  5. Lockwood @ Harrisburg

    Demolition and jackhammering work has picked up again considerably in the last few days. Surveyors were seen two days ago closer towards the back, middle of the empty lot. I’m not entirely sure but this may possibly be for the Lovett parking garage mentioned in a transcript of February 2017 East End Managment District meeting. The garage would serve both transit riders and the coming Baker Ripley employees.
  6. Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    Too bad that atrocious garage above it looks like one giant A/C condenser.
  7. Why Flood Waters Occur More Than Ever

    Apologies in advance for being all grim but this city is on borrowed time IMO. I’m a 3rd gen, native Houstonian as well so I’m quite familiar with the prevailing city/state mentality and the development growth patterns which have heavily attributed to the widespread flooding that so often now occurs. This whole region (pre-Houston) was a natural “sponge” as you say, that we have slowly solidified. The “Katy situation” you speak of has been copied all over the metro area and only expanding further outward. I don’t see that pattern changing much as the mentality here is to build, build, build without caring for future consequences. Radical changes in weather related disasters will only call for more costly, radical solutions and I honestly just don’t see enough urgency or momentum happening here until it’s too late. Besides, it’s going to take a whole lot more than a third reservoir to help with future storm flooding.
  8. I’m not sold on this “honky tonk” venue either. It seems massively out of place next to the hulking convention center, Hilton/garage. But hey that’s Houston right? It’s definitely not there for the long term as this and two other abutting blocks have been designated for future convention center expansion.
  9. Please fix the Ads

    Yes! I second this. The prior pop-ups had stopped for a couple months until this past week and they’ve been unbearable to say the least. As soon as I open any HAIF forum page, it’s hijacked and I’m redirected to another spammy site. I usually view the forum through the “Unread Content” section. So when I come back to HAIF, after the spammy redirects, I have to search for the thread/post I was originally trying to open, as it gets moved and flagged as “Read”. Royal pain!
  10. Battlesteins

    The Palais Royal and Bealls at San Jacinto Mall opened at the same time, neither predated each other.
  11. Intencity77 is a criminal and illegal lover and would dime you out in a newyork minute just like all the illegals have to their homeland and now they are supported by misguided and confused people like intercity77 and this is a trend to allow jackasses to do jobs that real citizens once did, this is a trend across this chity, to let unqiualified and unprofessionalo sellouts hold respectable jobs and that is why there is no trust anymore..we have totally lost the compass.  We must rid out chity os these underhanded criminals and with the new generation only adding to the bad apples, this is turning into a nightmare in this chity.  right, Intencity77?

  12. This is what Houston stands for today and forever in history.  This pic.  There is no nostalgia when illegals are supported on houstons supposed "original" social network.  


  13. This lack of humanity names intencity is trash who supports illegals and needs to be going, going, GONE!

  14. FedMart in Houston

    Please let’s refrain from using perjortives like “illegals” on this site and stick with undocumented immigrants. Regardless of how much of a “nightmare” they are to you, they are still human beings. Speaking of nostalgia, the act of empathy is another great thing we have lost. Thanks!