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  1. Sorry I call BS on that. When purchasing a home, there is information out there for all to see if they go looking for it. I mean, if I'm thinking of buying behind a reservoir, it's not that far of a leap to ask yourself "is this house in danger of flooding?". As harsh as it may sound, naive homebuyers are just as much to blame.
  2. Parking lots are way too large in this region. And most the time they are rarely to capacity. That needs to change.
  3. Lockwood @ Harrisburg

    Depends on the particular individual. Some East Enders are more than happy with a small, mediocre Kroger, others would like to see other options. So yes, IMO, we do.
  4. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Wow! That lighting....yes, yes and YES!
  5. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    As a 40 yr old gay Houstonian who has lived here all my life, I'd steer clear from the northern burbs nearest or within Montgomery County. It is the most conservative of all Houston burbs and consistently votes deep red. While I accept there are also socially liberal conservatives, unless you identify as such and don't mind the risk of possibly having hateful neighbors, I would look elsewhere. Fort Bend is much more diverse and would be a better LGBT family friendly option.
  6. Long overdue. This is the future. And you can add France to the list banning petrol/diesel vehicles by 2040 too. Volvo has also announced that it will only produce fully electric and hybrid vehicles from 2019 onwards. That decision is being hailed as "the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine's dominance of motor transports after more than a century". I imagine more automakers will inevitably follow in time. Houston has time to further diversify their economy, otherwise it might end up with some major economical problems in the future. Sadly, antiquated ideals and policies set forth by our meddling, republican dominated state leaders will probably keep Houston from doing as such.
  7. Looking at, 7000 Southwest Freeway definitely had a large, sprawling hotel/motel like building starting from 1968 into the 80's. Once you get to 1995, the hotel looks demolished and the lot is completely overgrown. In the early 2000's, the current car dealership shows up. PS. Always check back with historical imagery (Google Map historical imagery or when reasearching former properties. It's a must.
  8. Why Modern Architecture Sucks

    Infowars, really? Try again with less alt-right, fake news sites.
  9. spam until page 7 - yikes!

    Had to reload 4 times just to read/open this one topic and that's not counting the 4-5 times it took reloading just to open the General forum page alone! Each time I'm redirected to the same spam site, and now Completely out of control.
  10. spam until page 7 - yikes!

    I second this and on mobile too. It's always done this here and there for awhile now but this week it has kicked it up an unbearable notch, having to reload the website 3-4 times in a row because of the same redirecting advert.
  11. Echo Lane Shopping Center

    Sav-on Drugs pulled out of Houston some time in the early/mid 80's. I know this because there was one built in a former Eagle Foods shopping center in the early 80's at Uvalde and Wallisville that is currently a Family Thrift Store. It didn't last long, Sav-on closed and Walgreens took its place afterwards (eventually it relocated to a standalone).
  12. Lockwood @ Harrisburg

    So essentially this will be a Baker-Ripley campus? Isn't Ripley House already close by? It's a nice building but we desperately need a new grocery store.
  13. The Commons at Greenspoint

    Level 3 Communications took the former Phar-Mor space which was located in the middle of the center. I believe the southwest corner anchor was Sportstown.
  14. Nice building but it's ridiculously out of scale with its surroundings.
  15. Champs Restaurants

    Historic aerials do seem to confirm that. I don't remember because as a child that particular stretch of I-10 was a retail dead zone, unlike today. Since the current Walmart at Freeport opened some time in the mid 90's, other retailers have very slowly started gravitating eastward. The old Whataburger that was fronting the Home Depot recently closed and moved further east near the Walmart.