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  1. HISD Building on Richmond

    Keep in mind that this was CSISD, not Houston--but the timeframe seems right.
  2. HISD Building on Richmond

    Wow! This post dislodged an old memory...when I was in kindergarten back in my hometown in the mid-1990s (where classes were only half-days), I remember one of my teachers saying that the classroom (which seemed rather large, at least for a 5 year old...I'd say that it was about the size of a typical elementary school classroom) used to be twice the size before they built a wall between the two classes (the building was built in the 1970s and still showed it...brown everywhere). I wonder if they did "cluster classrooms" for kindergarten back then.
  3. Sushi restaurant on 1960

    It looks like "Kirin Japanese Seafood & Sushi Buffet" is still there.
  4. Where was this Stop N Go?

    From perspective it looks like El Pupusodromo looks like it would be LJS. Meanwhile, Smiley Plaza looks like it replaced something else (between McAvoy and the apartment complex) sometime after 1989 but before 1995 per aerials but HCAD says it was built in 1974 (and Smiley Plaza does not say "1990s build" to me). The picture must have been when Stop N Go was brand-new as HCAD says 1985. Knowing this chain, I'd say that in the mid-1990s it converted to a Diamond Shamrock but kept the name, renovated & rebranded the Stop N Go into a Corner Store (DS had that shape of Corner Store) in the early 2000s, then rebranded as a Valero around 2006 or 2007.
  5. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    According to Google Earth, all four(?) were wiped clean by 1989 but the strip mall wasn't built until 2000 (according to HCAD).
  6. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    I thought that it was if you remember the 1960s you weren't really there. In all seriousness, though, what did happen to that row? Was there a big fire?
  7. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    Well, it was 1995 when Diamond Shamrock bought it, so it probably lasted through the 1980s. It does look like that entire row was bulldozed sometime in the 1980s for....reasons?
  8. Where was this Stop N Go?

    The source is Houston Chronicle from this page but does anyone know where this is today? I'd say it still exists as a Valero with a Corner Store, and you can see a Long John Silver's in the background to the left and apartments(?) to the right. The road seems to be a typical four-lane thoroughfare but lacks a large median, my first guess was Long Point Road but that lacks Corner Store gas stations oriented like that.
  9. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    Looks like the perspective is throwing me off. I see the curve and I know it's facing east, but Midnite Sun is 524 Westheimer, which would place it in the middle of the block, whereas the Stop N Go is farther out in a building that still exists (though is vacant) at Westheimer and Whitney. According to TSHA, Stop N Go adopted that name in 1983, though that wasn't the logo they were using by the late 1980s. I'd reckon that they closed then when Diamond Shamrock bought the company and purged it of non-fuel locations?
  10. HISD Building on Richmond

    The first picture in this thread is from, run by @sevfiv. I've never been inside the building, or even seen it (I just remember the fence around the property with indications that it was used by HISD at some point, somewhere deep in HAIFistory there is a thread I made on it). It reminds me a LOT of how the defunct Zachry Engineering Center on A&M used to look like.
  11. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    It looks like Stop N Go (and the other businesses there) were converted houses (which is what many businesses in Montrose were like). Neat! The building looks like it was gone by 1989, though (probably closed after converting a nearby 7-Eleven?)
  12. Too bad! A few years ago you always seemed to know EVERYTHING about I might have had questions in, including hotels (fantastic stuff with the Hilton near the airport, I still remember that). As an aside, I did find out a bit later that the Preference Inn didn't even open as Preference Inn, it was opened as "Icom", a French-styled hotel (built at the same time as Sofitel/Hyatt Regency but more budget-oriented). Yeah, I was a bit thrown off at first, but my second post found that the Royal Coach Inn and the "Radisson Inn" were one and the same. (Also, Venture didn't even build out anything, that was all the dealership's doing)
  13. RIP, Baybrook Sears

    Well, there's no Randalls stores nearby and they can rebuild their market share, it can be an attractive space rather than holding out hope for a Nordstrom or putting something like a second Macy's or Dillard's there (or outright demolishing the space), it can be an attractive and interesting addition to a regional mall, and all that. They have only closed one Houston-area store since the Albertsons takeover, and the independent division status was too small to justify (seeing as how the Tom Thumb stores were re-aligned with the Dallas offices, and the few Louisiana stores were not enough to compensate) along with the DC.
  14. Malicious mobile scripts

    I use script-blockers and other tools on my desktop, but browsing HAIF mobile is a painful experience because regularly, I try to click on some topic link, and before the topic fully loads it redirects me to some third party spam site. Then when I try to click back, it takes me back to the index and not the topic I was reading. It's terribly frustrating and I don't know what's the cause of it (host, third party attacking host, webmaster) but it wasn't always like this and I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issues.
  15. Echo Lane Shopping Center

    I'm guessing that the center remodeled in the late 1980s when AppleTree expanded. SOMEwhere in my archives I have a picture when AppleTree was still at the center. There was a blurb in Texas Monthly regarding Kids' Kounty.