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  1. I use script-blockers and other tools on my desktop, but browsing HAIF mobile is a painful experience because regularly, I try to click on some topic link, and before the topic fully loads it redirects me to some third party spam site. Then when I try to click back, it takes me back to the index and not the topic I was reading. It's terribly frustrating and I don't know what's the cause of it (host, third party attacking host, webmaster) but it wasn't always like this and I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issues.
  2. I'm guessing that the center remodeled in the late 1980s when AppleTree expanded. SOMEwhere in my archives I have a picture when AppleTree was still at the center. There was a blurb in Texas Monthly regarding Kids' Kounty.
  3. You know, Baybrook Mall's Sears once had a McDonald's INSIDE the store though it's been gone for years now. Anyway, as for a replacement tenant, they should go for something non-traditional. How interesting would it be if they put a Randalls in the mall, with an entrance and everything? It's a stone's throw away from the Randalls where Yeltsin visited, and it can have all the niceties that Albertsons is putting in top-tier stores these days.
  4. Following another successful run at the Texas Room archives, I'm trying to document changes at some Houston manufacturing plants. From what I can tell, 1982 was when 3350 Rogerdale opened as the third and final location of Schepp's Grocer Co., a local Houston distribution center that in a few years went from a large force in the industry to an ownership change to liquidation (Schepps Dairy, a subsidiary in Dallas, was spared from liquidation and continued until a few years ago when Dean Foods retired it in favor of the Oak Tree Farms name). The liquidation happened in 1986 and the facility stood vacant until Randalls purchased it in mid-1988 for HBA and private label lines. Randalls sold the warehouse in 1998 to an apartment developer but still occupied the facility. The newspaper noted that "Randalls will continue to occupy the warehouse for another year or so, until it is ready to move into a new facility on U.S. 290 in northwest Houston", which makes sense as 1999 was the year the Telge/290 warehouse completed a major expansion. In 2000, the apartment developer sold the warehouse (only the excess space in the front became apartments) to Micarles LLC, another grocery distributor. From there, the trail runs cold. Micarles still owns the building but almost no information can be found on it on the Internet other than the fact that it owns the building. It also has leased out parts of the building, to companies like Active Water Solutions. Apparently, Micarles no longer uses the building at all, having divided it into five tenants: Blue Line (food distribution), NatureBest Pre-cut & Produce LLC, Stork, Deepflex, and AWS (aforementioned).
  5. Gessner and Katy Freeway started as Globe, then became FedMart in the 1970s, then became Mervyn's in the early 1980s after FedMart went out of business, then became an Oshman's SuperSports USA after Mervyn's moved to Memorial City Mall, then it moved out to a new stand-alone Sports Authority store (in a former Service Merchandise store). It was torn down in 2005. Mervyn's appears to have substantially altered the building but it seems they didn't tear it down.
  6. Where the ice rink was (a long narrow building) is now the Rosastone Trail townhomes. A parking garage WAS on the space, but during the construction of CityCentre's first phase, part of it was torn down.
  7. I must have missed your original quote...I found the McDonald's independently another time, it must have closed when they built the gas station/McDonald's across the street. But no, the original store was a Safeway, not an AppleTree. AppleTree was only founded in 1989 after Safeway divested their Houston division and the store predates it. However, this was the only AppleTree to renovate and expand after the sale (no other stores were ever built or received a real remodel far as I can tell). In my collection, I have a picture of the d├ęcor this AppleTree had. Possibly it was the upscale and unique features of this AppleTree that caused Kroger to rebrand it as "Kroger of the Villages" when they purchased it in 1994. So the building to the east of Target was a Handy looks the building remained intact well into the early 2000s. Wonder what it was in its later years. Also, Sav-on Drugs was in Houston? Like, the chain later owned by Albertsons? Huh. When did they pull out?
  8. The Jerry Lewis Cinema chain started in 1969 at the earliest. The theater may have pre-dated it...?
  9. I'm not sure if Concord Apartments and Village Way Apartments are the same thing. The way @anthonytexas phrases it they were two different structures, yet the 1970s aerial shows the same buildings as the apartment buildings there today. Across the street is another complex called "Hilton Town" today and at some point in the 1990s or even the 1980s, about 75% of the property was blocked off and ultimately demolished. There are some apartments just to the south that describe the "large lots" though.
  10. Another entry in Houston history via newspaper series is Wolfe Nursery. This clipping I've had for a while, but never shared as far as I know. Wolfe Nursery was a chain of plant nurseries, hitting its zenith in the early 1990s (this is from 1994, the peak of their success). They went bankrupt in 1998 and the chain vanished shortly thereafter. They had stores in other cities too but this is Houston history so it's Houston locations. Here's an ad from it, and I've also done the work of tracking down the locations listed on the ad. 14250 Bellaire - renovated into strip mall (main building) and warehouses (former greenhouse area) 8603 Westheimer - replaced by Target and the stores in front of it (Chick-fil-a, etc.), looks like former flagship 3600 Southeast Beltway 8 (3600 East Sam Houston Pkwy. S) in Pasadena - Houston Garden Centers 10939 Katy Freeway - later Houston Garden Centers and later Big Tex Trees (also 10910), now home to Carvana (razed and rebuilt) 25598 North Freeway - this was The Woodlands location (I-45 and Rayford), address obtained from newspaper archives, it was converted into Taquerias Arandas 4525 Gulf Freeway (La Marque) - now Team Mancuso Powersports South 435 FM 1960 West (Cypress Station) - the roadside sign is the same shape I remember distinctive of the chain, seems to be vacant with a number of fly-by-night tenants over the years 916 S. Mason Road - renovated into smaller stores 1445 W. Bay Area Blvd. - it was at the very end of the concrete cul-de-sac behind the strip mall and to the east of Toys R Us, it was demolished around 2005 and is now part of the drainage lot. It is clearly visible in the 2004 Google Earth shot though. Internet records say it was later Teas Nursery. 1618 West Loop North - Houston Garden Centers 4545 Beechnut - later Teas Nursery, it is clearly a nursery of some sort today but locked up with no signage visible, likely wholesale operation 10602 FM 1960 West - now Bizarre Bazaar 13802 Murphy Road - later Houston Garden Center, now Fort Bend Mechanical (uses foundation of old building), appears to have been abandoned around time underpass was preparing for work 22205 Eastex Freeway - now Golf Cars of Houston The lone non-Houston store is College Station. The store at 6900 East Bypass is now 2300 Earl Rudder Freeway and was extensively remodeled in the mid-2000s to become a Cavender's Boot City. I didn't give the fate of the Bear Creek store (couldn't nail down exact address, a tad too blurry). Enjoy!
  11. How many years ago are we talking about, here? 15? 20? 40?
  12. Yeah, I was going to say, it's not that they're doing badly it's just that they don't need the space anymore. Shell and the other big oil companies have built a lot of new construction in the last 10-15 years and they don't need buildings like this anymore. As for noticing the building, you probably just didn't notice it on a previous visit, as it has been there for decades, and if this is really your first trip to Houston in 40 years (which, me despite joking about it, I'm sure it isn't the case), then it wouldn't be the first thing that I would notice.
  13. 1500 OST at the corner of Old Spanish Trail and North Stadium Drive is recorded as being the "Shell Information Center" and according to aerials has been there since at least the late 1970s. When was the last time you went to Houston, again?
  14. Actually, it was torn down a little earlier than that. The 2002 aerial shows a gas station at the eastern side of Murphy Road between Main Street, with Toddle House next to it, then Stafford Ice House, then JITB. In 2003, the gas station and Toddle House were torn down for a new building with a new parking lot but that didn't last long whatever it was by 2005 it was history. It's unknown if Toddle House would've survived construction, as the parking lot does get clipped but the building might've been okay. The sign survived, though, and it's blank today. (Double post because the quoting system is too hard to work with properly anymore)
  15. Correct, both Google Street View and Maps show that it was flattened in early 2016, ground cleared, and completely rebuilt.