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  1. Reuploaded pictures due to Dropbox removing support for the Public Folder. This also means my all the stuff I scanned from Houston Post's microfilms is down as well, but don't worry, plans are already in the works to restore it.
  2. Might've spoken too soon considering the division office and the distribution center will close. But the stores remain.
  3. Probably not even that, given it is hard to access and Palais Royal is going to be heading out. My guess is that it will become a modern industrial park, which would fit in with the antique mall (remember that it was a former industrial site nestled in industrial before becoming an antique mall...directories indicate it was originally a facility that manufactured fans). If not that, I can see more of an office building/hotel environment going in.
  4. Gotta admit, it was kind of neat and sad the last time when I went there (2013-ish). There was a fountain...there was a Chick-fil-a Express that had closed for the day...there was perhaps the last Sesame Hut in existence...there was a soccer-focused place (I think) that had action figures...nothing like "Wow, this place is a treasure that needs to be memorialized" but to be honest, I'm surprised it lasted this long. The loss of Macy's no doubt damaged its prospects, and the removal of most of its parking lot (making it a pain to get around even the parking lot, one of the sides of the old Macy's has just one lane open up for clearance) for construction made it even harder. Would be surprised if the Macy's WASN'T torn down by the end of the year. -- Also, when they say "renovating the interior" I'm thinking they'll probably turn it into an office building and/or outdoor facing tenants, they aren't saving Palais Royal and the other tenant they mentioned I believe is not quite flush with the interior either.
  5. I'm not too familiar with that variant of the logo, the only ones I know of is the script one and the "Red Dot" logo. Besides, between Weingarten and Kroger it served as two other names (Safeway and AppleTree) if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Since Albertsons took over in January 2015, one new store in Austin was built, another is planned, the Midtown store was renovated, and one of the Katy stores closed.
  7. Looks like the space was 2104 Lyons, Zone One Auto Storage, was a towing company that has since moved to another location. It also looks like the other building on the site is still standing for now.
  8. Hmm, I was wondering if WFM had pulled out. You know they actually closed 9 stores?
  9. It looks like the triangular part of the lot is the same plot of land by the area just south of it, which a house does appear in the late 1970s.
  10. That actually seems the most plausible, considering I've been told that the object in question has been there since the 1970s.
  11. Geez. I didn't realize it was so covered with graffiti and becoming a real eyesore. Didn't seem that long ago when it was just a concrete building that was an eyesore but still reminded one of its grand past. And in better days, courtesy of
  12. It's January 2017 and the center is still standing. A bit of digging reveals that the center opened around 1991 and Office Depot has always been there. The Office Depot's building is older though, it was a Kroger and the rest of the center was built around it.
  13. Google maps images show the post being there even in 2001 with no apparent sign. I guess that if that was the case, it would be one of those close-to-the-ground billboards that populated Houston more plentifully in the past, but if is the diameter so large, large enough that apparently they never bothered removing it, then why are there not more examples?
  14. So today I went to the Apple store in Willowbrook Mall to get an iPhone screen repaired, and my route took me down FM 1960, which I had really never gone on before. A few interesting sights were there but the most interesting, or at least most unexplained, was a thick metal smokestack at Meadow Vista Blvd. and FM 1960. It is rusty and speckled with graffiti, but it has no attached structure...the last building there on the lot appeared to be a private house demolished sometime in the 1980s...but it wasn't attached to it anyway. The only guess I have that there appears to be a gas conduit running along there, but you wouldn't have a SMOKESTACK for that now would you?,-95.5621505,3a,69.9y,74.35h,78.1t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1shQjPcjP9lsmvZRngNROM-Q!2e0!5s20160901T000000!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  15. First Randalls that opened as a Randalls and not converted from a Minimax (store #3).