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  1. Presumably so. You can see exposed utility lines that they have uncovered in that hole in the foundation wall. I presume that they will have to dig under those when it comes time to connect.
  2. This project is such an odd story, it does seem to have a good ending though. Has there been any specific mention of a garage on the Chronicle block? The demolition work is now almost all below grade, and there is the interplay with the tunnel deal/lawsuit and the adjacent block that complicates things, but if they were going to just lay asphalt over the block it seems like they would have stopped digging. Hines could make a bit of a semi-contiguous development among the Chronicle building block, Aris, and the Chronicle garage half block if they were so inclined. If that happened and the International tower went ahead, how cool would that be?
  3. The economics of this thing entered a death spiral a long time ago. I can't imagine any current or prospective owner sees any value in it. Unfortunately, blowing it up isn't free either. What is possible in terms of condemnation for blight these days?
  4. So the really deep hole we're looking at now would only be for the garage based on the renderings?
  5. Looked like they had "steakhouse" in the background, which would indicate some desire for a tenant that served the dinner/weekend crowd
  6. Yeah, the boarded up portion wasn't really used once that bar was out of business, but it does show that someone cares about the place now. The upper floors look emptier than usual, I think.
  7. How does the Allen Center property shake out with the whole Pierce Elevated redesign? Seems like it would be something of a gateway between downtown and the suddenly contiguous piece of midtown that is far enough away from the Greyhound station to be desirable, if my recollection is correct.
  8. We've all had those days at work.
  9. Thanks, that's what I figured. Ugh. To be fair though, he does still return calls and seems (I say warily) to want to work things out, I just can't trust his promises to do anything. There are only small dollars left to be paid to him, so paying a lawyer or paying him the amount due under the agreement to go away will be roughly break even.
  10. It is a little tough to tell from my picture above, but the tan walls you see in the middle are actually the forms for pouring elevator shaft walls. They are picking up right where they left off, it should go quickly.