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  1. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Mole people are salt of the earth, to be sure, but the ruling types seem to be picked up in black Suburbans that shuttle them somewhere nicer than Alonti for lunch.
  2. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    They built the kart track, though it doesn't strike me as something that's going to be accessible to a broad variety of people that a theme park has to accommodate to be successful (specialty racing karts, $25 for 10 minutes if you rent). Seems like a niche product that I would enjoy personally, but it could be built anywhere in greater Houston with cheap land, and its proximity to a theme park would be detrimental to my experience. A public groundbreaking ceremony for a waterpark in New Caney in the middle of December doesn't come across as advertising for future customers. Perhaps I'm being too cynical here, but it does read like another small drip of "progress" to entice more investors to actually get the thing to happen at all. There's a water park out in Katy, so these things do happen, but there are a ton of different things that have been floated in relation to this broader project for a long time, so its reasonable to be skeptical.
  3. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    I think there might be some requirement that at least one side of any given block must be open. The International Tower Garage project had a covered "sidewalk" in one lane of Prairie Street while the Chronicle building across the street was being demolished. It turned in to a bum toilet. It's nice when they wrap up a project and open the area back up with brand new surroundings. Big stuff like 609 Main (which had a covered sidewalk on Main) and Hillcorp blocked off entire blocks for long periods.
  4. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Hyattization underway...
  5. 1120 Texas St., Keystone Lofts

    They seem to have scaffolding up around this building almost perpetually. Maybe they finished?
  6. 100 N Jackson St

    I suppose it would be in poor taste to put in a bar there, given the "SOBERING CENTER" proximity/signage.
  7. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    FWIW, the doors were open again yesterday with a port-a-potty parked in the vestibule. A few workers were milling about waiting for someone or something else to show up. It would appear that at least some cash is flowing, which is always a good sign.
  8. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    Really cool vision. It gives you a good feel for what downtown would be like if it were all "done" like around DG/GRB. I guess it would take everything going right to have it all happen, but having the visual is a nice tool to use to encourage the investment.
  9. This side would only have to hold up the garage portion. The proposed tower would be on the side closest to the park and could presumably have an independent foundation.
  10. I know nothing here, but I recall reading that at one point Books-a-Million was not required to pay rent. Forever 21 might be in the same position now, with some sort of clause that they get booted if a redevelopment opportunity shows up.
  11. Holiday / Days / Heaven On Earth Inn (801 Calhoun)

    I can only figure that there is some sort of tax dodge involved for the owner of this thing.
  12. I haven't seen anything either. Last I recall hearing was that it was dormant and they re-paved the block.
  13. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    The garage may look a little bit better yet once the covering over the rail stop is removed and the ground floor buildouts are done, but I doubt anyone will ever find it attractive. Curious what business might land there behind the rail stop, it's not a terribly busy one, mostly transfers to the red line.
  14. Looking at Urb's last post, imagining something back on the Chronicle block along with this tower and then adding Skanska/Capitol tower in to the picture, you have a lot of density blending right into the Market Square neighborhood.