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  1. I watched these guys place some HVAC equipment on top of a Costco. Looks like a fun job.
  2. Could very well be a primer. The original tile/marble/whatever was very weathered looking.
  3. Not that I've seen, but following the new homeless camping policy enforcement, I'm guessing the city required the building owners to put the fence up. The homeless camp that set up on the covered loading docks there disappeared one night and never came back. The fence actually showed up a few days after. It's kind of a neat building with what could be a nice "porch" setup, but it's going to take a tanker full of bleach to get the smell out.
  4. This corner is going to be pretty cool. It looks like both Catalyst and Alexan are putting GFR in right at the corners with awnings covering the sidewalks. Since someone here already jinxed things, it will be perfect for some good weather in October during the World Series.
  5. Unless I'm losing count, this would be the third "food hall" in a 3-ish block radius (lyric garage and the one below Prohibition being the other two). That's a lot of "catalyst" to get the intended reaction up to critical.
  6. It may have been that long since I did that drive at that time of week. It could use the extra lane.
  7. Heard at one point that it was a data center, servers and whatnot. That jives with "information center".
  8. I had the displeasure of driving back in to town from San Antonio on a Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure if the folks coming from Austin were thicker than usual due to the avoidance of 290 construction (or closure), but from the TX 71 interchange to the Brazos, it was stop and go traffic, with the final choke point being people merging back in to the main lanes from the frontage roads (two way on each side). Given the numerous improvised exits from the main lanes, this has to be a fairly regular thing. I guess for once a week, you don't expand a major highway by a lane, but the load of people on that road and the congestion out in the middle of nowhere was eye opening.
  9. Only off by a third. I thought the Magnolia parked its dumpsters in that alley, but I could be off on that too.
  10. Cool. I'm interested to see how they manage the construction. This thing has about 30 feet of access in front before they block the Magnolia or the lofts on the other side.