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  1. Surveyors are on the Tila's site today.
  2. I actually go there quite often even though it's not the best food because I live very close, so I can walk over and can bring my dog. The waitstaff tell me Tila's is a very difficult place to work.
  3. I went there last night and talked to the manager, didn't ask about this specifically but he said business is great. I kind of wish they would close though, we could use a better restaurant on his corner. The food is just OK and the margaritas are not very good.
  4. OK, I just counted. Almost 1/3 of the topics on the unread stream are garbage from bots. We've got 10 votes for getting rid of them on here and none for keeping. It's becoming more and more painful to come to this site to see real posts. Can someone please explain why the site has decided to use these spam bots? If you're getting paid for linking to news articles great, you have to make money. Otherwise you are just driving people away from the site for no reason.
  5. Still under construction. It's been over 4 years now. This has got to be even longer than block 334 was. They've really never stopped working on it, just never many people on site.
  6. If they are getting paid for it I would understand. If not, why clutter up the site with garbage that no one reads or comments on?
  7. I can't imagine why anyone would think these bots are a good idea. Is the site getting paid to have these bots post? If so at least that would make sense.
  8. Yes, the bots are ruining HAIF. I've ignored H. Ham and Otto Mation but still see them in the unread content feed. I find myself coming here less and less because I have to weed through so much garbage.
  9. http://www.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Teala-s-site-to-become-new-neighborhood-10834308.php
  10. The people that live in the neighborhood do. I walk to Kroger, Buffalo Bayou Park, River Oaks Theatre all the time and I see my neighbors out walking quite often.
  11. We got bike lanes way before critical mass. They were mandated by the feds. Even my hardcore biking friends hate critical mass. The PR damage they've done is far worse than any good they've done.
  12. I don't know about the legality of it but it would sure get a lot of people to hate you and your cause just like everyone hates critical mass. Just a bunch of a**holes who think raising awareness is doing something constructive.... we know what your cause is, we just don't care.
  13. I walked the Western edge of the property next to the cemetery this morning. There is definitely a lot of of survey activity going on. Benchmarks have been placed. They have marked a few squares around 6ft on each side with the word "Footing" inside. Wooden stakes are all over the lot painted orange. CenterPoint has come out and marked the gas lines. Edit: After looking at the master plan I'd say the "Foooting" markings are where the theatre is shown.
  14. I walk past the southern edge of the site on West Clay almost everyday. In the last week there have been stakes that are painted orange placed all around the site. Some outside the fencing and some inside. Also they've marked some spots on the old foundations that are left in orange spray paint.
  15. You aren't going to get much agreement here. This place is very left wing. They will be in favor of censorship. This is a good place to read up on projects around Houston and see the photos they take but a place for political discourse it's not. It seems that people who like tall buildings have a natural tendency to not understand politics or economics. Insert Freudian joke here... Just watch, if anyone comments they will be in favor of limiting speech. Of course there are a few exceptions but mostly we just ignore the people who want the government to control every aspect of society. What we need apparently is a "Ministry of truth." Believe me there are people reading this who would fully support it.