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  1. I’m still not sure why we’re taking about Kroger here. If there is evidence of activity with that site please post it. I’d be very interested in seeing it. Heavy equipment is behind Sur La Table this week tearing up all the parking.
  2. Riva at the Park

    It's a fantastic area to live in and the unit has great views but I agree that the price is just too high in my opinion. Even at $1,000,000 it would still seem overpriced to me. You can get a pretty nice house in River Oaks for $2.2m that's got more square footage, a big yard and no maintenance fee. I can get a lot of maintenance done on a house for less than $1100 a month. Apparently they sell very well but I've never really understood the economics of high rises in Houston. I looked at them when buying both of the houses that I've bought in Houston and just couldn't get the numbers to make any sense. In my case the price of the high rise was more than double per sq. ft. of a standalone house in the same area and that doesn't even include the very high maintenance fee. The inconvenience of having to get in an elevator every time I want to leave the house was a big consideration also. I would like to have the views but at that price it just doesn't make sense.
  3. A variance request sign is on the building. It states that the use will be "full service restaurant".
  4. River Oaks Shopping Center

    I’m not seeing anything at that link that indicated anything new or any activity regarding Kroger.
  5. Minute Maid Park Renovations

    Money talks. If poor people want to live on that lot then they need to get rich.
  6. River Oaks Shopping Center

    Are you taking about the pull down menu on the website referenced above? I see nothing called 20005.
  7. Can’t figure out what you are talking about. Nothing on the website seems to indicate any activity at the Kroger site. Where are guys seeing this? What selection on the drop down is specific to the Kroger area?
  8. I have no horse in this race but this intrigues me. Is it a first ammendment case? Who’s keeping them from speaking? Is someone keeping you from speaking? If you know the truth you can post it here.. or is someone keeping you from telling us the truth?
  9. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Ok, this is not technically a regent square update but there is some activity on an adjacent site. A large portion, if not all of the land used by The Lighthouse and/or The Center just West of the Regent Square site was put up for sale a few months ago. I’ve heard no news about the sale but I did see a soil sampling crew drilling near the corner of West Dallas and Tirell Street yesterday.
  10. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Looks the same to me. Guess I’m not looking close enough. What’s different?
  11. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    It it needs the drug addicts and dealers cleared out. I used to walk past it every day. I quite often saw drug deals being made and saw bags on the ground.
  12. I’ve heard from people in the neighborhood that a bank leased it. I hope they are wrong. The building already appears to be reconfigured somewhat. There’s a driveway in the back now that leads to nothing. I figured it was going to lead to a drive thru after some demolition.
  13. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Me too. I walk by the site daily. If there is any movement on site I’ll update this thread right away. Don’t hold your breath. I e-mailed the VP who is supposed to be in charge and got an undeliverable message.
  14. Amazon HQ2

    I didn’t say there wasn’t anything there. I said a yelp search returns 0 results. Work on your reading comprehension.
  15. Amazon HQ2

    I worked for KBR for several years and have been to the site many times. It’s a dump.