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  1. Fortune 500

    Those predictions came true in the 80s. Many lives were ruined. If you happened to be the wrong age it would have seemed to you like Houston crashed and never recovered. My grandparents bought in the wrong neighborhood and lost a lot of money. It could definitely happen again, in fact I'd say it's almost certainly going to happen again. Choose where you buy carefully, think about how the neighborhood would look if Houston had 15% unemployment. The company I'm working for is currently in the process of sending all our work to India and China. We are literally training our replacements and handing over our technology to them. Another company just down the street is so desperate for work they are designing a facility for a Chinese engineering company who will then take the design and compete against them with it. Their choice was "take this project or shutdown the company". They'll do this last project and then shutdown. Other countries we work with have protections in place to keep this from happening. Saudi Arabia absolutely does not allow this. When we do work for them we have to buy into a local company, use local staff and train them. We are so fascinated with "free trade" that we don't even make an attempt to get a fair deal. The rest of the world just screws us over again and again.
  2. Fortune 500

    You are correct. We're already losing much of the petrochemical industry to India, China and South Korea thanks to people in our government who believe in the free market so much that they don't even want to negotiate on trade, they just give it all away. Electric cars will ruin the rest. Fortunately this will happen after I'm retired or dead. If I was in my 20s I'm not sure I'd invest too much of my life in Houston. I might rent instead of buying. If there really is a switch to renewable energy Houston will stagnate, house prices will drop and crime will rise. I love the city and it's been very good to me but I'm not sure about it's long term future. It could easily go down the same path as Detroit.
  3. Montrose Mining Company building

    Maybe because we don’t need them anymore. People can be gay in any bar now and not get punched in the face, for the most part anyway.
  4. whole house generator

    You can get a 12kw generator that runs off natural gas for around $3k. Figure another $3k at least for installation. It will run the central a/c in your house as long as you still have gas service. When a hurricane comes and you’re without power for even one night all you will care about is a/c.
  5. Downtown Apartment Market

    I can see the need for a grocery store downtown. I don’t see a need for Target. Target is the store I would go to if I went to a big box store. I’m not going to Wal-Mart or Costco. I now only go to a store like this about half a dozen times a year. I get almost everything that’s not perishable from Amazon. I don’t care if it’s more expensive, it’s more convenient. I’m not sure how stores like Target are going to survive much less expand. I have 1-4 packages from Amazon delivered everyday and almost never have to visit a store.
  6. I have to stop coming to HAIF so much. Complaining about 2 high rises being too close together and implying that zoning would fix this “problem”? That post made the world a dumber place. Sorry to be rude but sometimes you just have to call stupid out.
  7. Sounds expensive. To tell you the truth I'm more inclined to make the drugs legal and give them all the money that we'd spend on these programs. Then the problem will solve itself.
  8. How do you make people who sell drugs and/or beg for a living and live on the streets go away? The cops don't care about this area. I've seen drugs being sold with cops sitting in a car just a few yards away. The cops will care when the people in the neighborhood care. That might happen if more people who have standards and don't believe standing on a corner and drinking from a brown bag are valid lifestyle choices move to the area.
  9. You're just an elevator ride from the illicit drug bazaar that surrounds the bus station too.
  10. That doesn’t look like highland village. Looks like you’re on Post Oak near Whole Foods.
  11. There is a fence around the site and demolition of the building is underway.
  12. Cars Ruining Cities

    I’ve just decided to stop getting out of their way. I’m also not walking single file to make space for them anymore. They have brakes, not my problem if they go over the handle bars. If they insist on riding at top speed on the crowded sidewalks in BBP they can just run right into to all 210 pounds of me. We’ll both get hurt but so be it.
  13. Cars Ruining Cities

    Bike riders are so obnoxious, pompous and self un-aware. I used to ride a bike. I wouldn’t get near one now because I don’t want to be associated with those kind of people. I genuinely think many of them are bad people and their attitude is bad for society.
  14. Cars Ruining Cities

    I’ve been almost run down, had bells rung at me and heard “on your left” so many times now from bike riders who refuse to slow down when they are around people that I now have an unreasonable hatred of bike riders. I’m lumping them all together and making a blanket statement. If you ride a bike you suck, every one of you are guilty.
  15. He’s right. I’m rich and live near downtown. I sure appreciate all the tax money making my property worth more. All those incentives go to rich developers who build luxury apartments for the non-poor people. If we can get more rich people living downtown the property values will go up more. It’s a win-win for rich people. Rich people pay almost all the tax though so we deserve to reap more benefits.