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  1. No, destroy it to preserve the value of the property.
  2. If I was in control of RO shopping center I would consider demolishing all of it now to preempt any political interference with their control of the property and their right to decide what the best use of their property is.
  3. I live very close to this site. I walk to the midnight showings at River Oaks Theatre and Braissire 19. I'm all for them demolishing all of it, RO Theatre included, just to piss of people who try to tell property owners what they can do with their property. Anyone want to start a protest to call for RO theatre to be demolished? I'll picket out front with you.
  4. Looks nice. CPK stinks. I live very close and I'd much rather have Perry's steakhouse here. It might not be the best steakhouse but it's good for a mid priced meal.
  5. Agree on Los Tios. The food is just plain old school Tex-Mex, not really fantastic but their Margartias are awesome. If I have three margaritas there I need to be shoveled out of my chair.
  6. I never, ever rent a car when I'm out of town on business. I either use taxis, walk or Uber. You can get an Uber into downtown from this location for about $5-$7. I live right up the street and use Uber every weekend night. It's so cheap it's not even worth putting on the expense account. That being said, you're a little under a mile from a tunnel entrance from here. If I lived here and worked downtown I'd walk it everyday unless it was storming.
  7. Numbers would do well in that building.
  8. Surveyors are on the Tila's site today.
  9. I actually go there quite often even though it's not the best food because I live very close, so I can walk over and can bring my dog. The waitstaff tell me Tila's is a very difficult place to work.
  10. I went there last night and talked to the manager, didn't ask about this specifically but he said business is great. I kind of wish they would close though, we could use a better restaurant on his corner. The food is just OK and the margaritas are not very good.
  11. OK, I just counted. Almost 1/3 of the topics on the unread stream are garbage from bots. We've got 10 votes for getting rid of them on here and none for keeping. It's becoming more and more painful to come to this site to see real posts. Can someone please explain why the site has decided to use these spam bots? If you're getting paid for linking to news articles great, you have to make money. Otherwise you are just driving people away from the site for no reason.
  12. Still under construction. It's been over 4 years now. This has got to be even longer than block 334 was. They've really never stopped working on it, just never many people on site.
  13. If they are getting paid for it I would understand. If not, why clutter up the site with garbage that no one reads or comments on?
  14. I can't imagine why anyone would think these bots are a good idea. Is the site getting paid to have these bots post? If so at least that would make sense.