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  1. 'Houston-based MetroNational, which owns the 265-acre Memorial City mixed-use development, will soon add luxury apartments adjacent to Memorial City Mall. The eight-floor, 327-unit midrise will be at the northwest corner of Barryknoll Lane and Memorial City Way, currently a parking lot just southwest of the mall. The project is slated to break ground this month, and apartments are expected to open in the summer of 2019, according to a statement.'
  2. The Zaza, while nothing great, is way better than this thing.
  3. I actually laughed out loud. Funny.
  4. Yep. It's pretty horrible. Drive by it daily.
  5. Hindesky, if archiving the present building cycle was a country, you would be king. Really appreciate all the work you do for this forum, and on a weekly basis.
  6. The design of the windows is wonderful. Great project.
  7. Dead on... But, even the festivals now are not what they once were. Take SXSW for instance... When my band (or any of the bands) was accepted to the festival in 92, it was a very big deal. Producers and record executives from Nashville and L.A. actually went to the shows. They actually signed acts. Now it's simply a famous festival that caters to the tourists. Edit: By the way, I want to go on record stating that I love Austin. It has so much to offer.
  8. The bands that actually get paid, make more than they do here. Basically a cost of living increase. The issue with Austin's scene is not as much an economic issue, as it is with general mindset of the club owners, and the somewhat native musicians. It's become conceited and arrogant. Houston and Dallas" scenes are a direct 180 from that. It's really a shame because there is some fantastic talent in Houston, and Dallas.
  9. The Austin music scene has become almost putrid to many Texas musicians. There has been a big exodus of musicians over the last couple of years that have moved to, or back to Houston and Dallas. It's scene has become a click of arrogance, and is not what it once was. Unless your in with the club owners, a regional act, or prepared to pay to play, it's a crap hole.
  10. I'm not an idiot and certainly understand economics and the almighty dollar, but this "hoo-hah' is a legitimate argument for the museum being here. As a professional musician in the Houston area for many years, I think I somewhat qualify to make a claim for the museum being here without a smart A comment. Whether the powers that be decide to choose a city for the right, or wrong reasons, that doesn't dismiss my point. As usual the artistic community is an afterthought when considering art.
  11. Not sure what having your cities name mentioned in a song has to do with the point, or the article. Metro Houston and The Golden Triangle have quite a bit to brag about, and have a legitimate claim to the museum.. Janis Joplin, George Jones, Billy Gibbons, Harry James, The Big Bopper, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Tex Ritter, Lyle Lovett, etc, etc. I mention those names (and I'm leaving a bunch off) because of the game changing music and originality that has come from Houston. In addition, the Blues scene here in the 50's and early 60's was a big catalyst for many black musicians, including BB King, Lighning Hopkins, etc.
  12. That's VERY cool!
  13. Agreed... Very underdone for such a high profile building.