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  1. That's VERY cool!
  2. Agreed... Very underdone for such a high profile building.
  3. And now that some have screamed and yelled about the littering problem (which is a bad thing) can we get back to the subject at hand?
  4. Maybe I'm missing something, but does this looks anything like the crown currently going up?
  5. Thanks for the update. Good news!
  6. I concur. No comparison to 1825 San Jacinto. In my opinion the building looks cheap. I'm happy about the infill, but am not a big fan of this one.
  7. Great point... Never considered that.
  8. It really does look odd from the North. Noticed that on Friday. Was hoping it would encompass the entire top, but looks like that's not happening. Although a much nicer building, it kind of reminds me of Memorial Herman's offset crown in Memorial City. Just strikes me as a strange thing to do.
  9. I couldn't agree more... Being a landscape guy, I would have done it a little differently but, it is a nice step forward.
  10. Not sure I agree... It's not groundbreaking, but it's a decent looking hotel. The view at night from the pool deck (East) is very nice. Plus it's the best looking highrise in Memorial City. IMO anyway.
  11. Was hoping for a little more depth with the landscaping. Having said that, it's better than before.
  12. Guess they decided to forego retail.
  13. Not that crazy about the wall separating the stairs from the kitchen.
  14. I could be wrong, but it looks as though they're creating a berm for landscaping.