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  1. Said they would most likely have an increase of anywhere from 5% to 10%.
  2. Here's our discussion about the Fulton/San Jac extension.
  3. Yea you and I had discussed this before. Still find it somewhat strange that they never built at least a dead end but I suppose it isn't that difficult to just tear down a curb and extend the road. I seriously think this Fulton extension would be huge and would lead to greater connectivity to downtown. IMHO, light rail really brings traffic to a crawl right at I-10 and N Main.
  4. Near Northside is definitely going to be the next hot spot and in some ways it's already beginning as Naviguessor has pointed out. It's the Houston market that had the fourth largest increase in home prices at a 112.1% increase from 2010 to 2016. It's not really what I would consider the hood.. just because there are many low income families here doesn't mean it's the hood. More middle class families are beginning to move in considering I now know architects, engineers (even one that works for NASA that I met here at HAIF), and many office workers that work in downtown/Galleria area/Memorial City, including myself. I've lived here for 5 years now and the transformation has been fast. There are plenty of new homes being built left and right since many people feel priced out of the Heights and Woodland Heights area. And the big thing is that I know for a fact many people are looking to buy property in the Near Northside because they see the potential here. I myself am hoping to purchase more land on this side as well. I seriously believe N Main will be a hot destination even if the homeless situation is not figured out over at Salvation Army. I don't think it will ever be the Woodlands... in my opinion, that's a high standard, but I do very well see it becoming more like Montrose or the Heights area, but with it's own unique style and culture.
  5. It's a sizable chunk of land in an area that's a USDA designated food desert. Wonder if any grocers would pick it up. *Looks at HEB*
  6. Yea, definitely looks dense. That could be it too about the time of year. Just looks dreary... brown and gray. Although there's tons of more modern glass structures in this pic, it just screams 70s box buildings to me.
  7. I don't know... I actually kind of dislike this view of Houston. Terrible description but it just looks old, boxy, and boring.
  8. My friend's company created this using their augmented reality technology:
  9. So whatever happened with this compromise?
  10. The move doesn't make sense to me and quite honestly, not sure why everyone is saying they could see this coming from a mile away. Surprised a lot of people here at my office and I work for the company! CBRE usually has several offices in the same city where it's at for various reasons, as opposed to one central location per city. There were rumors we were actually going to expand in downtown. The only clue I can point to is newer management at the downtown location... perhaps they made the point money could be saved by consolidating into one tower. Makes me wonder about our Memorial City address now too.
  11. That would be awesome to get a coffee shop so close to home, especially closer to the Northside.
  12. Had no clue they were adding this major intersection to the project. This is at the tail end of the viaduct in downtown. Instead of flying over McKee and Runnels St., it will now all intersect. This is from the Hardy Connector detailed map:
  13. So what you're saying is, we're getting taco stands at every corner?? Oh no, they warned us about this!