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  1. For me, it's always been Spanish Flowers but I'll have to try out Los Tios. Had not heard of it.
  2. Oui Eats. Located near the Volleybar: (These photos may have been posted before but figured I'd put them here just in case. These renderings were first released last year). And here's the Volleybar opening in June:
  3. Haha! That's my girlfriend in blue getting napkins... Had no clue that would be posted here. lol
  4. What's up with the connection to Kroger?
  5. Hunky Dory and Bernadine's closing!
  6. Hopefully the city (?) is still considering the Summer St. connection.
  7. Drivers through tree branches? Driving down the wrong side of the road? Must be playing GTA.
  8. Looks like those restaurants will likely close.
  9. Don't crush my dreams, man.
  10. Yes!!!! We are getting a Cinemark! Very awesome... this was my biggest hope for the project.
  11. Many things are possible here
  12. As someone who takes I-10 daily to and from work, I blame poor design for that. You have thousands of cars weaving across multiple lanes of traffic from the Katy Tolllanes over to the exit ramps and vice-versa. It's especially bad at the Gessner entrance ramp over to the toll-lanes for people trying to head back to downtown after work.
  13. Was anyone at the meeting last night? Wish I could find the video presentation online. Edit: not the one from 2015.