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  1. Between late 2015 & early 2016, the county courthouse was demolished. In the interim Midland's City Council has had to defer proof of financing and construction drawings for the project four times, the latest in January. As of then, terms stated that construction was to begin by February 28th of this year and be complete by March 2019. The adjacent building on the block is being demolished to make way for the new convention center, which is also slated for completion in 2019.
  2. I'm not a big fan. I think they overload a lot of the sub-forums with rehashes of whatever's going on in the community, and even then as stated before, they don't even get to the right areas (ex: articles that may be Rosenberg-Richmond or Sugar Land related occasionally ending up in the Katy threads). Nobody really cares about "11 things to do" in wherever this weekend or some revised press release for some business you're never going to go to. HAIFers, the human ones anyway, do much better at getting an interesting thread going.
  3. I know this is old, but I'm not sure how this would be buildings 5, 6 & 7. The building in the foreground has been there since maybe 2006 or 07, or so and is called Three Sugar Creek Center. One Sugar Creek is on the Southwest Freeway, just to the right of the one in the foreground, just off the screen. Two Sugar Creek is to the left of the proposed structure on the top left.
  4. Bingo. While the name predated the memorial by several years (I think that part only opened in the past decade), the goal was always to have a memorial to honor those who served. Technically, Memorial Park is a segment in the larger Brazos River Park plan that's being developed. Even the sign says "Sugar Land Memorial Park - At The Brazos River Park". Over the past few years, they have been developing the trail network from the existing segment and primarily to the north and west. Just in the past year or so, I know of a new section that opened near the northbound feeder of the Southwest Freeway that allows for additional parking and access. This document on the city's website shows how all of the sections will eventually be integrated:
  5. Buyouts for homeowners on the south side of the turning basin, in the planned path of the bridge, are back on after a brief delay.
  7. Another brand of Starwood hotel, Element, is also slated for the address listed for the Aloft - the date for that one is 2019 though.
  8. At least one of the hotels may be an Aloft. They list Stafford as a future location, slated for a 2018 opening, and the address matches the area around the TI Campus.
  9. As of a January Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, there may be plans for a hotel and restaurants to be located on the west side of the development, just northwest of the ballpark. This week, the terms of an agreement for the Heritage Museum were finalized. The City's Visitor Center and Heritage Museum will be located on the 2nd floor of a warehouse under renovation at this time. The Children's Discovery Center will be on the first floor. The agreement also says for the Heritage Museum to be open by June 1st.
  10. This would be at the SW corner of the Katy Freeway and the Grand Parkway. Not sure if anything is going on there yet...
  13. Does anyone know what may have happened with the main anchor space (the former Randalls / Kroger location)? They had been doing a fair amount of work inside over the past year to convert it into what appeared to be another grocery store but with a spanish-language bent. It appeared to be pretty colorful inside with what I would describe as a "mercado" theme - each department along the walls was laid out as a small storefront of sorts. Hadn't seen any activity on my last visit a month ago and the windows were covered once again.
  14. While previous clients have held onto the land they have purchased at this site, TexPharma plans to consolidate it's operations and is expected to build a 210k sf facility within the park.
  15. '579