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  1. HEB Richmond-Rosenberg

    Found, on of all places, Richmond's Fire Department facebook page.
  2. Sugar Land Memorial Hermann Hospital

    Could one of the mods clean up this thread? The last four posts have nothing to do with the actual project.
  3. In and Out

    Perhaps all of this could be merged into this longer-running thread?
  4. HEB Richmond-Rosenberg

    Apparently the H-E-B is supposed to be part of a larger development. Found this bit in an October 2016 piece on area mobility projects. Is this store already under construction? I was wondering since in the latest Brazos Town Center leasing brochure, on page 5, an aerial from 5/17 or 6/17 shows a parking lot under construction with the "Proposed H-E-B" marker over it.
  5. 5424 Katy Freeway: New Office Building

    I'm surprised they reached back as far as they did for the sign's picture. That's actually the Baylor Clinic on Main Street across from the O'Quinn Towers. It even has the skybridge in the rendering.
  6. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    When I was looking through the FAA database, I saw a couple of new towers that just showed up in the past couple of days. It shows a construction schedule from 1/1/2018-10/1/2022 for both sites, which are near Caydon's "The Midtown" project. The locations are based on the coordinates that were provided. Tower 1: Section of block bound by Main, Dennis, Fannin & Drew 534'-544' Tower 2: Section of block bound by Main, Dennis, Fannin, McGowen 621'-631'
  7. Toddle House

    While I wasn't around during the entire life of this particular restaurant, I do know that it wasn't demolished for either structure. Both were around during it's later years of operation. Passed through that part of the area a bunch when I was a kid in the 90s for doctor's appointments and scout stuff. I think it finally met it's end near the time that they rebuilt 90 at the intersection with Murphy Road. The connector/turning lane between North & South Main runs around the west side of the site of the old restaurant.
  8. Baylor St.Luke's McNair Campus Expansion

    Baylor College of Medicine, CHI St. Luke's continue buildout of McNair Campus It's a subscriber article... Any more info?
  9. Daikin Industries - 290 near 99

    The Chronicle actually had a somewhat* decent piece on this project and it's formal opening scheduled for Wednesday. Looks to be a beast not just in sheer physical size but in economic potential as well. *somewhat until that spurt of latin or whatever at the end
  10. The campus off US 59 / I-69 will be expanding with the construction of a new 50ksf facility. This is part of a relocation of manufacturing operations from Tulsa to the Houston area, specifically Rosenberg's ETJ, and should see 150 jobs added to the local economy.
  11. Looks like the room count was lowered to 154 units, but based on the rendering, it went from 5 to 7 stories Groundbreaking was last July and the press release projects a fall 2017 opening date. Press Release: Press Release 072416 Final VFR FINAL.pdf
  12. Cabela's Coming to League City

    Fairfield Inn being added as the hotel component of this project
  13. The HBJ headline is a bit odd, but in what's being stated, it's correct. Univision has carved out a studio space at the offices of it's television and radio center near the Galleria to serve as a primary weather office and studios for both the network and it's affiliates across the country. Looks to be a somewhat small, but clean and HD friendly design to the space based on the photos. It should begin appearing on that network's programming by Monday.
  15. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main