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  1. From the past few days...
  2. ***didn't mean to post again***
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  9. Some shots from walking around yesterday... Even with the maze-like entry/exits across ADLA, was amazed with the number of people on the sidewalks and even at Grotto for after lunch hour.
  10. From yesterday...
  11. I think this is the one you're thinking of, from December 28, 2002 I do remember it, but for some reason I misremembered a few details. I thought it was on the South Loop around Bellaire, and I thought it was later in the day like around 10-11 AM. The only other thing I remember was when we still had News 24 Houston on cable, they really stuck with it and ran some interesting aerial shots of the wreckage after the fog had cleared up a bit.
  12. So ready to be home and see (and shoot) this tower in person next week!
  13. It's for this building - the first residential tower that was proposed for the site, just east of Hanover Post Oak at Post Oak Lane and San Felipe. It has been part of the project plans since at least 2008. Even when the Ritz proposal fizzled, it remained. For the longest time, site plans also indicated it as "37-Story Residential Tower", but more recent ones say simply "Future Residential Tower" As of now, the building with that footprint is still on the proposal map
  14. The new bridge project has a website at the aptly named I will definitely miss the old bridge. Much like the new one, it is one of the defining elements of the skyline and bayfront, but the lighting at night has been great in the recent past with the LED displays that have been customized for special events and holidays. Part of me actually misses the "classic" bulb lighting sprinkled across the structure of the bridge but regardless of the past, this new one looks to be more than a fitting replacement. Before the old one goes, I'm determined to get down there and take part in one of their regular Sunday morning Bridge Walks. I've always wanted to take photos from up there...