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  1. Does anyone know what may have happened with the main anchor space (the former Randalls / Kroger location)? They had been doing a fair amount of work inside over the past year to convert it into what appeared to be another grocery store but with a spanish-language bent. It appeared to be pretty colorful inside with what I would describe as a "mercado" theme - each department along the walls was laid out as a small storefront of sorts. Hadn't seen any activity on my last visit a month ago and the windows were covered once again.
  2. While previous clients have held onto the land they have purchased at this site, TexPharma plans to consolidate it's operations and is expected to build a 210k sf facility within the park.
  3. '579
  4. Meant to post this from my recent visit to the area a few weeks back. The first building was completed and opened last summer. Soon after, construction began on the second building at the site.
  5. Subscriber only article on this one...
  6. Go right ahead!
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  8. For some reason, it's not letting me post photos of the upper level pool I've taken from the street. It's definitely fun to look up and see people just swimming over to the edge and then lingering for a while to enjoy the view. I've used a couple of different hosting sites but they just keep blurting an error when trying to link to this post. Maybe posting the link will work...
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