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  1. Encore Castle Court (Museum District)

    i really like it's presence from 59... the ivy walls almost look like a podium. good addition to the neighborhood imo.
  2. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    Your argument is inane. Downtown Houston isn't downtown Chicago.... hell it isn't even downtown Austin at this point. The fact that you're using the conversion of a sh!tty restaurant into a trendy bar as some macro-level indictment of downtown Houston's socioeconomic development, particularly compared to downtown Chicago which has been established for generations, is just dumb. Urban core living, particularly high rise urban core living in unestablished urban markets like Houston, Austin, Nashville, Dallas, etc. is primarily driven by single, young professionals and empty nesters. That is the key demographic. To act dismayed that the retail offerings not only cater to those demographics but suggest that because entirely unfeasible "family-friendly" establishments aren't provided as the reason why Houston's downtown development will never attract this nuclear family demographic goes counter to the basic principles of development - RETAIL FOLLOWS ROOFTOPS. As the rooftops mature so will the retail. To make some sort of snap judgement on downtown Houston's development while it's in its infancy is again... dumb. so I say let us welcome this uncouth tiki bar and the droves of unfamilial heathens it will attract to downtowns struggling housing stock!
  3. of course they're marketing angles, they (the developers) are vying for tenants in a competitive market. it's also absolutely indicative of weak demand - in strong markets developers curtail free rent significantly, if they offer it at all. not sure how offering free rent makes the remaining months more expensive either - you're literally paying less over the same term.
  4. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    mala goode co some burger joint by a food network chef poke spot upstairs bar/lounge dish society i think sushi spot by i can't remember who and i'm blanking on the other confirmed teams behind the remaining concepts
  5. 20 GW is not owned by Parkway and thus not part of "Greenway proper". Same with 24 Greenway (Weslayan Tower).
  6. Church's Chicken @ 2702 Yale

    patio maybe?
  7. the renderings look awesome but you'll be served much better in the future if you appreciate them w a large dose of skepticism. just my opinion, though.
  8. U-Haul Moving & Storage Expansion at 1617 San Jacinto

    ya i wouldn't get your hopes up on this one
  9. I like that they're shooting for a boutique hotel concept as part of the program.
  10. not moving, expanding. second location. and i agree that a boutique hotel - a low or midrise concept a la south congress hotel - would do wonders in the village. no idea if it's feasible financially but the idea itself would blend in seamlessly there and be a huge draw imo.
  11. 3000 Weslayan - Future Residential Development

    you sure do... especially in a location that isn't particularly special.
  12. Brookfield has quietly been active outside of downtown
  13. 160 W Gray / Ginger Man West?

    it would be really surprising to see the original location close shop... i rarely go but it has a very loyal following and is exactly the type of tenant that makes the village so unique and such a draw. closing the original location would be a damn shame so hopefully that isn't true.
  14. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    "retail follows rooftops" until there is a critical mass of permanent residents downtown, retail will sit on the backburner. putting some sort of arbitrary "24 month" deadline on whether retail will ever make downtown or not is silly - retail will come when the density demands it. there's no magic fairy dust we or the city can sprinkle over downtown to change that. just give it time.
  15. 628 E 11th St

    ya i don't really get the "it makes it more difficult for drivers" complaint... like how lazy are you? they could have positioned the building on the northeast corner and still had plenty of parking on the side perfectly visible from 11th street as well as in the back. obviously that helps create a more engaging streetscape in a part of the heights that is seeing decent development but even from a tenant's perspective, how much more attractive does that patio become if it's positioned on a hard corner of a more walkable street than it is situated in the middle of a parking lot? these things seem like no brainers to me so perhaps i'm the one that's missing something.