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  1. i'm hearing it will be named B of A's Depositorium and Good Time Money Hole
  2. can you have patio space within the 25' setback?
  3. Westheimer and Kuester (1634 Westheimer)

    iirc the tract with westheimer frontage will be parking with the bar in the back. odd configuration unless they have future plans for the parking lot which is possible i suppose.
  4. Development At Shepherd And W Alabama

    it was supposed to be an 8 story apartment complex, can't remember the developer. there's a thread for it somewhere. i'd much prefer they appropriate it to the city who in turn converts it into greenspace, mostly bc i could then cut across it to get to WAIH.
  5. Houston Center Redevelopment Plans

    don't think the 6 Houston site was part of the deal... that parcel is still owned by John Goff and Crescent. i'd be more interested to see if Brookfield plans to repurpose some of 4 Houston and the Shops. they'll certainly enhance the streetscape similar to Allen Center, they have an excellent track record of doing exactly that.
  6. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Lots of momentum in this area and a lot of it is now coming from very established proprietors. Construction will certainly have some affect but Polk through street isn't going anywhere and it's looking more and more likely that the park will be a reality. Don't be shocked to hear of yet unannounced multi family and hospitality developments too.
  7. "roughly" 25 stories - rendering attached is roughly 31-32 stories. hoping it's the latter.
  8. 2714 White Oak

    it would be interesting to know if the city would have allowed them to do away with spots 14-16 and just extend the patio... that additional 15-18' of patio space would give it a much stronger pedestrian presence.
  9. Sawyer Yards

    great spot for a large craft brewery.
  10. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    jesus that place is massive... almost too massive haha they better be open early for euro and premier league matches though, otherwise what's the point? ain't no one going there en masse to see MLS games.
  11. i wonder if this is being formally listed... what's the address? edit: nvm, found it. 1302 Houston Ave.
  12. They've kicked around densifying their Post Oak property for quite a while... had a friend do some work for them on it at least 7-8 yrs ago, maybe 10. Glad they don't think their TJ property on west bama/shepherd is a candidate... a large redevelopment and subsequent high rise would be a nightmare there. Did we we know they bought the chase bank building site on west gray next to Krogers?
  13. C'mon man, how is it not obvious what they're marketing it as? Unless you think being in the "wet part of the heights" and next to a "high volume Kroger and presidio" is somehow relevant to places of worship, never mind the obvious question of why would a church need a marketing flyer to begin with? Re: the render itself, looks awesome to me. Kudos to the Heights really stepping up in the quality development game.
  14. I actually think the concept is pretty neat. And one HAS to assume the cafe has a bar component... liquor sales would absolutely be necessary for any concept like that to succeed.
  15. maybe next time i'll read the article haha... he definitely didn't pony up like he originally said and ended up going the institutional route. not that it should make a huge difference as this is the way most deals make. but still, not quite the confidence he initially had and probably more likely that costs will be reined in more than anticipated.