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  1. Saw Quicksilver at the Coliseum Feb 23, 1970 and June 6, 1971. Saw Jethro Tull at the Village Catacombs, I believe in 1970.
  2. Followed his twitter account to this explanation:
  3. That was kind of out of nowhere. No farewell column?
  4. Auntie Pasto's is supposedly in the works of building a new restaurant directly behind the existing one.
  5. Venue was great. Parking and traffic a nightmare.
  6. I don't think Bellaire residents would go for a mini-mall. They rejected that in the 80's where the Episcopal school sits. Residential would be nice although not sure anyone could afford to develop it. No matter what they do the city is going to loose big on taxes. Especially if HISD grabs it. The last thing they need is another non-taxable entity in a city that is already full of churches and schools.
  7. Me too. Already have tickets for two events.
  8. Obviously they are all Russian.
  9. Not sure if i can handle the Galleria traffic. When exactly in 2017 is the one in the Village suppose to open?
  10. Nothing is going to completely eliminate mosquito's but I purchased one of those propane foggers last spring and it did seem to help keep them under control.
  11. The Texans will have to greatly improve if they want to play in this coming Super Bowl.
  12. I use Chrome also but Opera is still my favorite. Amazing it's still around. Works well on my phone also.
  13. Get Opera. Much much better web browser.
  14. No problems at all. I prefer it over giving out credit card information.
  15. I'm cool with that although Tilman will probably want his own Causeway.