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  1. WEST HARRIS COUNTY (Houston Chronicle) – Terry Hershey, an environmentalist who prevented Buffalo Bayou from being channelized and stripped of its natural beauty, died Thursday. She was 94. Hershey is widely credited with jump-starting the environmental movement in Houston, by fighting the reviled Buffalo Bayou project in the 1960s. She later launched several conservation groups, inspiring legions to pick up the torch for the environment. A former member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, she also was a powerful advocate for parks and worked hard to make sure the state’s most spectacular places were protected. “Houston is a greener city because of Terry’s involvement and persistence in preserving the bayous,” Katharine C. Lord, former executive director of the Bayou Preservation Association, told the Houston Chronicle last year. “We have her to thank.” Terese “Terry” Tarlton moved to Houston in the 1950s from Fort Worth to marry Jake Hershey. The fun-loving couple spent years in international yachting competitions before putting down more permanent roots in the Memorial area. It was there, in 1966, when Terry and her neighbors discovered bulldozers clearing land near Buffalo Bayou. Amazed to find out that the Army Corps of Engineers had planned to straighten the bayou for flood control but hadn’t notified the public, Hershey called her local county commissioner, Squatty Lyons, and was promptly rebuffed. “And it made me mad, and I stayed mad for 30 years,” Hershey said in a 2002 interview. Hershey and the Buffalo Bayou Preservation Association managed to persuade the county commissioners to temporarily delay the project. Knowing she’d need more firepower, Hershey turned to newly elected Congressman George H.W. Bush. But she and her growing circle of friends also continued to challenge the Corps, the county commissioners and the Harris County Flood Control District. “She was always charming, but very persuasive,” said Mike Talbott, the district’s former director. “She always wanted people to do the right thing and never hesitated to tell them what the right thing is.” Their work culminated with the passage in 1972 of the National Environmental Policy Act, which among other things requires federal agencies to notify the public of plans that could have any negative environmental impact. Not long after that, the Buffalo Bayou project was dead. Hershey liked to give credit to the “two Georges” – Bush and billionaire Texas oilman George P. Mitchell – for stopping the project. Both men, however, publicly deferred to Hershey, who Bush once quipped was a “force of nature for nature.” CLICK FOR MORE The post Harris County Park Namesake Terry Hershey Dies appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  2. By The American Heart Association In a new study, arteries in rats that inhaled secondhand marijuana smoke for one minute carried blood less efficiently for at least 90 minutes. Similar exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke caused blood vessel impairment for 30 minutes. “While the effect is temporary for both cigarette and marijuana smoke, these temporary problems can turn into long-term problems if exposures occur often enough and may increase the chances of developing hardened and clogged arteries,” said Matthew Springer, Ph.D., study senior author and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco’s Division of Cardiology. Researchers examined blood vessel function in rats before and after exposure to secondhand marijuana and tobacco smoke similar to real-world levels. “Arteries of rats and humans are similar in how they respond to secondhand tobacco smoke, so the response of rat arteries to secondhand marijuana smoke is likely to reflect how human arteries might respond,” Springer said. Researchers also found the mere burning of the plant material appears to cause the impaired blood vessels — not chemicals like nicotine and tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, nor rolling paper. The increasing number of states legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana, along with increasing potential for corporate expansion within the cannabis industry, makes it important to understand the health consequences of secondhand marijuana smoke exposure, Springer said “There is widespread belief that, unlike tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is benign,” he said. “We in public health have been telling the public to avoid secondhand tobacco smoke for years. But we don’t tell them to avoid secondhand marijuana smoke, because until now we haven’t had evidence that it can be harmful.” The study is published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. The post Secondhand marijuana smoke may damage your blood vessels even more than tobacco smoke appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  3. BASIN WILL REDUCE FLOODING RISKS IN THE LITTLE CYPRESS CREEK WATERSHED OF NORTHWEST HARRIS COUNTY NORTHWEST HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy) – Construction has begun on the second phase of a Harris County Flood Control District stormwater detention basin on Little Cypress Creek, part of a regional drainage infrastructure plan for an area of northwest Harris County. The basin is located on the east side of Harris County Precinct 3’s existing 141-acre Zube Park, extending onto an 84-acre Flood Control District site between Roberts and Becker roads. (See map below.) On October 25, 2016, Harris County Commissioners Court awarded an approximately $1.5 million construction contract to low bidder Crystalline Development LLC. Work began in January and is expected to be completed by Summer 2017. The Flood Control District is coordinating phased construction of the new basin with Precinct 3, which is contributing $600,000 to the project via a U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department grant administered by the Harris County Community Services Department. Formally identified as HCFCD Unit L500-01-00, the Zube Park basin is one of eight major stormwater detention basin construction projects under construction by the Flood Control District this calendar year. Work will involve the excavation and removal of approximately 101,000 cubic yards of soil. The project also includes construction of a weir or spillway structure that also will serve as a pedestrian crossing over Little Cypress Creek as part of Zube Park’s expanding trail system. Weirs are a type of structure designed to control and direct stormwater from the channel or bayou into a detention basin. Phase I Work, which was completed in 2016, established the top-of-bank outline of the basin along its south and east sides. The Zube Park basin is designed to ultimately hold approximately 195.5 million gallons, or more than 600 acre-feet, of stormwater during heavy rain events. Stormwater detention basins reduce flooding risks and damages during heavy rain events by safely storing excess floodwater and slowly releasing it back to the bayou or creek when the threat of flooding has passed. Construction and Safety The contractor will use large construction trucks, excavators and other equipment to perform work on the project and to remove vegetation and soil from the site. For public safety reasons, portions of the pedestrian trail in the southeast area of Zube Park will be temporarily closed for the duration of construction. While visiting Zube Park, the public is requested to respect all barriers and warning signs, be mindful of construction activity, and avoid construction equipment. Trucks will enter and exit the project site from Becker Road. As part of the project, portions of the construction site will be cleared of trees and other vegetation. Many areas with large trees have been selected for preservation, and will be protected during and after construction. Updates about the project are available at For questions or comments about the project, the public may call the Flood Control District’s Project and Study Information Line, which is monitored daily, at 713-684-4040, or email ABOUT THE HARRIS COUNTY FLOOD CONTROL DISTRICT The Harris County Flood Control District provides flood damage reduction projects that work, with appropriate regard for community and natural values. With more than 1,500 bayous and creeks totaling approximately 2,500 miles in length, the Flood Control District accomplishes its mission by devising flood damage reduction plans, implementing the plans and maintaining the infrastructure. The post Harris County Flood Control Begins Construction on Stormwater Detention Project appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  4. KATY (Covering Katy) – Ashley Diehl Vann announced Wednesday her campaign for re-election for the Katy Independent School District’s Board of Trustees, Position 3. Below is the unedited statement from Board of Trustees member Vann. Ashley has served on the Katy ISD Board of Trustees since May 2014. Ashley is and has been invested & involved in KISD. She has called Katy home for almost thirty years. She is a James E. Taylor High School graduate. J Scot Vann, her husband of 23 years, is a graduate of Katy High School. Their three children, ages 13, 17 and 19, all proudly attend or have graduated from KISD schools. Ashley believes every KISD child deserves a world-class education, while going to school each day in a safe and productive environment. Her vision has always been to help KISD ensure every student is a life-long learner, every learner is a graduate, and every graduate has the tools & knowledge to pursue their dreams. That it must be a top priority of KISD to hire the best and the brightest to teach and to lead the students of the district. Ashley has been a conservative steward of the district budget, recognizing the funds come from the taxpayers of the district and has ensured they are used in the best interest of students of KISD. Also, it has always been Ashley’s goal to preserve the legacy of Katy ISD and hopes to continue to do so in the coming years as a KISD trustee. To follow her campaign and her work in the district, you can visit her Facebook page at Ashley Vann – KISD Board of Trustees. Early voting begins Monday, April 24th, and ends Tuesday, May 2nd. Election Day is Saturday, May 6th. The post School Board Member Ashley Vann Seeks Re-Election appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  5. KATY (Covering Katy) – Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees member Henry Dibrell announced Wednesday that he will be running for re-election. Below is the unedited statement from his campaign: “First and foremost, I am the proud parent of four Katy ISD students who my wife and I have had the privilege to raise in a thriving community and great schools,” said Dibrell. “It’s been such an honor to serve my community and neighbors over the past six years, and I hope to continue to work on behalf of my fellow taxpayers who expect high quality schools and cost efficiencies in managing them.” Since first having been elected to the Board in 2011, Dibrell has worked for student success in all areas— striving for rigorous academics and competitive athletic and fine arts programs. Over the past six years Katy ISD students have consistently outperformed their peers in the SAT and ACT, while the district’s schools have been recognized as among the best in the region by Niche, an education rating organization. Dibrell has also been a staunch steward of the taxpayer dollar. As a fiscal conservative he played a key role in lowering the school tax rate by one cent last year. During his tenure, the district has earned “Superior Achievement” by the School Financial Integrity System of Texas (FIRST) and the Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s Leadership Circle Award for government financial transparency. In his next term Dibrell says he will continue to demand a high level of excellence and access to unparalleled educational opportunities for Katy ISD students, as well as champion budgetary efficiencies that lead to another eventual cut in school taxes. Dibrell has been a resident of Katy for over a decade, He is a licensed minister and holds a B.S. in marketing from Northwestern State University. Dibrell was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of School Boards. More than 30 ( ) Katy community leaders have endorsed Dibrell to date. To learn more about Dibrell visit or The election for the Katy ISD school board takes place on May 6, 2017. For more information,click here: The post Henry Dibrell Announces Run for Re-election to Katy ISD Board of Trustees appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  6. KATY (Covering Katy) – Courtney Doyle has announced her campaign for re-election to the Katy Independent School District’s Board of Trustees, Position 4. Mrs. Doyle has served on the Katy ISD Board of Trustees since May 2014. Below is the unedited statement from her campaign. Dedication, Vision, Determination Courtney and her family moved to Katy 8 1/2 years ago. Courtney is dedicated to help nurture the future of Katy ISD students. With a passion for Children, Education, Fine Arts, and Athletics, Courtney is determined to help Katy ISD continue to exceed with “top notch” education and opportunities for all children in Katy ISD. With 5 children ages 18, 16, 14, 13, and 5 currently enrolled in Katy ISD schools, and 1 graduate of Seven Lakes High School, Courtney understands the impact she can have for years to come as a Board of Trustee member. The excellence for ALL students in Katy ISD is Courtney’s focus. With our expanding district, Courtney believes that every student deserves the best…from classroom instruction, extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities. As a community, Courtney believes, we have to embrace our growth and must be fiscally responsible when making decisions for the future of our community and school district. Courtney has a vision for Katy ISD to reach and expand the opportunities for ALL children of this district. Follow Courtney on Facebook at Courtney Doyle – KISD Board of Trustees for campaign updates. The post Katy School Board Member Courtney Doyle to Run for Re-Election appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  7. Simone Biles Hosts Book Signing in Katy CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy) – Hundreds of fans began lining up extremely early Tuesday night to purchase and autographed copy of Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles’ new book “Courage to Soar.” Biles is the most decorated American Olympic gymnast in history, with a total of 19 Olympic and World Championship medals. As fans created a line that stretched from inside the Books-A-Million well into the hallway outside the store at the Katy Mills Mall, Biles sat patiently in a back room chatting with those who had organized her latest book signing event. A City of Katy police officer was also on hand, but the biggest security question of the night became where to snake the line of people who had come to the book signing. Biles had two book signing events in one day the day before she came to Katy, and there will be more to come. Prior to stepping into the store to greet fans and sign hundreds of books, Biles met with Covering Katy’s Dennis Spellman to talk about life after the Olympics, her memories of competing in Katy, her new book and her plans for the future. See the video below. You can also click the share icon to send the story to your inbox to watch later, or to a friend’s inbox. We hope you enjoy our discussion with American Superstar Olympian Simone Biles. Soon Covering Katy will be offering more newsmaker interviews for readers who become Covering Katy Insiders. We’ll reveal more about our Insider plans soon. ABOUT THE BOOK Simone Biles entrance into the world of gymnastics may have started on a daycare field trip in her hometown of Spring, Texas, but her God-given talent, passion, and perseverance have made her one of the top gymnasts in the world, as well as a four-time winner of Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro. But there is more to Simone than the nineteen medals fourteen of them gold and the Olympic successes. Through years of hard work and determination, she has relied on her faith and family to stay focused and positive, while having fun competing at the highest level and doing what she loves. Here, in her own words, Simone takes you through the events, challenges, and trials that carried her from an early childhood in foster care to a coveted spot on the 2016 Olympic team. Along the way, Simone shares the details of her inspiring personal story one filled with the kinds of daily acts of courage that led her, and can lead you, to even the most unlikely of dreams. Simone Biles talks with Covering Katy’s Dennis Spellman The post Simone Biles Talks With Covering Katy – VIDEO appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  8. KATY (Covering Katy) – The Harris County Flood Control District’s Flood Watch team is actively monitoring rainfall trends, as well as measured rainfall amounts and water levels in bayous and creeks. Over a four hour span this morning, rainfall amounts of 4-6 inches occurred over the Keegans and Brays Bayou watersheds of southwest Harris County into downtown Houston. Significant flooding is in progress along US 59 from Fort Bend County to the northeast side of downtown Houston, with widespread flooding of roads and underpasses. Keegans Bayou has crested after being overbanks at US 59/Beltway 8, Roark Road, with numerous streets flooded. Brays Bayou is flooding the mainlanes of SH 288 and homes situated in the lowest areas of Meyerland are in danger of flooding. The bayou continues to rise downstream, but appears to have crested at US 59 and Gessner Road and is beginning to fall. Hunting Bayou is at bankfull stage at Lockwood Drive with street flooding in the Kashmere Gardens neighborhood. Willow Waterhole is near bankful stage at Westbury Lane. Lower Mayde Creek is at bankfull stage at Greenhouse Road. Upper Spring Creek is nearing bankfull at Hegar Road. Upper Cypress Creek is rising toward bankfull stage Lower White Oak Bayou is nearing bankful stage, with flooding of White Oak Drive and portions of the I-45 mainlanes. All other watersheds are high, but within banks. A National Weather Service Flood Warning remains in effect for Harris County until further notice. A Flash Flood Warning is in effect until 10:45 a.m. for Harris, Fort Bend and Wharton County. With heavy rainfall comes the threat of flooding, so it is important for Harris County residents to be aware of conditions near their workplaces, schools and homes. The Flood Control District urges all residents to monitor rainfall and bayou water levels on its Harris County Regional Flood Warning System website at, which includes a mobile application. The District’s Flood Watch team constantly monitors the data and works during severe weather events to advise the public and local officials of areas that are and could be affected by flooding. REMINDER: Do not drive or walk into high-water areas. If faced with flooding, STAY PUT wherever you are, unless your life is threatened or you are ordered to evacuate. Be sure to check out our Flooding Facts and Preparedness section on our website with helpful, printable resources, including a guide on how to create and implement a FAMILY FLOOD PREPAREDNESS PLAN. The Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has disaster preparedness resources and the latest information about conditions in Harris County at Additional flood preparedness tips: Secure valuables and important documents. Avoid driving, if possible. If you must venture out, avoid driving into water of unknown depth. Moving water can quickly sweep you and your vehicle away. Restrict children from playing in flooded areas. Remain in your home during the storm unless instructed to evacuate by local officials. Have a flood insurance policy. For information on flood insurance, visit the National Flood Insurance Program website at or call 1-888-379-9531. Know your home’s risk of flooding. You can view a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM or floodplain map) at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Map Service Center (, or refer to the Flood Control District website at The post Harris County Rainfall and Bayou Level Update appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  9. HOUSTON (Covering Katy) – The Katy Independent School District began classes on time this morning but Fort Bend ISD and Houston ISD had delayed openings due to the overnight flooding. Lower Mayde Creek is at bankfull stage at Greenhouse Road in Katy which is not unusual after a heavy rain. The Houston Fire Department (HFD) is reporting over 65 water rescue calls throughout Houston since early this morning. These are predominately assisting residents whose vehicles were flooded on roadways. HFD has established command posts throughout the City and are sending appropriate resources to support ongoing rescue efforts. According to the Houston Fire Department the worst areas are Bissonnet near Fondren, Holly Hall near TX-288, and McGowen near TX-288. Many roadways are closed or are experiencing dangerous flooding. Residents are urged to avoid traveling through high water. You can check the current status of roadways at The City has activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Houston Emergency Center to Level III (Increased Readiness), which is the third of four readiness levels. The EOC coordinates emergency response citywide and currently has representation from: the Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, Public Works & Engineering, Houston Airport System, and the Mayor’s Office of Public Safety & Homeland Security. At 7:32 a.m. runoff and drainage continued from heavy rain which fell earlier Wednesday morning. The National Weather Services reports that four to six inches of rain fell between 1:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Some locations that will experience flooding include Sugar Land, northwestern Missouri City, Rosenberg, Stafford, Bellaire, Humble, West University Place, Katy, Richmond, Jacinto City, Hunters Creek Village, Bunker Hill Village, Piney Point Village, Astrodome Area, Spring Valley, Greater Fifth Ward, Spring Branch West, Neartown / Montrose, Second Ward and Near Northside Houston. Additional rainfall amounts of about one-half inch or less is possible in the warned area. The post Hardest Hit Areas Following Overnight Storms appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  10. KATY (Covering Katy) – Seven Lakes High School’s Studio VII will be presenting the play Big Fish. It is the story of a frustrated son who tries to determine fact from fiction in his dying father’s life. Big Fish is a musical with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and a book by John August. It is based on Daniel Wallace’s 1998 novel, Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions, and the 2003 film Big Fish written by August and directed by Tim Burton. Big Fish revolves around the relationship between Edward Bloom, a travelling salesman, and his adult son Will, who looks for what is behind his father’s tall stories. The show is February 2-4, 2017. Performances are at SLHS Performing Arts Center. Contact the box office for tickets. The phone number is 281.237.2836. You can also purchase online at Performances are 7 p.m. each evening and there will be a 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday. Tickets go on sale January 20, 2017. Big Fish Cast List: Edward Bloom: Ben Heintz Sandra Bloom: Kat Sheroke Will Bloom: Gustavo Leal Josephine Bloom: Lizzie Heintz Jenny Hill: Lauren Erskine Karl/Giant: Zion Mpeye The Witch: Gabbi Marchelli Amos Calloway: Jared Guidry Don Price: Gabriel Prevallet Zacky Price: Dominic Dold Dr. Bennett, Red Fang: Nick Krentel Witch 1, USO Girl: Kella Clarke Witch 2, USO Girl: Mary Margaret Hand Witch 3, USO Girl: Sena Saygili Witch 4, USO Girl, Mayor: Dani Consoldane Alabama Lamb 1, USO Girl: Hannah Terwege Alabama Lamb 2, USO Girl; Ellie Dootson Cheerleaders, USO Girls: Erica Bass, Maggie Zudock, Veronica Arraiz, Sofia Trousselle Cheerleader, USO Girl, Girl in Water: Erin Kuykendall Fisherman, Dancer: Ricardo Lopez General, Gun Toter: Josh Baker Sharecropper, Cowboy: Andrew Bacak Barber, Excited Scout: Jack Parrotta Shepherd, Judge: Javier Cardona Dancers: Kellie Escovy, Emily Chittenden, Erica Yanek, Claudia Brown Principle Dancers: Julia Hand, Kendall Swendsen, Ricardo Lopez The post Studio VII Presents Big Fish appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  11. FORT BEND ISD (Fort Bend ISD) – Fort Bend ISD schools and facilities will operate on a two-hour delay Wednesday, January 18 due to severe weather moving through the area. All classes will begin two hours later than normal. Bus routes will also operate on a two-hour delay. All staff should report two hours later than normal, with the exception of executive leadership and key personnel. The District will continue to monitor the weather. Any additional changes will be communicated to parents through media, our website and parent notification system. The post Fort Bend ISD to delay opening Wednesday, January 18 appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  12. HOUSTON (Covering Katy) – The commute from Katy to Houston will take patience as high water is causing lane closures on numerous freeways in the region including a couple of places on I-10/The Katy Freeway. I-10 lane closures include eastbound at Houston Ave, and Westbound at the Washington Ave./Westcott Street exit ramp. At 6:25 a.m. Houston TranStar was reporting a total of 21 high water locations on areas freeways. Adding to the commute problems, some of the area’s HOV lanes are closed. METRO has closed all of the HOV lanes that it operates. The post Morning Commute High Water Problems appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  13. HOUSTON (Covering Katy) – Former President George H.W. Bush, 92, is at Methodist Hospital in Houston with an undisclosed health issue, according to the Houston Chronicle. The report says he was “recently” admitted to Methodist. The Chronicle quotes a member of the staff who said “He’s there. He’s fine and he’s doing really well.” She said the doctors have a couple of theories about what his condition is but he is responding to treatment. Bush, is expected to be discharged in the next couple of days according to the report. Bush served as president from 1989 to 1993. Covering Katy will continue to follow this story and will post updates at they become available. The post President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  14. Seven percent penalty and interest begins accruing on February 1 Houston (Covering Katy) – Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Ann Harris Bennett is remindig taxpayers that property taxes are due by January 31, 2017. Taxpayers can pay property taxes by mail, phone (713) 274-CARD (2273), online at, or in person at any of the 16 branch office locations throughout Harris County. For additional convenience, all tax bills have a QR code so taxpayers can pay by using their smart phone. Bennett recommends taxpayers ensure the payment is postmarked no later than January 31, 2017, adding that meter mail is not a postmark. Courier mail services like UPS and FedEx may be used well. “I want to make sure that all our customers are able to settle their accounts quickly, conveniently, and on time,” said Bennett. “I strongly encourage tax payers to utilize online payments for the greatest efficiency and convenience.” On February 1, 2017, a seven percent penalty and interest will begin accruing on all delinquent bills. Penalty and interest will continue to increase every month until the bill is paid. Questions? If taxpayers have questions about their tax bill, call 713-274-8000 or email The Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office Property Tax Division maintains more than 1.6 million tax accounts and collects property taxes for 71 taxing entities including Harris County. The Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office collects more than $6 billion in property taxes. The post Harris County Tax Bill Deadline is January 31 appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  15. HOUSTON (Covering Katy) ― Houston Methodist West Hospital received the 2016 Exemplary Five Star Service Award for birth registration by the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Vital Statistics Unit for the sixth consecutive year. Elizabeth (Liz) Garcia accepts the Exemplary Five Star Service Award. “We are proud and honored to have received this award once again,” said Vicki Brownewell, RN, chief nursing officer at Houston Methodist West. “This recognition reinforces the commitment of our birth registry team to deliver high quality and personalized care to our patients.” Houston Methodist West Hospital is one of only 10 hospitals in Texas to receive the Exemplary Five Star Service Award. This prestigious award recognizes excellence in timeliness, customer service, certification and training and accuracy in filing birth certificates. Houston Methodist West Hospital’s birth registrar Elizabeth (Liz) Garcia accepted the award at the Texas Vital Statistics 62nd annual conference in Austin last month. For more information about the Childbirth Center and Women’s Services at Houston Methodist West Hospital, visit or call 832.522.4200. About Houston Methodist West Hospital Houston Methodist West Hospital is committed to leading medicine in the West Houston and Katy communities by delivering the Houston Methodist standard of high quality, advanced technology and personalized care. The growing campus offers nearly 200 beds and access to the most innovative medical and surgical care available, including robotic and minimally invasive surgery, full-spectrum heart care, state-of-the-art imaging, cancer care, labor and delivery with a level II neonatal ICU, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, outpatient rehabilitation and 24/7 emergency services. For more information, visit Elizabeth (Liz) Garcia, birth registrar at Houston Methodist West Hospital accepts the Exemplary Five Star Service Award by the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Vital Statistics Unit. The post Houston Methodist West Hospital receives Exemplary Five Star Service Award appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article