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  1. Atlantic Coffee Solutions CLOSING

    I did some work in that building in the early 80's, and saw some blueprints that had the Ford logo on them. The view from the top of the coffee silos was pretty amazing. I wish I had had a camera with me on one of the trips there.
  2. Can anyone help an out-of-towner?

    The last hearing on the landfill lawsuit pretty much killed it for good. There are a few Ashby signs still around, but not many. The lot is still empty.
  3. Identity of a building in a 1920 photograph

    The State took the freeway land in 1956. The Pauline Sterne Wolff Memorial Foundation sold the land in the 60's to a harry Reed, who then sold it to John Jamail, who sold to John Jamail Builders. That happened in 1973 or so. The property then went to Lomas and Nettleton, then to Lincoln Properties, etc. The apartment on the site now were built in 2016 or so.
  4. Identity of a building in a 1920 photograph

    The Wolff Home was at 1300 Kenwood, which is now under 59, according to the City Directory. So, one mystery solved.
  5. Identity of a building in a 1920 photograph

    That's the one. It actually looks like it could be the house that's in another unidentified building thread. Another mystery.
  6. Identity of a building in a 1920 photograph

    On the 1944 Google Earth aerials, there are a couple of possibilities on Richmond West of Graustark. One is on the South side of Richmond at Graustark, and I can't find a reference in the 1940 City directory(starting there and trying to work backwards to 1920, since 1944 is the earliest phots), the other is on the North side of Richmond at Yupon, which was the Convent of the Good Shepherd. There is another intriguing property at Graustark between Castle Court and what is now the SW Frwy. It looks like a major residential property, and, again, I can't find a relevant entry in the City directory. I will keep looking.
  7. Identity of a building in a 1920 photograph

    Could it be the Montrose Public School? It was on the block where HSPVA is now, West Main and Stanford, and that building looks like a school from that time period. The Montrose school was built in 1916. Using Google Earth, the angles look right. There were some pictures here on HAIF at one point, but the links are broken now.
  8. And the brick in the ground floor windows.
  9. Trucks with hazardous materials do bypass downtown. I don' tthink it would work at all well to route all of the trucks onto 610, especially Westbound trucks in the morning, where teh Loop is very backed up with traffic headed to the Galleria. I also think it's naive to think that all of the tens of thousands of people headed to Downtown would be handled well by boulevards and mass transit. I recall going through Houston in the 60's to get to Baytown, where my Dad was from. It took forever on surface streets.
  10. Some research projects require a ton of software development for simulations, data gathering, etc. Having more developers available is a benefit to research.
  11. Sorry, I never heard of CTC at all. Of course, that house was built almost 40 years ago.
  12. Here's the link to the search Click on the search button, login as guest, accept the terms, then there's a page with a choice to "Search public records". That's what I used. The property is Block 2 lot 39, which is what I used. It's also in section 14. The subdivision name wasn't really necessary, and if more than one property is returned for the block/lot combination, there's enough information to find the specific one you are looking for.
  13. Yes, I used the County clerk site. It has a feature to search by lot and block that gave me records, as well as images of the documents.
  14. Rice University bought that property when they bought out the rest of the Sears lease. I would not bet anything important that Fiesta will be there after their lease is up, since it would interfere with any big redevelopment plans.
  15. Lot was sold in 1982 by Woodlands Development Corp to CTC Enterprises. That's all I found on the potential builder. The property isn't showing up in the appraisal district site for some reason.