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  1. Sikorsky S58bt or ET. 60 years old, reengined with PWPT6 turbines. Originally had a radial engine that burned gasoline, not what you want to fly into a war zone. These are variants of the H34 helicopter.
  2. You can show your displeasure by refusing to shop there, and by letting the stores know why. But, it shouldn't be our decision to tell a store owner what their property ought to look like.
  3. I've seen that. It's very interesting. Cross town travel has been an issue in London for a long time. Construction of surface stations in Central London was banned in 1846 or so, which is why the mainline rail stations are in a circle around the center. It's really difficult to get freight across London.
  4. The London Underground is heavy rail. There are two type of tunnels there, cut and cover, which is the Metropolitan, District, and Circle lines. All the rest of the lines are bored tunnels, which disrupted the surface much less than the cut and cover. This article has some pictures Some more here A few more here
  5. That makes more sense than subways. You still have to figure out how to get the commuters to the stations, and where they will park. And, the commute times will not be significantly shorter. Even in London, it's only 15 or so minutes faster to take the train over driving, but there's limited parking that makes the train more attractive. And METRO prob ably still thinks that there has to be a complete light rail system to handle the heavy rail commuters before the heavy rail can be built. I'm not sure Houston has reached the stage where the public will accept rail as a viable alternative.
  6. Subways are a bad idea here. Not because of flooding risk, as there are mitigations for that. The biggest impediment is the existence of thousands of old oil wells scattered all over town, and no one knows exactly were they are. There's probably some arcane laws governing the subsurface that make things even worse. We could build cut and cover tunnels under streets, but no one would be happy about the mess and traffic disruptions. London quit building tunnels like that over 100 years ago for that reason.
  7. That will thrill the hell out of the folks on Columbia, South of White Oak.
  8. It could have been El Dorado Country Club, which was on the site where Golf Club of Houston is now, next to Fall Creek subdivision. El Dorado opened in 1964.
  9. US90 traffic has to rejoin I10 West of Sealy, so you still get a lot if backup. 90A is s great alternate, especially if you take 10 to Schulenburg and then go South to catch 90A.
  10. Land vslue seems to be by HCAD neighborhood. I made a lot of noise years back when the land value for one half of a city block in Midtown was $5 per sq ft for a commercial property, while the townhouses on the other half had a land value of $20 per foot. Each half of the block was in a fife rent neighborhood. I made the argument that dividing a block didn't make sense, and the next year, the commercial property had the same land value as the townhouses.
  11. I've known a number of folks over the years who thought that was the best German car repair place in town.
  12. Cool stuff! This would be fair use in any case, as far as copyright goes. That development didn't turn out as they planned. And, that's an awesome example of puffery and hard selling,
  13. To be clear, this is 1107 Shepherd. 1107 N Shepherd would be more like the Popeyes at 11th and Shepherd. In any case, at least there's now some idea of what will be going here. I assume this means the restaurant fka Floyd's/Mardi Gras/etc on Durham that used the parking lot will never reopen