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  1. I guess that means the two taller buildings will get demolished. That should be interesting to watch. I drove by there the other day, and the East half is pretty much just dirt. The smaller building towards the back is a pile of rubble, and the bunker looking 2 story is gutted. There was a pile mountain of what looked like desks or filing cabinets next to the tall buildings.
  2. Absolutely. $41k per year is only $800 per week. As long as they've been in business, they know what they are doing.
  3. Being pedantic, the tax rate for those buildings is the same as for any other building with the same taxing entities. Total taxes vary on property value and any exemptions. The taxes on the Sand Dollar property were $41k last year, the label warehouse owners paid $29k. Neither of those amounts is that high, and the business model for those types of stores are to buy stock for almost nothing, and get it out the door for a 300% markup, with prices that are much less than a regular retail establishment. The label warehouse owners have several other stores in Houston, all of them owned for some time, so their carry costs are probably minimal, as they acquired them when property was much cheaper. There are three Sand Dollar stores with similar ownership histories. I doubt either company is interested in selling their properties, or they likely would have by now.
  4. Another potential mural site?
  5. This comment mentions KTRK, and here's a link with a Tom Evans reference at Universal Weather Reference to Chris Chandler in the comments to this link IMDB reference for Chandler Picture at KPRC here
  6. If that's what the owners of the properties want, I'm OK with it. As a benefit, the various taxing authorities would get more revenue than the vacant lots with surface parking provide. The garages would likely go away as new buildings become economic. I do doubt, though, that parking garages are going to sprout up all over the place, given the cost to build, and the low probability that, other than for special events, there will be enough customers to make a profit. And, it seems like more companies are leaving Downtown for cheaper, or owned property elsewhere in the city, which makes random parking garage construction less likely.
  7. So, the property is going to just sit there until late next year? That's a little disappointing.
  8. Limit the number of posts, and put them in a separate subforum.
  9. That's not a new terminal, it's a replacement and redevelopment of an existing bus terminal, with an extension of the Caltrain line from 4th and King to the new terminal(unlikely to be completed until 2026, apparently), and a pedestrian connection to the existing BART Embarcadero station near Market and Pine. It's easy to build a terminal when most of the connections are nearby or already exist. The San Francisco project is nothing like the proposals for the NW Mall site. San Francisco also has far higher density, and far less empty space, so there is more impetus for transit projects, and they make more sense there.
  10. So,the folks who work in the architect office across the street will have a cool new place to go after work, without the risk of driving. Nice to see some new stuff in that area. Especially without a negative impact on houses.
  11. Now that's some different music! Thanks for mentioning it.
  12. So long, farewell...
  13. The cases heard in municipal court are all small misdemeanors. Jury separation is a far smaller issue.
  14. Someone needs to tell Harris County that, since both of the main courthouses are high rise buildings. 800 Bell's elevators are first class, fast, and there are a lot of them. 3 banks if I remember correctly from meetings I attended there.
  15. What a moron. The state is dire straits, and he's worried about the freaking clock? If he forces the state to use CST year round, there goes my son's baseball league, which doesn't have lights, plus he and I won't be able to play 9 golf holes after work in the Spring and summer, nor will there be light to do household stuff outdoors in the evening.