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  1. I don't think one entity owns all of those properties. HCAD shows different owners with different addresses. Doesn't mean they aren't related, but it's unlikely. When I get time, I'll see if the County Clerk's office shows any changes that aren't in HCAD
  2. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    Is that based on experience, or just an assumption that people who vote for politicians with an anti-LGBT bent will be personally hateful to their neighbors? I know a lot of folks in Montgomery County, and they vote for Republicans mostly due to a desire to eliminate taxes, not to support discrimination. On a personal level, they don't care who you are or what your personal life is, as long as you keep your house looking neat and follow the deed restrictions.
  3. The view from the top of the coffee silos at Atlantic Coffee Solutions at 3900 Harrisburg was amazing when I did some work there in the 80's (it was Maxwell House then). Sadly, I did not even own a camera at that point. For more realistic choices, you might try some of the taller buildings at UH, assuming they are accessible to the public. If you are quick(this is basically sketchy in terms of legality), and do it on a Sunday morning at 0630, you could get a good shot from the Gulf Freeway where it goes over Velasco. Pull up Google Maps, and look at the street view from some of the 45 overpasses to the SE of Downtown, plus some shots from other places.
  4. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    I have several gay colleagues who live in The Woodlands, and love it. Yes, the area votes mostly Republican, but that's driven more by a dislike of Democrat fiscal policy than anything else. I've never heard of any issues towards non-traditional families, and my colleagues are the types that would be saying and doing something if that occurred. The Woodlands is much greener than the areas South of Houston, with more trees, and, the last time I checked, lower taxes in many areas, as Conroe ISD tax rate is relatively low. In The Woodlands proper, MUD taxes are lower than average as well..
  5. More coming to Midtown!

    Almost anything would be better than the crappy labor pool thing that was there.
  6. That's not a cause of action you could actually sue for. You have no right to a guaranteed view.
  7. You didn't like the building, or you didn't like the former owner? The building was blah to me, but the research done there, as told to me by people in the know was pretty amazing.
  8. And, so far, no one has come up with a technology to replace the ability of hydrocarbon powered vehicles to travel hundreds of miles, refill the energy storage compartment in 5 minutes and travel hundreds more miles. My own feeling is that it will be nearly impossible to develop a means to charge a battery in just a few minutes. We also have no real means to generate enough electricity to charge millions of electric vehicles, other than(inset evil music here) nuclear.. We might be better served by developing a means to catalyze CO2 into other substances, either by decomposition or combining with something else.
  9. Look for places that do powder coating - they blast clean before doing the powder coat.
  10. HISD Building on Richmond

    HISD got enough money from the sale of the old building to construct the new one on property the district already owned. The new one is not an architectural masterpiece, but it is a modern building that is better suited for the workers and the public.
  11. LyondellBasell Expansion

    Read this before you use the drone, and this isn't complete after the legislature did their thing in the regular session This looks like the applicable section Sec. 423.0045. OFFENSE: OPERATION OF UNMANNED AIRCRAFT OVER CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITY. although it doesn't say much about pictures taken from outside the facility.
  12. That's not the tallest building in Houston.
  13. Franklin + Milam: 10-Story Garage

    Driving to bars isn't the problem, it's the driving from bars where the trouble starts...
  14. Interesting on the document type. I am not too surptised, since document management systems are very dependent on humans for correct classification. Good luck with your plan!