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  1. I know there has been a lot of vacant land in this area up until recently, but the neighboring single story storage facilities seem like such a massive waste of real estate. Discount mini storage (9419 Buffalo Speedway) alone has about 5 acres of land. Unfortunately, this stretch of South Main is littered with them
  2. Turner, Fertitta now back "collaborative" approach with UT, UH, Rice, TSU, and A&M http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Turner-Build-the-data-institute-on-UT-s-land-11121076.php http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Turner-Fertitta-endorse-data-center-plan-call-11122792.php
  3. I don't see any official news on this one yet, but another plan review permit was issued in late March and today they had some sample brick facades sitting out there. Kind of hard to differentiate what might be happening here from all of the Project Brays work around this site, but I take this as a positive sign
  4. Walked by the site today and noticed the neighboring Best Western signage has been removed / covered up. Still saw some cars parked in the below ground garage but noticeably fewer cars on surface lot
  5. Welp, I hope this doesn't screw things up http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Texas-Medical-Center-CEO-tapped-for-University-of-10984934.php
  6. Is street abandonment a long process? Just curious as to the motivation to do it now when the school isn't moving until 2018. Does a developer typically have to reveal anything regarding the plans as part of this process? Just thinking back to Museo Plaza and the plans to abandon Palm. I suspect there won't be much push back from the community on this one
  7. I love seeing more density around Rice Village, and at least their other projects look decent. Too bad about the scrapped Randall Davis project on Shakespeare...
  8. + Seamus Cookiie Ricardo (not buying it, dude) Lara Hastings (not quite as sure) The problem is, the people are actually interacting in threads and will probably even comment on this list...but it's just weird
  9. Surely there is a way to track the IPs. These all appear to be the same person as they have very similar writing styles - generic questions, 2 line responses, etc, etc. All of these "people" (including Ricardo, above, who enjoys threads about coffee) have joined since late October. Just checked "new content" and the vast majority of posts are the same typical crap. Hard to use the forum when that's happening even in the middle of the day Edit: Just read the "Happiness is..." thread. Please make it stop
  10. These BS posts are seriously discouraging me from checking the site, as "new content" is pretty much the only thing I click on here. It's so strange that they read semi-legit but are on topics that none of us give a crap about. "How Do You Like Your Coffee?" Seriously? We need some new #$% projects already
  11. Much better, hopefully that's the actual rendering
  12. One of those "plan review fees" was issued for AHC South Main yesterday. Not sure how meaningful that is but it appears this is still progressing Project No: 16110569 Date : 2016/10/31 00:00:00 USE : MASTER INCLUDES (8) SUB PROJECTS; NEW SH Owner/Occupant : *AHC SOUTH MAIN Job Address : 7551 MAIN ST 77030 Valuation : $ 0 Permit Type : PX FCC Group : Buyer : HOUSER CARLA Address : 8300 FM 1960 200 77070 Phone : (281) 380-9059
  13. Same here, I've read a few stories but don't really buy it. We're on the fringe of what I'd consider walkable (little over a mile). I would think someone willing to fork down $1000's per night on a rental and the tickets themselves wouldn't necessarily be all that concerned with walking, but who knows If you search airbnb for Super Bowl weekend (I put 2/3 to 2/6) you see prices all over the place, with some "hopeful" people putting $2K+/night, some nowhere near NRG. Not sure how to quickly figure out if that's actually working for anyone
  14. There's been some equipment there for a while as they've been using it as the base for the Main St repaving. That job has been surprisingly stagnant for a while as it is certainly not done but I haven't seen them actually pave anything in weeks
  15. I swear I've read some terrible reviews on that existing Residence Inn - or maybe it's Moody Manor? - but glad to see it will be gone. It is certainly nowhere dense enough for the value of that land. Also glad for some confirmation that the new tower is going in Interesting to see a possible grocery store mentioned since one (Kroger) is literally right next door