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  1. Removed in the topic about redevelopment into a Sheraton, since there isn't any appreciable progress or news about that.
  2. It seems a bit disproportionate citing it for graffiti when the entire structure is such an eyesore. Nothing ever came of the Sheraton rumor?
  3. If you look at the explosion of retail for the "upscale and wealthy" lately (River Oaks District, Galleria expansion, Kirby Collection, Rice Village redevelopment etc etc) it is hard to see how much demand there could be for yet another retail destination for the upscale and wealthy. Or maybe they feel they don't have enough choices, and I'm just blind to it.
  4. Something like Target is the only thing I can see working. The days of the old-style department stores are quickly drawing to a close. I wouldn't want to pay incentives to support a business model that is going away.
  5. Topic reported for trolling and personal remarks. Keep it on topic and civil. Anyone intentionally trolling gets banned.
  6. Note Block 98 topics merged.
  7. I had never seen the Arquitectonia proposal before. It is a shame that was never built.
  8. Along with the Le Meridien/Melrose Building redevelopment, this represents a big step in preservation and reuse of mid-century modern turquoise buildings. I for one couldn't be happier.
  9. I really like the Stinger. It reminds me of a Maserati Quattroporte somehow. And I like that they didn't go with yet another alphanumeric name. The Camry I don't get. This is supposed to be a regular ol' car for regular ol' people, and yet Toyota keeps trying to push the styling envelope with it. My guess is that the typical Camry buyer would be perfectly content with a sedate, boring design. That is the Camry heritage. The LS is OK, but that grill and front end just don't work.
  10. I used to have meetings there back in the day and it was always nice, but a little dusty and dated. I always thought the Houston Club had a great design - very urban. Along with the Gulf Building that block on Travis was one of my favorites in Houston.
  11. It is a nice design.
  12. For a while didn't El Chico have a happy hour buffet thing?
  13. Now that the structure has been cleaned up, you can imagine how when it opened in 1951 it must have looked like a vision of the future. This was the first modern-style skyscraper in Houston.
  14. Done, my good man
  15. Didn't the Banker's Mortgage/Great Jones Building house a large menswear store back in the day?