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  1. I wish someone would show a picture of this to whoever designed that monstrosity at Franklin & Milam.
  2. Are you thinking of the South Texas National Bank in the 200 block of Main?
  3. Parts of Boyhood took place, and were filmed, in Houston.
  4. I think the DFW area owes a big hats-off to the taxpayers of Arlington for shelling out for stadium after stadium.
  5. Great post. It seems to me that Houston should be perfect for fostering start-ups. I would think there would be a lot of potential in the medical services field.
  6. Great news. I think the timing is right. The Houston economy seems to be starting to pick up again, and this building will hopefully catch the market on the upswing.
  7. Yes, there was a big sign of a Pink Pussycat hanging in front.
  8. Off topic posts deleted.
  9. That's fascinating, although I find it hard to believe there was ever a serious proposal for that location. The first unbuilt one that springs to mind for that location is the Campeau Tower, but that would have been in south downtown.
  10. Sears exists more as a real estate holding company that happens to have a lot of empty Sears and Kmart stores occupying the real estate. I don't think they are really that interested in operating retail and much as unloading the real estate. At some point the Midtown location will be sold for some other use.
  11. Stop trying to derail the thread. Keep it on topic.
  12. News like this gets me a lot more excited about this project.
  13. I always liked Town & Country mall. It was my "go to" mall for a long time, mainly because it was never very crowded and it was quick to get in and out. They had an Abercrmobie & Fitch, on the south axis I think, back when it was an outdoor equipment store.
  14. That is true. They were acquired by Chemical Bank. If that hadn't happened though I suspect their fate would have been the same as the others. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I think that Bank of the Southwest, First City and TCB ended up as part of today's Chase Bank, InterFirst and Republic ended up within Bank of America, and Allied part of Wells Fargo.
  15. Thank you both. I thought the original Foley's structure was demolished.