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  1. 2416 Brazos St

    Note dupe topics merged.
  2. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    Wasn't there another railcar themed restaurant at South Main and OST. I think they briefly had a kind of rumbling effect to simulate trains.
  3. Amazon HQ2

    Done. Wouldn't Austin be as likely a candidate as Dallas or Houston? Large tech workforce, and it is already the headquarters of Whole Foods, now owned by Amazon.
  4. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    I think Christie's is still there, at Westheimer and Greenridge. They also used to have a location on South Main. The Strawberry Patch was on Westheimer as I recall. Good place.
  5. WESTHEIMER & MONTROSE (900 Westheimer)

    Merged the topics
  6. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Any activity on this one?
  7. 723 Main Street to Become an AC Hotel By Marriott

    I understand that given the alteration of the new facade it would be difficult to restore the original, but it seems a bit much to call the existing facade "landmark".
  8. I think that was always a standalone tunnel section to connect the old Gibraltar Savings Building with the parking garage. To your point though, given the Texaco redevelopment, 609 Main, and Magnolia Hotel, it would have seemed a no-brainer to extend that section.
  9. 2412 Washington Avenue

    The Pig Stand was one of a kind - a fun place to hang out.
  10. You know, I was a little disappointed that they didn't reopen the tunnel that connected this garage to the Texaco complex across the street. Anyway, good to hear about the retail.
  11. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    I like this place so much I'm making a point of spending a night there.
  12. Of course not!
  13. Lola's @ Yale & 11th St.

    Note duplicate L-O-L-A topics merged.
  14. Hardy Yards Development

    Note dupe topics merged
  15. Fiesta at 23rd & Shepherd Closing

    Note dupe Fiesta topics merged