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  1. The beige paint was a sure sign of what was to come. At this point the architectural integrity is gone, just as Weingarten has long intended.
  2. Normally I would be very sympathetic to this kind of concern, but in this case the architectural integrity of the shopping center was compromised back when the Barnes & Noble was built. At this point I'm not convinced it is a battle worth fighting.
  3. All taken care of..
  4. Note some off-topic posts deleted.
  5. Note moved some posts to a new topic here: Health Care
  6. Wasn't there a Champs on the south side of 290? Maybe around Bingle or Antoine?
  7. Apologies for confusing east with west. Directions are hard! My first thought also was that it seemed strange to have the parking block on Main. The rendering shows the main entrance fronting Dallas so part of the parking garage would be next to the main entrance. In both the Capitol Tower and proposed Market Square towers the parking structures are in the back, away from the primary entrance.
  8. Dallas at Fannin, looking east. I think it is purely conceptual.
  9. With the Lamar Hotel block they didn't even remove all the foundation - just demolished deep enough and poured asphalt on top.
  10. Well it does look like they are trying to echo the design of the Wedge Building, which helps, but that said it's no architectural masterpiece.
  11. This is humdrum? I wish more local projects could be so humdrum!
  12. The original plan for a retail district was from 2013. Since then it has become a lot more apparent that the retail sector as it used to be is going to undergo a lot more shrinkage. Too many people just have too many things delivered to their homes. If anything, I wonder if Houston isn't already over-retailed, especially in the luxury sector with Galleria expansion, River Oaks District, Kirby Collection, Rice Village re-do etc. Trying to build a retail district from scratch is going to be next-to-impossible when there is less and less demand for stores.
  13. Just my own opinion, but to me the place doesn't really come off as all that luxurious, either outside or inside. The interior seems like the kind of "luxurious" that will seem tatty in just a few years. And the exterior, just nondescript.
  14. Thanks for the definition. I notice that at the link it is just referred to as a Dallas Street improvement to create a "pedestrian-friendly experience". Not a word about retail. Perhaps they gave up on the idea.