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  1. Humble Country Club

    The Humble Oil Country Club you remeber was most probably the golf course located on Allen Genoa at Red Bluff. I think it's closed down now.
  2. Historic Scanlan mansion in Ft.Bend

    That is very sad. My mother worked/volunteered on fundraising activities for the Cenacle Sisters that operated a retreat center on the property. I have several postcard type pictures of the place as it looked in the late 1950's and early 1960's, that came from the small bookstore that the nuns operated inside of the building. Before I started school I would accompany my mother there on Monday's (her work day out there). The nuns would watch me, entertain me and feed me while my mother worked. She had a work office upstairs inside of the big house, that she shared with a nun she reported to (Sister Vandenberg). Sister Petra, the one that watched me was the cook. The nuns lived in a small house just to the west of the big house. The retreat buildings were behind the big house, and a wooden chapel was located just to the east of those buildings. I basically had the run of the place on these weekly visits. I was told not to go down by the lake (a lost bend from Oyster Creek I suspect). There was a small grotto and bench down there, but nobody went there because of the water moccasins, which I discovered on one of my forbidden trips down there. Yes I got in trouble when I told on myself. The Cenacle Sisters eventually built a new modern facility on Kirkwood in west Houston at Buffalo Bayou in the mid 1960's. I have never had reason to go back to the Scanlan place after that. I'm really surprised it had lasted this long.
  3. Incarnate Word Convent

    That's exactly were it was, up against Ave B. There was a long hedge lined walkway from the convent over to it. We had a class function/party there in 1970 when I was a sophomore. No one went swimming though. I think it was too cold that day. It was strictly part of the convent, not the school. Students had to have a reason to even be on that part of the property. It was a typical 60's outdoor gunite pool, with pee gravel surrounding it. Not that big either, from what I remember. There was a diving board and a life guard stand believe it or not. I guess Sister Mary Somebody would be on duty if students went swimming. Can't believe I remember all that.
  4. RIP, Baybrook Sears

    Sears Holdings owns their building outright, so they will have the first (and possibly the last) word on what tenant will lease the space from them.
  5. Health Care

    Somehow I don't feel like thanking president Trump, just yet.
  6. Old Plantation Near Polk and S. Wayside

    Awesome photo you discovered there Tejano. This was propoably one of the outer structures on the propoerty and not the main Simms house, as the main house was a larger plantation style home, which was 3 stories. I know this because a group of us high schoolers were in it one night in 1970 or possibly 1971. It was empty and pretty trashed out at that time. We were coming down from the third floor when a group of guys (probably east enders) cornered us and wouldn't let us by. They were acting kind of bullyish toward us until the girls in our group shamed them into letting us by. Gotta love those hippie girls.
  7. I hate to hear that he has gotten worse. I'm sorry he has to see his life end in such a slow and unfortunate pace. I never considered his show in any way a Houston show. His crank pot messaging always sounded foreign (alien) to me. I wish him well and hope he makes peace with himself and the world before he passes. His illness however never excused his anti liberal diatribes and unnecessary minimizing of gays, immigrants, progressives, union members, the poor, and any others that were not like him and his followers. His selective base of loyal of listeners I'm sure will miss him and idolize him as someone who held their same views, vocalizing and validating it for them to hear on a daily basis. No one should have to suffer a long death. I truly wish him a quick and easy passing. Cancer sucks!
  8. Health Care

    Thank you. I feel so much better now that you explained this to me. When we are all sidelined and out of a job I'll remember your explanation and thank all of you (and Dr. Ferrari) who voted for Trump.
  9. Corner of San Felipe and Voss

    Wildcat, I didn't mean to imply that Kinkaid students or alumni are bad people, I was just trying to make the point that the road extension was held up for years, by the village people (Piney Point, Hunters Creek and the others too). It just seemed like they wanted to keep us folks out that lived on the other side of the bayou from them. At least it felt that way to us.
  10. Baylor St.Luke's McNair Campus Expansion

    CHI St Luke's still owns the St Luke's Tower on Bates St along with the now vacant 1950's era hospital building on Bertner. The Texas Heart Center building on Bertner is also owner by CHI St. Luke's. They did sell the O'Quinn Tower on Fannin and the Baylor Clinic building on Main St. to Texas Children's last year. Texas Children's would be the obvious purchaser of those remaining TMC buildings once CHI St Luke's fully moves all of it's services to the McNair campus. The two institutions share already common corridors, several entrances and some life safety systems in those original buildings anyway.
  11. Health Care

    Thank you Republicans for screwing with one of the expanding markets in Houston and across the nation. Now we have to put all of our plans on hold and wait it out.
  12. Texas Children's Hospital New 25-Story Tower

    The crane will come down in July.
  13. I don't really care, so long as I can continue to listen to Tom Tynan's home improvement show on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  14. Way Off Topic is set aside for politics. It says so right in the header. I don't usually post in this section, but it's there for those that want to, so long as they keep it respectful. I don't see it as a royal mess. I get it now.
  15. Way Off Topic is set aside for politics. It says so right in the header. I don't usually post in this section, but it's there for those that want to, so long as they keep it respectful. I don't see it as a royal mess.