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  1. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    I apologize if I've responded to this in the past (or maybe I just read it a while back). LC Cafeteria was under Walgreen's on Main @ Walker, not Woolworth's (Main & McKinney) You could enter from the front entrance on Main @ Walker via an escalator (right next to the entrance to Walgreen's) or from the back entrance on Travis @ Walker (right next to the back entrance to Walgreen's). It was huge, occupied the entire side (the basement) of the southern half of the block (Walker, Travis, Rusk & Main) directly under Walgreen's. I came back to Houston in 1998 (gone for 15 years) and by this time it was an all you can eat buffet but only occupied the western half of the original LC Cafeteria, you could now only enter and exit at Walker and Travis. Don't think it lasted very long after this and years later the entire San Jacinto Building was demolished. Across the street on Main was James Coney Island, so many eating places on street level in those days!
  2. houstoric project

    In the early 70's (I was about 9) my dad used to drive us through downtown and pass by it for kicks. I remember the big pink cat being on Main @ Congress . Great thread (and the links especially), thanks!
  3. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    Interesting, agree about time. I was aware of the demolition of the Pierce Elevated and reconstruction of US 59 (now I-69) and I-45 in downtown but wasn't aware the 59 elevated in midtown was also going to be trenched. And Fiesta's lease being up in a couple of years, no kidding, this area certainly is going to look different in about a decade. So very needed. It is quite depressing to go into that Sears and see the state it is now in. I can remember being a kid and how it was then. You couldn't shop there without having some popcorn. The display windows that are now bricked up, the restaurant sitting empty and the deplorable condition of the restrooms, very, very depressing. Good riddance to the end of this place!
  4. "The 550-car garage spans both sides of the block, but the office building sits atop just the southern half. The north half of the garage will remain open during construction. " -- This has me a little confused. Does this mean their garage is a part of (and connected to) the old Foley's garage? I know the Foley's garage is on the northern half (or maybe the northern third) of the block. I remember using the Foley's garage but it seemed to be just that top part of the block.
  5. 400 Westmoreland Alterations

    Very nice pictures.
  6. Gulf Building

    My dad used to boast about how The Gulf Building was the tallest building in Houston when he was a kid and how beautiful it was which is true. He also used to tell us kids that the cupola atop The Niels Esperson Building was the home of a gorilla. And of course as kids, we believed it.
  7. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Great thread. Thank you so much as I have been curious for some time now what the old Melrose Building was being redeveloped as.
  8. I remember the one on Hiram Clarke was an Oriental Dry Cleaners. In later years it became a funeral home, I think it still might be. Thanks for the picture!
  9. The Bank Of The Southwest Tower

    Awesome pics of the never built Southwest Tower, thank you! I remember the time so well.
  10. Pre-AIDS Houston

    The original James Coney Island was at the south east corner of Main and Walker (currently the location of BG Group, 811 Main Street). I remember the desk chairs used in the dining room.
  11. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    Awesome photo, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! It looks like the corner of Stanford & Westheimer looking east toward Main Street, and I'd say circa 1981, 82 or earlier. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  12. Del Taco (old locations)

    As mentioned by earlier post, I too remember the one at Richmond and the 59 Spur as well as the one on S. Braeswood just west of Hillcroft. I grew up in the Hiram Clarke area and remember when Del Taco was built at the corner of Hiram Clarke and West Fuqua. This was in the late 70's. Last time I was in the area (about 10 years ago) it was a Popeye's Fried Chicken restaurant.
  13. Lower Westheimer, 1986

    Does anybody remember where gay bar called The Midnight Sun from the late 70's/early 80's was located? I seem to recall it being right near the curve (around where Katz is now) but a friend told me it was further in on lower Westheimer, probably near Numbers (then called Club Babylon I believe). I do know it was on Westheimer but just cannot recall exactly where it was. Was it demolished or could it still be there as something else. Great thread!
  14. Houston Phone Numbers Became "numbers"

    thanks for the reply little frau, The dates HCAD list for a year a home is built is often off. The home my parents bought in 1964 (when I was 1 year old) is listed as being built in 1962, which sounds about right because they said their home was only a year or so old. This was in Meredith Manor/South Glen directly in front of Montgomery Elementary. Those houses were demolished by the Harris County Flood Control District about 12 years ago. The houses on the back side of the school (Simsbrook) my parents were told were a few years older than ours (probably built around the same time as Pamela Heights), however HCAD list them as being built in 1965. Again, off topic, if you grew up in Pamela Heights, your elementary school probably was Hobby, right? Or could it have been Montgomery, since Montgomery was built in 1960, the first of the elementary schools in the area. I went to Montgomery, then Dowling Junior High, then Madison High.
  15. Houston Phone Numbers Became "numbers"

    Great thread. I have an elderly aunt who lives in the 5th Ward and has had the same number now for over 60 years! OR-3 prefix, later known just as 673. I knew back in the 50's (by looking at the ads in my mother's high school yearbooks) that at that time Houston phone number were only 6 digits, I've often wondered how her number changed when then digits were expanded to 7 numbers (since I've heard she had the same number all those years) and have found my answer in this thread, really love this site! Apparently her number used to be OR-xxxx and was modified to OR3-xxxx as it remains today. One of my aunts lived in the East End and I recall her number starting with CA. Another aunt lived near the Heights (Cottage Grove actually) and her number started with UN. I understand those prefixes Capital and Underwood. However one I don't understand is growing up (in the newely established Southwest Houston, south of South Main & Hiram Clarke) our phone number was ID3-0558 (I will never forget our first phone number, this was in the late 1960's) I believe the ID stood for Idlywood which confuses me because I know there is an older subdivision in the East End (Lawndale/Wayside area) called Idlywood. As "gruffbear" 'grandparents lived in Parkview (just north of where we grew up), the PA (72) prefix makes sense but again ID3 (433) still does not makes sense to me since the Hiram Clarke area is no where near the Idlywood subdivision!