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  1. They are still working on them.... http://swamplot.com/piecemeal-59-bridge-blackouts-just-part-of-the-post-super-bowl-plan/2017-03-17/
  2. Filling in fast....
  3. It will mostly depend on what is available where you are living. My current house didn't have any provider - I initially tried using a Verizon hot spot (got expensive and I hated worrying about how much data I was using) and OTA TV (which is very good if you don't need a lot of channels) I eventually went with Comcast Business (they buried a cable directly to my house from a couple blocks away). Having business service means I pay more but I also get better service if I have issues (I also had to sign a 3yr contract) Most of my neighbors have DirecTV antennas on their roof for TV service and use slow AT&T DSL for internet I had AT&T U-Verse in my previous condo and hated it - speed was up and down and overall just slow
  4. Repairs underway
  5. You were right gene.....Velvet Taco and more.... http://swamplot.com/edge-realty-now-seeking-to-fill-bright-orange-box-with-neighbors-for-a-montrose-velvet-taco/2017-03-14/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+swamplot+(Swamplot%3A+Houston's+Real+Estate+Landscape)
  6. The remnants of Fuzzy's Tacos have been removed
  7. Price drop of $100K since initial offering http://www.har.com/1004-california-302/sale_13798374
  8. http://www.chron.com/business/texanomics/article/Sales-taxes-show-no-Super-Bowl-bump-yet-10974230.php EDIT: The link no longer works