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  1. We stopped by about 3-4 weeks ago also, a Saturday night around 9:00pm.... there were maybe 10 people there - nobody playing any sports....I drive by every day during the day and have never seen anyone there so I'm assuming it's a night time thing...
  2. Going up on Velasco near I-45
  3. So this area will be called EaRi ?? (sorry)
  4. EaDo Point https://www.virtualbx.com/construction-preview/24139-ancorian-s-vision-for-houston-s-east-village-north-takes-shape.html
  5. I ride my bike down Runnels to the bike path and noticed some concrete work being done (curbs removed) on Runnels and wondered what they were up to.....this answers that questions...nice find !!
  6. Project is complete http://montrosedistrict.org/2017/05/montrose-management-district-finalizes-installation-of-led-lights-on-us-59-bridges/
  7. I can't tell if any work is being done - it is looking pretty shabby