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  1. Elysian Viaduct

    They are working on the sections near Hardy Yards
  2. Sampson Lofts - Warehouse to be Converted to Residential

    I live a block away - trains stop on those tracks a lot
  3. Marriott Marquis - new GRB Convention Center Hotel + Retail

    I have been several times since the Super Bowl with locals and out-of-towners - we have not had any issues with service or food, and my out-of-town friends love the Texas pool
  4. Marriott Marquis - new GRB Convention Center Hotel + Retail

  5. Cheek Neal Coffee Building to be Restored

    I have been wondering what was going on here (and with his Schlumberger building) as work seems to have slowed to a crawl.
  6. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Houston Press review of Chapman and Kirby http://www.houstonpress.com/restaurants/chapman-and-kirby-is-now-open-in-eado-a-first-look-9648195
  7. Hardy Yards Development

  8. Hardy Yards Development

  9. More coming to Midtown!

  10. More coming to Midtown!

    Demolition beginning at House of Dereon
  11. Car Talk

    2018 Jaguar E-Pace (the F-Pace's baby brother)
  12. Shipping container homes

    It looks a lot less "containery"