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  1. For those hosting photos on Flickr... It appears for now, not much will change https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/20/smugmug-acquires-flickr/
  2. Old Teala's on W Dallas

    Emmaline's now open http://dineemmaline.com https://houston.eater.com/2017/8/2/16085138/houston-emmaline-montrose-opening-september-2017
  3. The Moderne at Rice Village: 7-Story Condo Building @2406 Tangley

    HAR listing with pics https://www.har.com/2406-tangley-200/sale_13320082
  4. Can anyone help an out-of-towner?

    I used to live in this area, a few blocks closer to Downtown. From my perspective, this area will keep growing and improving, lots of new townhomes going up (although slower now than a few years ago). It's an excellent location right on the edge of Downtown/Midtown which are also seeing a lot of new development. There are a few shady spots in the area you are describing, but those are slowly going away.
  5. Proposed development at 2617 McKinney

    That used to be an old steel recycling place, then recently was EaDo PlayHouse.....it's been sold for a while, glad to see something is going in it's place
  6. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    Trees planted
  7. HCC Central College Improvements

  8. New Affordable Housing East of Downtown

  9. East Village Mixed-Use Development at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Had drinks at Chapman & Kirby before dinner - huge space but no people were there They also told me the proposed Vodka Distillery located behind them fell through and the space is up for lease
  10. East Village Mixed-Use Development at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Had dinner at Rodeo Goat last night - great burgers and surprise fries - margaritas were terrible though
  11. Holocaust Museum expansion

  12. 2920 Lamar St.

  13. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    Getting ready for the In Bloom Music Festival https://www.inbloomfestival.com
  14. Nothing much new to see - just wasting away....