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  1. I found this corner in Google Maps imagery taken this year and there are only two gravestones there now. I'm guessing one of the families decided they wanted their relative's stone removed.
  2. He's not retiring. He's just changing jobs.
  3. There was another afternoon kid show on Houston TV at the same time Kitirik's show was on KTRK in the mid and late 50s. Looney Town was on KPRC and the host was "Uncle Bert" Lynn. His show was just like Kitirik's - nutty fun and games with kids and Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoons. Lynn owned a music and musical instrument store in southeast Houston and he was a skilled steel guitar player. He used that talent in his show playing his "talking" steel guitar he named "Stringy". He talked to the guitar and made it respond to him with funny sounding steel guitar riffs. Another gimmick was letting kid viewers be members of 'Looney Town" by writing him a letter and asking for a membership card. Ahem. I was a card-carrying citizen of Looney Town. Lynn wasn't a young man at the time, so Looney Town went off the air in the late 50s, probably because the high energy it demanded got to be too much for him. Kitirik's show outlasted it by many years. I don't remember a clown on his show. but it's probable that he had one. A live kid show like that is extremely hard for just one person to do. The host needs a foil like a clown to help entertain the kids and keep the show moving.
  4. There was a clown on Kitirik's kid show. He was Nod the Clown, and he and Kitirik played games with the kids.
  5. I wasn't at the Hellfighters Premiere in Houston, but several friends who were there told me the audience cheered and applauded when Wayne cold-cocked Chris Chandler. That's the reputation the cocky and obnoxious Chandler had in Houston. He was so vain and self-important that he got one of those folding "Director" chairs with his name on it and sat near the Director Andrew McLaglen behind the camera. He made sure the KPRC reporter and news crew got film of him "hob-nobbing" with the VIPs, but he got kicked out of that area when he started offering suggestions on how he thought scenes should be shot.
  6. The Internet Movie Database says Chris Chandler was Chick Chandler's nephew.
  7. ***gpb - The old Borden's sign from downtown Houston was bought by the husband of a lady, who has has since retired from Borden's, as a present. It is now at their residence in Conroe on Longmire Rd. (drive slow, you'll see all the stuff).They have other articles and relics from all over the world in a warehouse and various other bldgs in their "backyard". They have a small store in front where many things are for sale or trade. (Really neat stuff). My wife worked there 20 +years and worked for the lady in the accounting dept, and we had the privilege to tour a few times.*** People who like watching American Pickers on the History Channel know that places like this one are the very sorts of places the "pickers" look for. Can gpb provide the name of that place and a phone number? I want to submit it to the Pickers producers because it sounds like it has a lot of stuff the "pickers" like to buy. They're especially fond of old signs, and it's been a while since they've been to Texas.
  8. It was gruesome for sure, but reporters have the luxury of being able to cover stories from arm's length distance. In that line of work you learn very early NOT to get too close to the stories you cover. Reporters who get emotionally involved don't last long.
  9. I'm a retired Houston radio news reporter who has vivid memories of the Mass Murders committed by Dean Corll and two accomplices. I covered and reported that story every day from day one - the day Wayne Henley was arrested for killing Corll and revealing the most sickening story of depravity and cruelty I've ever encountered. My point: The coverage went on for several years, and not once in any of that coverage was Corll ever referred to as the "Candy Man". Yes he worked in his mother's candy business, and he was known for giving free candy to children, and the kids called him the Candy Man, but I don't remember anybody ever referring to him as Candy Man during the long investigation that followed his death. On the other hand, Ronald Clark O'Bryan - the guy who poisoned his children on Halloween in 1974 - WAS called the Candy Man for the rest of his sorry life till he was executed in 1984, proclaiming his innocence to the end. Dean Corll was killed more than a year earlier in August of 73, and the Mass Murder story played out well into 1974 and 1975 as police found bodies of Corll's victims all around the Houston area, on the Gulf Coast, and in east Texas. Trials of Corll's accomplices kept the story going for a long time. The Mass Murders were still front page news when RC O'Bryan poisoned his kids in August of 74, and somehow the two stories got conflated and Corll became the Candy Man in many people's minds, even though he never lured children to their deaths with candy. His victims were teenage hitch-hikers he and his helpers picked up on the freeways, many of whom were runaways.
  10. BigDenTx -- I remember that Pasadena Chuck Wagon too. Got burgers there many times, and I THINK they also sold some Tex-Mex because I also bought tacos there - unless my memory is playing its usual tricks on me. I went to Jackson too. A VERY long time ago. Eisenhower was President. When were you there?
  11. I've always thought it was an ego thing and - as we all know - doctors are famous for their world-class egos. John Hill married Connie because she was almost the exact opposite of his first wife, the hard-partying Society Beauty Queen of the Horsey Set Joan Robinson Hill. Joan was always the center of attention in the society pages, with John in the background. With the quiet and reserved Connie he could be the center of attention. It's also probable that Connie shared his love of great music. Just theories, but they're mine, and I'm sticking to them.
  12. px4man - You already know this, but other readers here may not. Cody Irby's father was Houston Police Officer James Irby, who was killed in the line of duty June 27, 1990. Cody was born 2 and a half months after his father was gunned down in cold blood by a guy who had been stopped for a traffic violation. The killer is still on death row.
  13. The name John N. Lomax explains everything. Say no more.
  14. **** a name and totem pole imagery that would be considered wildly offensive by today’s standards. **** Today's standards? Whose standards pray tell? The only people who would say such a thing are those who wake up every day in the fervent hope that someone will do or say something that offends them. I call those people POOPERS. "Perpetually Outraged and Offended Persons." I was never offended by the name "U-Tot-em". And I pay absolutely NO attention to people who say they are offended.
  15. Am I the only one here who remembers the Pizza Yoint on Spencer Hwy in South Houston? I think I remember I set a record for chugging a mug of beer one night in the sixties when i was a student at San Jac College just down the road.