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  1. HISD Building on Richmond

    Here's another.
  2. HISD Building on Richmond

    I Googled "HISD Taj Majal".
  3. Scene west, Three Fountains, Cummins Lane

    Reading postings like these make me deliriously grateful that I got all the craziness and "one night stands" out of my life before AIDS and smart phones. Would any of us dare to run around that way in today's world? Not me.
  4. Big Butt-Ugly Building at 1500 OST

    Yes it is in terrible condition. I can't imagine anybody buying it intending to use it. And it does appear that I just never really noticed this building until I drove past it last week for the first time in almost ten years. For some reason its ugliness just made it jump out at me. It sticks out like a giant scab. I worked in Houston till I retired and moved to east Texas in 2010. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Big Butt-Ugly Building at 1500 OST

    This is the building I'm talking about, and it appears to be empty and for sale. I guess Shell's oil products aren't doing well. And thanks for your quick response. I'm driving there again tomorrow, but now I know what that monstrosity used to be.
  6. I went to Houston last week for the first time in a bunch of years, and driving down OST toward the Medical Center I drove past the ugliest building I've ever seen. It's huge and looks like two pyramids glued together. It looks for all the world like something out of Doctor Who - a space age military fortress. It's at 1500 OST, the corner of OST and North Stadium Drive. Does anybody know who built that monstrosity, and for what purpose?
  7. Astroworld Hotel naming history?

    Well, the Super Bowl was held in Rice Stadium in January 1974, and the hotel's Celestial Suites were available for those who could afford them. With all the big money deep pocket high rollers in town for the game, it's safe to say all the suites were taken during Super Bowl week that year. The going rate was $2500 a night under normal circumstances, but I'm guessing the rate was a lot higher that week. As for the most recent Super Bowl, I don't think the suites were available, but you would have to ask the hotel manager about that.
  8. Astroworld Hotel naming history?

    When the hotel opened in 1969 the going rate for the Celestial Suites was $2500 per night in 1969 dollars. Nearly 50 years of inflation later, that would be around $17,000 per night in today's dollars. If nothing else it sure keeps the riff-raff out.
  9. Astroworld Hotel naming history?

    I spent a night in the former Astroworld Hotel this week, and I can testify that the Crown Plaza group has done a great job of upgrading the place and making it a very nice place to stay. I highly recommend it. And that wasn't a paid endorsement. I made a point of asking the desk man if they still had those outlandishly luxurious and very expensive Celestial Suites Roy Hofheinz created on the top floor, and the answer is yes. They're still there in all their garish glory, but they don't make them available to customers. They do give tours from time to time.
  10. New London, Texas Explosion 1937

    For ricco67 - Adolf Hitler - or one of his top aides - really did send a telegram with his condolences. The actual telegram can be seen at the New London Museum. I highly recommend a trip to New London to see this small museum. It's a very moving experience. As for the gas, this disaster happened because natural gas had no odor. It collected in the basement and built up to explosive levels because nobody could smell it. Gov. James Allred called the legislature into special session for the express purpose of passing a law requiring natural gas distributors to "odorize" their gas before sending it to customers. Today we can smell the pungent odor of gas coming from our gas appliances because of the New London disaster. So the likelihood of another explosion like the 1937 disaster is very very small.
  11. Graves on the corner of Houston Ave. and Memorial Dr.

    I found this corner in Google Maps imagery taken this year and there are only two gravestones there now. I'm guessing one of the families decided they wanted their relative's stone removed.
  12. Ken Hoffman Retires

    He's not retiring. He's just changing jobs.
  13. Old Houston Children's TV Program?

    There was another afternoon kid show on Houston TV at the same time Kitirik's show was on KTRK in the mid and late 50s. Looney Town was on KPRC and the host was "Uncle Bert" Lynn. His show was just like Kitirik's - nutty fun and games with kids and Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoons. Lynn owned a music and musical instrument store in southeast Houston and he was a skilled steel guitar player. He used that talent in his show playing his "talking" steel guitar he named "Stringy". He talked to the guitar and made it respond to him with funny sounding steel guitar riffs. Another gimmick was letting kid viewers be members of 'Looney Town" by writing him a letter and asking for a membership card. Ahem. I was a card-carrying citizen of Looney Town. Lynn wasn't a young man at the time, so Looney Town went off the air in the late 50s, probably because the high energy it demanded got to be too much for him. Kitirik's show outlasted it by many years. I don't remember a clown on his show. but it's probable that he had one. A live kid show like that is extremely hard for just one person to do. The host needs a foil like a clown to help entertain the kids and keep the show moving.
  14. Old Houston Children's TV Program?

    There was a clown on Kitirik's kid show. He was Nod the Clown, and he and Kitirik played games with the kids.
  15. I wasn't at the Hellfighters Premiere in Houston, but several friends who were there told me the audience cheered and applauded when Wayne cold-cocked Chris Chandler. That's the reputation the cocky and obnoxious Chandler had in Houston. He was so vain and self-important that he got one of those folding "Director" chairs with his name on it and sat near the Director Andrew McLaglen behind the camera. He made sure the KPRC reporter and news crew got film of him "hob-nobbing" with the VIPs, but he got kicked out of that area when he started offering suggestions on how he thought scenes should be shot.