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  1. Memorial City Mall History

  2. Miscellaneous grocery store questions

    For what it's worth, there was a Jamail's on Northpark Dr. in Kingwood from the late 1970s until the mid-1990s. It became a Holiday Foods/IGA after that and is now a Gold's Gym. Was never a "fancy" grocery store, but definitely catered to the local market. My mom knew the sackers by name and the bakery would give kids 10 and under a free cookie.
  3. How Did You Come Out?

    i know i'm really more of a lurker here, but put me in the newly single category.
  4. NHL In Houston?

    People said the same thing in 1999 about us getting an NFL team over Los Angeles.
  5. Proposed Astrodome Hotel

    Reliant Stadium is hosting the men's Final Four in 2011.
  6. NHL In Houston?

    Since Nashville wound up with our football team, it would only be fair to take their hockey team.
  7. Proposed Astrodome Hotel

    Wouldn't it be ridiculously expensive to add underground parking at this point?
  8. Canyon West in Lubbock

    Glad they finally got a web site up.
  9. MTV's The Real World

    What does this have to do with Houston?
  10. Buffalo Speedway

    If I remember correctly, it's Spdwy.
  11. guessing game from a newbie

    seems like it's right across the street from the bishop's palace.
  12. Katy Mills Mall / Mills Corp

    Looks like bankruptcy isn't very far off. Here's some more information.
  13. My review of Dallas

    I went this summer and was really not all that impressed. You can tell it's different from regular Wal-Mart Supercenters in other parts of the country, but it still looks like a Wal-Mart. The signage is a bit different, and the skylights are nice, but it really is no big deal. A new Wal-Mart opened in Lubbock at the intersection of Ave. Q and 4th Street, and they used the same signange.
  14. Houston to Lubbock

    which way do you go? your pics remind me of when i take 36.
  15. BBVA Compass Stadium (Houston Dynamo soccer stadium)

    Nah, we've just done some major renovations in the last 5 years. There were plans to add another 10,000 seats, but I think they've been scaled back considerably.